G.O.P. Is Bailin’ On Palin

We will not know the actual results until all the votes are counted, but the consensus is that Republicans will pick up a lot of seats in today’s nationwide elections. The G.O.P. is expected to gain a majority in the House but they are likely to remain the minority in the Senate and the Democrats will continue to hold the Executive branch until at least 2012. So, despite all of the fanfare and cheerleading from conservative talk radio and Fox News, on Wednesday the Republicans will still be a minority power with no ability to advance any legislation such as the repeal of the new health care reform law or the financial regulation law.

Nevertheless, there appears to be a prevailing feeling of euphoria throughout the G.O.P. The Republican Party for the time being is one big mutual admiration society. As we speak, centrist Republicans like Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins and radical-fringe Tea-Baggers like Sharron Angle and Rand Paul are cohabiting nicely. Yet just beneath the surface of this strained love affair lurks an intra-party assassination plot. Yes, the G.O.P. leadership has already “reloaded” and has an unsuspecting target in their sights. Who is it? Who else but Sarah Palin!

In an article posted on the right-leaning Politico.com yesterday, it is postulated that

“Top Republicans in Washington and in the national GOP establishment say the 2010 campaign highlighted an urgent task that they will begin in earnest as soon as the elections are over: Stop Sarah Palin.”

The article goes on to say, “There is rising expectation among GOP elites that Palin will probably run for president in 2012 and could win the Republican nomination, a prospect many of them regard as a disaster in waiting.”

“There is a determined, focused establishment effort … to find a candidate we can coalesce around who can beat Sarah Palin,” said one prominent and longtime Washington Republican. “We believe she could get the nomination, but Barack Obama would crush her.” The top advisors for most of the 2012 G.O.P. hopefuls told Politico that the candidates — as well as many establishment figures — are fixated on the topic of defeating Palin, especially on how to keep her from running or how to deny her the nomination if she does run.
The Politico article also says,
“In the wake of the 2008 presidential campaign, there was a widespread belief among Republican strategists and 2012 aspirants that the former Alaska governor was a colorful and energizing figure but not one who projected the authority, or even necessarily held the desire, to make a serious bid for the White House. This view gained credence after Palin resigned the Alaska governorship before finishing her first term.

But nonchalance has turned to alarm among party elites in 2010, as Palin repeatedly showed her clout among a key bloc of anti-establishment conservatives. Obviously relishing her role as a powerful force in GOP primaries, Palin made risky but decisive endorsements for Senate candidates such as Joe Miller in Alaska and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, both of whom beat establishment favorites but in the process made those states less winnable for the GOP.”

This week an ABC News/Washington Post poll showed that only 39 percent of registered voters view Palin favorably and only 27 percent believe she is qualified to be president. Additionaly, nearly a majority of conservative Republicans think she is not qualified to be president. And interviews with some activists who admire Palin suggest that though they thrill in how she rubs establishment sensibilities the wrong way, this doesn’t necessarily translate to support for her candidacy.

Nevertheless, Politico contends that “The establishment-vs.-activists narrative is hardly novel in presidential primaries. What’s different this time is that the anti-establishment candidate — Palin — would enter with unmatched celebrity and media advantages, at a time when the establishment is weaker than it’s been in many years.” And, “The gathering presidential campaigns-in-waiting anticipate what amounts to two competing GOP primaries: one to win the backing of the party’s establishment, another to represent the tea party crowd. In past elections, voters of Iowa and New Hampshire have been resistant to highly partisan candidates, and GOP presidential nominees have historically gone to establishment-backed candidates over insurgents. Then again, that has also been true of GOP Senate primaries — which decidedly was not the case this past year.”

Politico goes on to describe that “Few, if any, Republican officials want to challenge Palin’s credentials in public, but most speak dismissively and condescendingly about her in private. They think she would kill Republican chances with independents and conservative Democrats frustrated with Obama’s expansive agenda. Many of these establishment figures argue in not-for-attribution comments that Palin’s nomination would ensure President Barack Obama’s reelection, as the deficiencies that marked her 2008 debut as a vice presidential nominee — an intensely polarizing political style and often halting and superficial answers when pressed on policy — have shown little sign of abating in the past two years.”
Isn’t it fun watching Republicans feed on their young?

Now Let’s get out there and Vote  for the Democratic Party!

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Girls Talk song link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fpW1thGues&feature=related


(sung to the Dave Edmunds song “Girls Talk”)

There are some things she can’t cover up with lipstick and powder
Everything she says is just the same but the volume gets louder
Hope she comes no closer, hope she comes no nearer
My opinion of her can’t get any clearer
Oh, I don’t wanna hear her talk
Palin has flights of imagination inspired by her talk
But she won’t say the words I want to hear
“I promise everyone I’ll run for Prez next year”
Next year

Oh, wow!

Her talk is so very damn loud
Her talk simply shouldn’t be allowed
She talks about Sixpack Joe
Don’t you think that I know by now?

That the words that come from Sarah’s lips
Prove that she’s medicated
Sarah Palin is the type of girl
That needs to be sedated
“Death panels” and murder,
Her lies never-ending
Lately I have heard she is Beck’s fibbing friend

Her talk is so very damn loud
Her talk simply shouldn’t be allowed
Her talk resembles a mean snarl
Her talk is just a planned show
For the “Party of No”
Oh wow1

Why won’t she say the words I wanna hear?
“I promise everyone I’ll run for Prez next year”
Please, dear

There are some things she can’t cover up with lipstick and powder
Everything she says is just the same but the volume gets louder
But I don’t suppose her words could be much clearer
If you don’t obey, then you better fear her
Her talk
Emanating from this cow
Her talk.

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  1. Scary Movie

    “Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us, and now we are discovering we work for Fox” -David Frum, Republican dweeb.

    Rupert Murdoch has been hyping the teabagger myth, and staging reality-tv events such as the Beck “God is on our side” Rally as a reminder to the GOP “machine” that he would prefer a far-right candidate for President.

    Palin is more than willing to cash-in on all the attention, but even she (in a rare moment of honesty) has threatened to run only if the eventual GOP front-runner isn’t reactionary enough for Murdoch’s standards.

  2. Eating their own….

    There are always the great white sharks off Vandenburg Air Force base…I hear those sharks are hungry.

    If not, there is a prison not far from there. They might need higher security.

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