Sarah Palin Is “Dowd” And Out

Maureen "O'Dowd" and the Queen of Quit

This week’s “I Gotcha” moment was delivered by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd (or “O’Dowd” as Sarah Palin calls her much like she called Joe Biden, “O’Biden”). In her column last Sunday, Dowd identified Sarah Palin, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon, Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle, and Rep. Michele Bachmann as “grown-up versions of those teenage tormentors who would steal your boyfriend, spray-paint your locker and, just for good measure, spread rumors that you were pregnant.”

Palin of course was insulted, but in typical Palin fashion, she could not let the slight go without a snarky response. She promptly ran to Fox News and said,

“That’s so funny, because I don’t think I’ve ever met that gal, Maureen Dowd – O’Dowd – whatever the heck her name is.

I don’t think I’ve ever met her, and I don’t think – she probably hasn’t met [Arizona Gov.] Jan Brewer or some of these other wonderful, pleasant, gracious, nice, hard-working mama grizzlies who are wanting to turn this country around.

So Maureen can say whatever she says. I encourage the other mama grizzlies and liberty-loving Americans to just keep smiling.”

Here is the rub. Maureen Dowd has pointed out that the only reason Sarah Palin never met her was because Dowd was barred from doing so. The Huffington Post reports that Dowd explained the circumstances as follows:

“I was eager to travel with her and interview her when she first got appointed by McCain,” said Dowd. “I think she’s a fascinating figure in the history of politics. But I was immediately barred from their campaign planes by the same McCain aides Palin later “escaped” from.”

So Sarah, you can blame your own campaign for never having met Maureen “O’Dowd”.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

American Woman song link:


(sung to the Guess Who song “American Woman”)

Republican women they’ve all lost their minds
Republican women, they’ve really lost their minds
Republican women they’ve all lost their minds
Republican women they’ve all lost their minds

Say “R”, say “E”, say “P”
Say “L”, say “I”, say “C”
Say “A” “N”

Republican women they’ve all lost their minds
Republican women they’ve all lost their minds
Republican women they’ve all lost their minds

Republican women, stay away from me
Republican women, from the G.O.P.
You are someone I’ll just ignore
I don’t wanna see your face no more
I got more important things to do
And I will never be sold on you

Now women, I said stay away

Republican women, listen what I say

Republican women, have no dignity
Republican women, and their tea-parties
Like I told you the time before
Michele Bachmann is just a bore
Mann Coulter I do despise
Malkin has a lazy eye
Now women, I said get away
Republican women, listen what I say

Republican women, it’s clear as day
Republican women, they’re no Tina Fey
Talk about defending our shores
Their husbands prefer time with whores
Jean Schmidt always makes a scene
Sarah Palin thinks she’s queen
Mary Matalin’s hypnotized
Ingraham’s mouth is super-sized
Now women, from the G.O.P.
Republican women, mama let me be

Go, gotta get away, gotta get away
Now go go go
Gonna leave you, women
Gonna leave you, women
You’re no good for me
I’m no good for you
Gonna look you right in the eye.
Tell you what I’m gonna do
You know I’m gonna leave
You know I’m gonna go
You know I’m gonna leave
You know I’m gonna go, women
I’m gonna leave, women
Goodbye, Republican women

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  1. That’s so funny. $P would know Dowd’s name if she read a newspaper.

  2. Grin and bear it

    Whitman, Fiorina, and McMahon, the elite blue-state “fat cats”, must be wishing the ground would swallow them up whenever that O’Grifter gal (more whiny tattle-tale than mean girl) associates them with the mangy “mama grizzly” rabble.

  3. Hey, Big Gubmint, don’t tread on me!

    Because all Republican rhetoric is about how the ELITE represses the PEOPLE and we should always side with the PEOPLE against the ELITE and their SINISTER GOVERNMENT, you might think that America’s actual economic elite would be opposed to Republican policies…..

  4. Meghan McCain on Christine O’Donnell:

    “I speak as a 26-year-old woman. And my problem is that, no matter what, Christine O’Donnell is making a mockery of running for public office. She has no real history, no real success in any kind of business. And what that sends to my generation is, one day, you can just wake up and run for Senate, no matter how [much] experience you have.”

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