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Sharron’s New Angle on Hypocrisy

Remember last Spring when Republicans/Tea Partiers were enraged that the White House may have offered an unpaid position to Democratic Senate candidate Joe Sestak if he withdrew from the Senate primary and retained his House seat? Of course you do. Every elected Republican at the federal level was crying foul and right-wing radio buffoons such as Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck were calling for criminal investigations.

Well, “monkey see, monkey do”. CNN reports that Nevada GOP Senate nominee (and Sarah Palin endorsee) Sharron Angle urged third party candidate Scott Ashjian to pull out of the race at a meeting last week, saying his campaign could result in re-election for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, according to an audio tape of the meeting recorded by Ashjian. Apparently during the session, she offered Ashjian access to several Republican Senators and “whatever juice I have” to help persuade him. Angle went on to say, “Anything I can deliver personally I am glad to.”

Ashjian released the audio-tape to a political journalist named Jon Ralston and the transcript was included in yesterday’s edition of the Las Vegas Sun. Ashjian also said, “She offered me political juice, I could have pretty much what I wanted.” However, while complimenting Angle as a nice person, he said her offers to him are exactly what is wrong with today’s politics. “She has given up her principles for the election,” Ashjian said.

Sharron Angle of course, needs no introduction. She is the radical nut-job that wants to ban all abortions even in the case of rape, wants to privatize the Veterans’ Administration, wants to abolish the Social Security and Medicare programs, wants to outlaw the sale and consumption of alcohol and remove the fluoride from our water supply. Oh and by the way, Angle says that if candidates like her are not elected this fall, the masses should resort to their “2nd Amendment remedies” (she advocates assassinations of public officials?). Wow, what a typical Republican/Tea Party crackpot!

Despite Angle’s promises however, Ashjian has chosen to remain in the race. Polls last month showed the race between Reid and Angle a dead heat with Ashjian pulling up to 5 percent support, depending on the survey. Obviously, Ashjian’s candidacy hurts only the moon-bat crazy Angle. Virtually every vote that Ashjian garners comes directly at the expense of Angle and helps incumbent Democrat Harry Reid.

So fellow Democrats, let’s hear it for Scott Ashjian. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Three Times A Lady song link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjfq0Fr85Yg


(sung to the Lionel Richie song “Three Times A Lady”)

How many times
Has she been dizzy
Sharron Angle’s the Tea-Bagging kind
And just like her chum
Sarah Palin the schizo
There’s something we must say out loud

They’re once, twice
Three times as crazy
And we loathe you
Yes, they’re once, twice
Three times as crazy
And we loathe you
We loathe you

When they are together
Common sense does perish
Angle and Palin aren’t too smart
F-Me shoes, but no clues
They’ll screw you, they’ll sue you
There’s no way to tell them apart


They’re once, twice
Three times as crazy
And we loathe you
We loathe you