Palin Attacks The Fed As G.O.P. Attacks Palin (Again)

The midterm elections are now history (with the exception of the Alaska Senate race and a few Congressional races) and Sarah Palin has returned to her old stomping grounds. No, not Alaska, but rather the second-rate paid speakers’ circuit. In her never-ending pursuit to squeeze every last penny out of her supporters, the former ex-quitting half-term governor has once again found business conventions to be a good forum to spread her poison.  The more prestigious gatherings have previously shunned the divisive Palin, leaving her to speak at such lowly events as the Liquor Wholesalers’ Convention, the Bowling Convention and the Battery Back-Up Sump Pump Convention. Well, here she goes again. Yesterday, Palin was the keynote speaker at the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

The subject of her ire is now Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and his newly released “quantitative easing” plan. In its latest move to jump start the sluggish recovery, the Federal Reserve announced last week it will pump billions into the economy by buying $600 billion in long-term U.S. Treasury bonds over the next eight months – policy known as quantitative easing.

It is obvious that the educationally challenged Palin has no understanding of the plan or its underlying economic theory, but you can count on her to be against any measure which takes place during the Obama administration regardless of its merit. Of course she leaked the subject of her speech by means of the sophomoric means of communication known as Twitter. She tweeted, “Will discuss Fed’s quantitative easing plan(print $ out of thin air)tmrrw@ tools trade assn speech” and “Today:trade speech;tmrw school event 2 start discussing QuantitativeEasing w kids around US so they prepare 4 Feds experiment w their future.”

Oh, good God, the lowly scholar from five different safety schools now wants to teach economics to school children? Will she charge the kids a fee? Let’s hope “No Child Left Behind” is fully funded so as to counter this educational disaster in the making. If there was ever a day to keep your children out of school, it is the day that Sarah Palin appears and tries to teach them.

But, while Sarah Palin was busy attacking the Fed, the Republican establishment continued its attacks against her. Numerous G.O.P. leaders have already voiced their opposition to Sarah Palin’s potential run for president by suggesting that she would be “crushed” by President Obama in a general election. Now another Republican critic has emerged. CNN reports that Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama told a local Chamber of Commerce group that the candidates backed by the Tea Party and Palin may be to blame for the Republican Party’s failure to take back control of the Senate in last week’s midterm elections.

“The Senate would be Republican today except for states (in which Palin endorsed candidates) like Christine O’Donnell in Delaware,” Bachus said, according to the Shelby County Reporter. “Sarah Palin cost us control of the Senate.”

Stay tuned to Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off for tomorrow’s thrilling episode of “Republicans Eating Their Own“.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Every Little Thing song link:


(sung to the Beatles song “Every Little Thing”)

Palin’s talking provides her
A pay-day in Kentucky
Yes, you know she’s the lucky kind
She holds onto her first dime
She’s a phony sellout girl
Can’t stop blinking and winking now

Every little thing she does
Is for a fee, yeah
And there’s not one thing she does
She’ll do for free, oooh

Sarah Palin is daffy
Don’t you know that she bugs me?
Yet the Tea Party loves her now
Still there’s one thing I’m sure of
President she’ll be, never
But her cash lust will never die

Every little thing she does
Is for a fee, yeah
And there’s not one thing she does
She’ll do for free, oooh

(grifting break)

Every little thing she does
Is for a fee, yeah
And there’s not one thing she does
She’ll do for free, oooh
Every little thing
Every little thing

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  1. A bridge too far

    The Nincompoop still has Rupert Murdoch’s support, but it’s impossible to maintain the illusion of a possible presidential run if everybody’s laughing!

    Speaking of no child left behind; should we assume that Trig didn’t accompany her to the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association Convention?

    • Is Trigg ever left behind when he can possibly help SP inflate her coffers?

      • Especially when they used Specialty Tools & Fasteners to attach him to her in the first place. I’m guessing Trigg was Joe Miller’s baby before he was Sarah’s, hence the wipe out of all his emails when he left/was forced out of the Fairbanks office. Ruffles was likely Bristol’s Fetal Alcohol Syndrome kid and may not have made it, given the hole in his head in front of his ear.

        Remember, “Every Little Thing She Does is Tragic.” lynnrockets, c 2009

        Can’t wait until this charade comes to an end.

  2. Palin today launched a new ratings service and guide called Sarah’s Scores. SHOCKING details at:

    Peace! 🙂

  3. The woman has absolutely no substance, she lashed out at the WSJ reporter who dared criticize her new found mastery of economics and of course, she is wrong AGAIN:

    • As we have said so many times before, Sarah Palin “don’t much about geography” or economics or reading for that matter.

      • Got that right, and that she thinks she can school anyone on any subjects other than piss-poor parenting or how to fleece one of her “bots” tells us how truly delusional she is.

  4. I don’t care if the GOP doesn’t like her or Steele. Truth is, they’re just as bad and this effort to paint them as a whole as “respectable” is a little funny. She’s good for comedy, but the truth is that her and these cynical GOP bigwigs are meeting the same maker. By that, I DO NOT mean Republicans who take a stand. I love Lisa Murkowski. I’m talking about the ones who are for the same shit as her, but think she packages that shit in an “unacceptable” way to sell to people. The Chamber of Commerce Wing that dominates the elected party. I don’t care for them, they’re cynics who just don’t like being exposed.

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