Glenn Beck Is Beyond His Due Date

As we mentioned in our most recent Sunday morning post, Fox News is suffering a pronounced decline in viewership since last Summer. This is really no surprise when one considers that the network is not really a news outlet at all, but rather a thinly veiled propaganda arm of the Republican Party. A person is just as unlikely to get a “fair and balanced” news report from Fox as he would be to get an unbiased report of the benefits of gun control from the National Rifle Association. Perhaps a sizable number of Americans have finally caught on to the fact that they are being spoon-fed a bunch of half-truths, spin, misrepresentations and outright lies by this group of G.O.P./Tea Party lobbyists. Or, maybe the audience has just grown bored with watching the Fox News hosts morph into laughable, cartoonish caricatures of themselves.

The best example of a Fox host’s unpalatable downward spiral is Glenn Beck. Not that Beck should ever have been taken seriously to begin with. After all, his college career lasted all of one course. Not one year or one semester mind you, ONE COURSE. If that were not enough to disqualify him from being considered a qualified news source, consider his multiple marriages and confessed drug and alcohol addiction as an indication of his lack of self control and commitment. Beck is also the guy who went on national television and reported that President Obama has “a deep-seated hatred for white people.” He is clearly unhinged and the “hatred for white people” comment initiated a massive advertiser boycott of his program.

That boycott now seems to have widened in scope so as to include attendees of his public appearances. For instance, reports that a crowd of only about 700 people, comprised mostly of Tea Party supporters, gathered at Six Flags Great Adventure in Asbury Park, New Jersey last Saturday to help kick off Beck’s “Restoring America” tour. The arena in which the event took place seats over 8,000. This is a far cry from the over 500 quadzillion people that Beck usually claims are at his events. It just may be that Glenn beck’s fifteen minute of fame are finally over.

Let’s hope so.

Please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the parody. This one was easy. We didn’t have to tinker too much with the original lyrics. Please enjoy.

Undone song link:


(sung to The Guess Who song “Undone”)

Beck’s come undone
He didn’t know what he was headed for
And by the time that Fox shows him the door
It’s much too late

Beck’s come undone
He’s either drinking or he’s getting high
And now his sponsors have gone bye-bye
That is Glenn’s fate

It’s too late
Beck’s gone too far
He’s all but done
Beck’s come undone
Avoids the truth while he shouts out his lies
Now he has to realize
Redemption’s too late

Beck’s come undone
He’s like a little mouse that tries to roar
A TV host that most of us abhor
A victim of his fate

It’s too late
Beck’s no Bill Maher
He is no fun
Beck’s come undone

Too many branches, but not enough Christmas lights
Too many falsehoods and not enough truth
Too many people with too many eyes to see
Too many lies to tell, but not in prime-time

It’s too late
He’s over par
(that was a pun)
Beck’s come undone
(Doe-doe-doe-doe-doe-doe- un doe-doe-doe un doe-doe-doe)
(Doe-doe-doe-doe-doe un doe-doe-doe doe-doe-doe)
(Doe doe-doe-doe doe doe-doe-doe doe doe)

(fake crying break)

It’s too late
Feathered and tarred
He’s dazed and stunned
Beck’s come undone
He didn’t know what he was headed for
And now he’s much worse than the day before
It is too late

Beck’s come undone
He’s like a fountain spewing out just lies
And sometimes he just sits there and cries
Glenn Beck’s character traits

It’s too late
Beck’s gone too far
He’s a no-one
Beck’s come undone
(No no-no-no-no-no-no)
(Doe doe doe-doe)


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  1. Nazis in America

  2. Lynnrockets I don’t know if you realise that Ocean county near Asbury Park is a Large Retirement Area ,Tons of Seniors.I was heartened by your report on the low attendance.Ive been frustrated with the Seniors attitude’s toward Beck and Fox (Positive)Considering they have the most to lose with the GOP Thugs It seems to be a no brainer “Run don’t walk to the Liberal side”.Maybe they are waking up?Thanks

    • As Johnny Carson would say,”I did not know that”. Thanks for the info. I am as perplexed as you are as to why seniors flock to Fox. The policy positions endorsed by that network would hurt seniors the most but the network seems to cleverly disguise that stuff by simply pushing the key-words “patriotism”, “socialism”, “Islam” and the like.

  3. Sarah: I quit! Alaska: Thanks!

    Most of Glen Beck’s followers are old white people close to death. The Glen Beck problem will take care of itself.

  4. This is a story that hasn’t actually broken yet, but I have it from a reliable source that Beck was NOT the drug user that he claims to have been in his youth.

    Beck and all of the rest of the right-wing echo chamber that you document here are engaged in a “war,” an information war. They are literally successfully creating a different understanding of our world than what we have. Much of the voter anger around the country is due to the false narrative heard on Fox and especially from Glenn Beck.

    It should be made clear that many of these people are NOT conservatives; they are reactionaries. Limbaugh, Palin, Gingrich, D’Souza, the whole Tea Party movement and especially Glenn Beck are reactionaries. See:

    • I agree with you on so many fronts. The theory that the Fox folks are not “conservatives” but “reactionaries” is spot-on. If, in fact, Beck was not the former drug abuser that he has professed to being, then he has once again been exposed as a liar. Neither scenario is flattering to the fake cry-baby.

      Thanks for commenting. Please stop by and do so again.

    • Whoa! reactionaries? Thugs? Do any of you live in the real world? Everyday I hear about Unions being rewarded while the rest of us pay the tab. Wake up for God’s sake! Who are the Thugs?

      • I’m curious as to which unions you are talking about. If you are talking about the unions that contract with private companies, then you are absolutely wrong. Those unions negotiate with a private for-profit entity with no effect upon the public. If you are talking about state and municipal unions whose salaries are paid by the taxpayers, then I must agree with you that their benefits could use some trimming. Nevertheless, the union members do not make anything near the outrageous benefits and salaries of the Wall Street elites. Talk about “us” paying the tab, did we, the taxpayers not bail out the Wall Street execs to the tune of billions? We, the taxpayers, have never done that for any union!

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