Sarah Palin’s Californication


Don't cross me, Fiorina and Whitman.


The mean-spirited and spiteful Sarah Palin was up to her old tricks again on Saturday. The former half-term ex-quitting Governor of Alaska spoke at a Republican National Committee (RNC) fundraiser in Anaheim but failed to mention by name either Carly Fiorina or Meg Whitman. That would normally be considered surprising in that Fiorina is California’s Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and Whitman is the Republican candidate for Governor and the event was held in their state. It was not surprising however, when one considers who was speaking.

You see, Sarah Palin is a very thin-skinned individual. Recognizing that Palin is not very popular in California, both Fiorina and Whitman avoided the event so as not to turn-off any potential voters that might otherwise support them. Palin is a polarizing figure among Californians with 53 percent having an unfavorable view of her while only 33 percent report a favorable opinion. Consequently, both candidates announced sometime ago that they would be unable to attend as the result of prior scheduled commitments.

Sarah Palin did not take this slight (or any slight for that matter) lightly. Rather than try to help the party as a whole by requesting support for those two Republican candidates in their home state, Palin chose to appease her own fragile ego instead, by ignoring their names entirely. It was the typical type of petty tit-for-tat revenge that Palin all too often engages. Remember her multiple feuds with McCain staff members after her disastrous run for Vice President? The Letterman incident? Her harsh words for former sweetheart and newly elected Republican Senator, Scott Brown after he chose not to attend her Boston Tea Party rally? All standard fare for the Queen of Quit.

The RNC event was also notable for another reason. Palin’s attendance served to prove her a liar once again. You may recall a number of months ago after it was revealed that the RNC paid for some ribald revelry at a lesbian/bondage/strip-club, Palin reasoned that it would not be good for her fabricated brand as a “family values – hockey mom” to be associated any longer with that group of neanderthals. Consequently, she demanded that her name be removed from a list of invited speakers at an RNC event in New Orleans. She also publicly announced that she would no longer donate or help to raise funds for the group.

Well, something funny happened on the way to Palin’s boycott of the RNC. The feeble-minded failed politician either forgot about it, or she simply went back on her word as she has done so many times in the past. Just another example of the fact that Sarah Palin’s word cannot be trusted.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Mean Mr. Mustard song link:


(sung to the Beatles song “Mean Mr. Mustard”)

Mean Sarah Palin lives in the dark
Pit-Bull that barks trying to plan capers
Looks like she’s gonna explode
Loves to sport her RNC clothes
Has a ten-foot fenced-in abode
Such a mean wo-man
Such a mean wo-man

Her husband Todd shoots off the top
He never stops, he’s an e-mailer
He’s the king while she is the queen
Craziest couple we’ve ever seen
Proud of their unwed pregnant teen
Such a dirty old man
Dirty wo-man

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  1. Well, of course she changed her mind about fundraising for the RNC. They paid about a quarter million to her for “legal fees” incurred during the 2008 campaign.

  2. I just watched a ‘conversation’ on Fox between the blond host (they all look alike on FauxNoise) and a woman from each party, all complaining about a Maureen Dowd column on the ‘mean girls’ in the Republican Party. She is so right…they all talk as if they are 13, vying for the cutest boy, and comparing bodies, clothes and hair styles along the way. The funniest thing to me was after Palin supported the crazy in AZ, and the governor was shown the next day with her hair up just like Queen Sarah. And tell me that O’Donnell isn’t popular with the right because she looks and acts just like her mentor?

  3. Oh and it just keeps getting crazier up there in AK. Check out the latest Jo(k)e Miller incident.

    Joe, if you can’t stand the heat, get the f’ out of the kitchen!

  4. I think the Grifter Grandma was speaking in Orange County in front of the only completely mean girl/guy delusional people who can stand her. Evidently, she went to NV next to endorse Sharron Angle afterward. I wonder if she did it in Sin City with some alcohol?

  5. Sister Act

    It can’t be easy for someone with Granny Grifter’s gigantic inferiority complex to be relegated to spewing venom on the provincial speaking circuit, while elite career women like Whitman and Fiorina have more important matters to attend to.

    Even O’Donnell (she’s so cute!) has eclipsed the aging and bitter quitter.

  6. I am so sick of this woman and so sick of those who support her nonsensical ramblings. I knew she was an airhead when she implied that her “proximity” to Russia gave her foreign policy experience. Forget that stuff about “seeing Russia from Alaska, the question was about foreign policy experience and she came up with that stupid answer! She’s made an ass out of herself so many times how could anyone support this disgraceful human being. She’s pathetic and so are her followers.

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