Bush Tortured? Damn Right!

Not that there was ever any doubt but George W, Bush, one of the worst Presidents in history, finally admits that he tortured captives. Despite the fact that torture is illegal, Bush lamely attempted to justify his actions in a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey. He admits that he gave the go ahead for waterboarding terror suspects.

“CIA experts drew up a list of interrogation techniques. … At my direction, Department of Justice and CIA lawyers conducted a careful legal review. The enhanced interrogation program complied with the Constitution and all applicable laws, including those that ban torture.

“There were two that I felt went too far, even if they were legal. I directed the CIA not to use them. Another technique was waterboarding, a process of simulated drowning. No doubt the procedure was tough, but medical experts assured the CIA that it did no lasting harm.”

Bush does not seem to understand that when the United States of America breaches its own ideals and international laws, it creates a “lasting harm” to its own image. When this great nation of ours stoops to the despicable depths of the tyrannical governments, we become not a guiding light for others to follow, but a darkened cave to avoid. No civilized nation of laws should close its eyes to this man’s blatant disregard for human dignity. If we, as a nation, are who we claim we are, George W. Bush should now be criminally prosecuted.

OK then, now that we’re finished with that, let’s have some fun with a song parody…

F Troop link: http://www.televisiontunes.com/F_Troop.html


(sung to the television theme of “F Troop”)

The dawn of the Iraq War was near
When coincidentally
Cheney and Bush got the limits pushed
And commenced torturous brutality.

The methods employed often maimed and killed
Which pleased Cheney’s vicious group.
The waterboard trick both chilled and thrilled
Nobody was appalled they were called Bush Troop.

With testicle bites and really bright lights
Their victims sure took a lickin’
From draft dodging war hawks
Who are just chickens.

When killing and maiming get them down
They know their morale can’t droop.
As long as they own old D.C. Town
They are sure to resume with a bang and a boom
Bush Troop.

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  1. We don’t torture unless it’s a Monday, a Tuesday, a Wednesday, a Thursday, a Friday, a Saturday, or a Sunday. Which of course gave rise to Blackwater/Xe and Wall Street getting out of hand and the banks and the rest of the real-estate industry committing widespread fraud.

    Laws? What laws?

  2. Tortured Logic

    The Decider’s biggest regret seems to be the universal, lasting impression that he was manipulated by the wizard behind the screen -Dick Cheney. What better way to reaffirm his unwavering resoluteness than by claiming full ownership of the torture program? Damn right!

    So why is he selling out the CIA (who had no prior expertise in torture), the DOJ (who knew water boarding was torture), and some hapless doctors (medical torture experts)?

  3. I think that both you and I agree that Bush, Hannity, and all the rest that support torture but won’t undergo it themselves are cowards. And after doing some of research on the CIA’s history on torture, I can guarantee that waterboarding is a very fine tip to the techniques that we were told about.

    Also, I would like to point out, that while Sarah Palin wants to talk about “changing Washington” and taking back our country, she supports the interventionist foreign policy, and this is something that I cannot support in the least.

    War also has a way of doing “lasting harm” to our country and our economy. Apparently this is something that escapes her thinking process.

    A good post, as always.

  4. Worst president ever is GW’s claim to fame. So glad he’s gone

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