Christine O’Donnell’s Political Piggies

Who could have ever predicted that a “Baby Grizzly” would out-crazy the “Mama Grizzly” for a full month? It is true. While Sarah Palin has been quietly plummeting in the polls and eliciting booing audiences on “Dancing With The Stars”, Christine “Bewitched” O’Donnell (the Tea Party/Republican candidate for a Delaware U.S. Senate seat) has captured the full attention of the moon-bat chasing crowd.

Every day now, O’Donnell gives us another glimpse into her twisted mind and lifestyle. First we had her call for a masturbation ban. Next, her campaign alleged that her Republican primary opponent, Mike Castle was gay. Then we learned that she had a college degree before she did not have a college degree before she finally received her college degree three weeks ago. That was followed by the revelation that she has been in debt for most of her adult life, failed to pay taxes and paid her personal expenses with campaign funds while she failed to pay wages to her campaign employees. All of that was followed by Bill Mahar’s delicious video clips which show O’Donnell admitting that she “dabbled in witch-craft” and proclaiming that “evolution is a myth”. Best of all, Mahar claims that he will continue to release more embarrassing video clips each week leading up to the election.

But wait. That is not all. O’Donnell has stepped in it yet again. This week she joined “the Twitter”. The Palin-prodigy can now join her BFF in authoring absolutely indecipherable messages to the masses. And O’Donnell wasted no time. Her first tweet was as follows:

OK, then. Any idea just what in the wide, wide world of witch-craft O’Donnell is talking about? No? Me either, but let’s hope she keeps it up. The Twitter could be an endless supply of future Lynnrockets song parodies. Maybe her next tweet could be a little more lucid however, like, “Stop masturbating and vote!” or, “Evolution-Schmevolution!”

Keep up the good work, Christine. We are watching you.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Piggies song link:


(sung to the Beatles song “Piggies”)

Have you seen G.O.P. porkers
Dishing out the dirt?
And for those G.O.P. porkers
Life is getting worse
Chris O’Donnell’s curse is angry sounding

Have you seen the bigot porkers
In their mini-skirts?
Christine and Sarah’s “twitting” fingers
Tweet until it hurts
Tweeting out new blurts so insane sounding

(Twitter break)

They’re senile and clearly cracking
They don’t care what goes on around
In their eyes there’s something lacking
What they need’s a damn good whacking

(Facebook break)

Best beware, G.O.P. porkers
Of O’Donnell’s lies
She is on a hunt for sinners
With Tea Party guys
Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon

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  1. She really is Sarah’s mini-me, isn’t she? Cut from the same ignorant, mean-girl cloth. And also, too the monkeys with human brains (fully functioning, mind you), and stopping the whole country from having sex:

  2. Oh here’s another one – did you know Christine attended Oxford? Pretty elite for a common sense constitutional conservative. And besides, didn’t she really go to Hogwarts?

  3. “Who could have ever predicted that a “Baby Grizzly” would out-crazy the “Mama Grizzly” for a full month?”

    And this is the airhead that both the GOP and the Teabaggers are supporting.

    Actually, $P is the other spokesairhead that both groups support…even with her plummeting poll numbers.

    Bill Maher is making me look forward to Fridays with his archives of CO’D tapes. This election season is making me wish I’d studied abnormal psychology, but even that might not have helped with this bunch of crazy people.

  4. Big Brother

    It is encouraging that O’Donnell would feel the need to lie about her education! Too many right-wing politicians are unembarrassed about their lack of understanding of economic issues, and feel their main responsibility is to wage God’s wars against science, the poor, the Muslim world, and our freedom to do whatever we want in the privacy of our own bedrooms.

  5. I don’t believe in evolution, but that comes from my faith in God and Jesus Christ. And if Christine O’Donnell is of “questionable” character, then Lord have mercy.

    • Just curious, but when did Jesus Christ ever deny evolution?

    • She does have questionable character when you take into account all of her lying. The latest lies uncovered have to do with her LinkedIn education lies.

      Oddly enough for a campaign trying to escape a reputation for fibbing, a spokeswoman for Ms. O’Donnell did not dispute the Web page’s authenticity when asked about it last week by The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent, who first reported its existence on Tuesday.

      The profile, which seems to have gotten pretty much everything else straight, was removed Tuesday as it attracted more media attention. (But not before Talking Points Memo got a screen grab.) It included detailed descriptions of several jobs Ms. O’Donnell has held and her regular appearances on Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect” show in the 1990s.”

  6. As far as I know never. However, it was not His purpose when he came to earth to make evolution part of his ministry. His ministry – as he said – was to come for the “sick” not the “healthy”. As he said numerous times along with his followers (Paul included), “I was with the Father before here on earth.” God is Jesus. Jesus is God.

    His time here on earth is clear if you read the Bible, and that was to live as a living example to all mankind: love above all, live a life that pleases God, and having faith in something you cannot see.

    But just a question to those who care to answer it: Where was Jesus ever questioned on evolution? The end of the world, certainly. Faith. Healing. Salvation, most definately. Driving out demons, absolutely. But never have I ever read the words of Jesus explaining “evolution” either way.

    Genesis 1:1 says: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth lay dark and void and without form (depending on which translation you read). What does this mean? Is the earth millions of years old? Is mankind a secondary creation? How many times has the Lord created and re-created the earth?

    We could rack our brains all day trying to find answers to these questions, but in the end, they are irrelevant because we have the word of God, as Paul describes as “all scripture is God breathed.”

    I believe the earth is millions of years old and that there is other life somewhere out in the universe. If there isn’t, someone played a pretty good joke on us. But it doesn’t matter because I am living in the present and what does matter is my salvation. God is the Almighty, who am I, or we, to question him?

    You guys labor under the opinion that we who don’t accept the theory of evolution are “crackpots” or “those who are behind the times”, and that is simply not the case. Our faith comes from what the word of God SAYS in the Holy Bible, and nothing else matters.

    • It’s good to have faith. It’s also good to have an open mind and incorporate new information as we learn it.

      Atheists, agnostics most knowledgeable about religion, survey says,0,2334966.story

      • The Big Bang theory, the evolution of species, DNA etc. aren’t incompatible with the existence of God but, rather, with a certain passage in the Bible. If we allow for the possibility that God didn’t write, edit, or translate the Bible, there could be a God “behind” the Big Bang, or if you prefer; “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.

    • You said “I don’t believe in evolution but that comes from my faith in…Jesus Christ”.

      I was merely pointing out that inasmuch as Jesus made no statements whatsoever about evolution (as you admitted in your second comment), then evolution is not contrary to a belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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