Sarah Palin Don’t Know Much ‘Bout Geography

Sarah “Rand McNally” Palin has exposed her geographic ignorance once again. First she told us about, “as Putin rears his head” in Alaskan airspace. She followed that doozy up with not knowing that South Africa is a country. Then she began confusing the fact as to whether her brother received medical treatment as a child in the United States or in Canada. In her ghostwritten book, Palin confused Cedarburg, Wisconsin with Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She also incorrectly stated that Kodiak Island in Alaska is “America’s largest island”.

With that sort of geographic ignorance, you would think that the former half-term, ex-quitting Governor of Alaska would shy away from making reference to any particular place in this great nation of ours. But we are talking about Sarah Palin, the woman that has never let a fact get in the way of a good catch-phrase, Facebook posting or Twitter tweet. So, here we go again.

Yesterday, West Virginia Republican Senate candidate John Raese received an endorsement from Sarah Palin. Problem is, the GPS-challenged Palin endorsed him for the Senate seat in…Pennsylvania. CNN reports that in a now-deleted tweet, Palin wrote, “Pennsylvania:makes sense 2 send GOP 2 DC 2 avoid PA economic disaster that will occur under Obama/Pelosi Cap & Tax scheme;workers need Raese.”

Let’s hope that Pennsylvania’s Teapublican voters obey Palin’s command and vote for Raese. That should ensure a victory for Pennsylvania’s Democratic candidate for Senate, Joe Sestak (to the obvious dismay of Pennsylvanian Republican candidate, Pat Toomey).

Back in Raese’s alleged home-state of West Virginia, the Democratic opponent Gov. Joe Manchin and Party leadership were quite amused. Chairman Larry Puccio quipped,

“With John Raese, it is easy to get confused as to where he actually lives. He may be running for Senate in West Virginia, but he really could choose to run in any of the states in which he belongs to a country club. West Virginians can’t really fault Sarah Palin for getting confused – we are too.”

Actually, we can’t blame Sarah Palin for being confused because she was apparently born that way. Nevertheless, would someone please step up and “refudiate” her.


In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Wonderful World (Don’t Know Much) link:


(sung to the Sam Cooke song “Wonderful World”)

Don’t know much about geography
Don’t know much ecology
Don’t know much about that climate change
Don’t know why voters think I am strange

But I do know I love my shoes
And I really love my beehive ‘do
What a right wing world this should be

Don’t have much of an education
I know a lot about procreation
Opposition should have no voice
Pregnant women should have no choice

Yes, I do practice “politics of hate”
And I love to equivocate
What a right wing world this should be

Now I don’t claim that I can see Russia
From my living room bay
And I do not star on “Thirty Rock”, baby
That’s the talented Tina Fey

Don’t know much about interviews
Don’t know many Supreme Court views
Can’t name any books that I’ve read
Sure glad Bristol and Levi aren’t wed

But I do know my time is due
And I’ll be there in 2-0-1-2
What a right wing world this will be

And I do know you’ll love Sarah P.
We’ll be a nation of Scientology
What a right wing world this will be

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  1. Great lyrics! The gift that keeps on giving. Maureen Dowd’s latest take on Sarah’s ignorance:

  2. Great work on the song. She’s gone “full retard,” to quote the movie.

  3. Workers need Raese

    Workers who follow the grifter on Twitter will be delighted to learn that Raese wants to eliminate the minimum wage! He’s a real American Hero who made his money the old fashioned way: he inherited it, just like McCain’s wife. Best of all for Palin, he would like to balance the budget by abolishing the inheritance tax.

    Of course, the only people more opposed to “cap and trade” than the teabaggin’ Koch Brothers are the WV miners themselves! Hooray for the workers!

  4. Raese is the race baiting jackass who purposely mispronounces names thinking that makes him superior – Steven Chow Mein instead of Chu, Sarah Manor instead of Sonia Sotomayor. Sarah does the same with Maureen “O’Dowd” Because heck, if they don’t know the names, really how important can these people be? A very ugly side of America we’re seeing these days.

  5. Sarah: I quit! Alaska: Thanks!

    Great song! I’ll be humming it all day long.

    P.S. Sorry world, for unleashing the Palin on you.

  6. Fun, fun! Love it. Speaking of fun, fun. Do one sometime on Palin to “and she’ll have fun, fun, fun til Daddy takes her T-Bird away.”

    • Wouldn’t you know that back in May of 2009 I parodied that song when Palin threatened to refuse Alaska’s federal stimulus funds. Here it is:


      (Sung to the Beach Boys song “Fun Fun Fun”)

      Well she took her red pen out
      And she slashed Obama’s energy funds now
      Seems Alaska’s “A-OK” and they don’t need
      No heat ‘cept from the sun now
      And with the heat she’s created
      She must protect herself with a gun now

      And there’s no funds funds funds
      Since Sarah turned all that money away
      (no funds funds since Sarah turned all that money away)

      Alaskans can’t stand her
      And she’ll lose the next governor’s race now
      (she’ll lose the next race now lose the next race)
      She hasn’t got a prayer and she will have to start hiding her face now
      (she’s such a disgrace now such a disgrace)
      The voters will now reject her
      And her future is simply a waste now
      (that leaves a bad taste now leaves a bad taste)

      And there’s no funds funds funds
      Since Sarah turned all that money away
      (no funds funds since Sarah turned all that money away)

      (musical interlude)

      Well we knew all along
      That her policy decisions blew now
      (she must be replaced now must be replaced)
      And since she rejected those funds
      She’s been stinking like polar bear poo now
      (the smell leaves a trace now smell leaves a trace)

      Now she can move with the First Dude
      Somewhere down south, maybe Kalamzoo now
      (no longer embraced now no longer embraced)

      And there’s no funds funds funds since Sarah turned all that money away
      (no funds funds since Sarah turned all that money away)
      And there’s no funds funds funds since Sarah turned all that money away
      (no funds funds since Sarah turned all that money away)
      (no funds funds since Sarah turned all that money away)
      (no funds funds since Sarah turned all that money away)
      (no funds funds since Sarah turned all that money away)
      (no funds funds since Sarah turned all that money away)
      (no funds funds since Sarah turned all that money away)

      • Bravo!

        Now Grifter Granny’s been trying to suck all the funds, funds, funds into her trusts to hide the dollars away.

  7. I’m confused too. It took me two or three times to read her tweet just to understand what she was saying. But should we cut her some slack? Not all writers can be as elaborate as Stephen King.

    By the way, is Facebook and Twitter the only places she actually writes?

    • She is afraid to say anything controversial in a live forum where she can be questioned. She has avoided unscripted interviews since she was embarrassed by Gibson and Couric. Hence, she hides behind the sophomoric means of communication such as Facebook and Twitter. She is afraid to face real critical questioning.

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