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Palin Shunned In Massachusetts (Again)

It's Inevitable!

Sarah Palin may be one of the hottest names in conservative politics this election season, but she can cross  Massachusetts off her list of stops. The former half-term ex-quitting governor of Alaska took a personal gut-punch in the Bay State last April at her Tea Party Rally on Boston Common when Scott Brown, the state’s only G.O.P. member of Congress avoided the event. Brown was endorsed by Palin and the Tea Party in his surprising election victory to capture Ted Kennedy’s former Senate seat. Once elected however, Brown betrayed both by voting with the Democrats on a bitterly contested jobs bill and then by voting with the Democrats once again to break the Republican filibuster of the financial reform bill. Brown has realized that to be re-elected in the virtually all-Democratic Bay State, he must be quite moderate and he must distance himself from the radical conservatism of Palin and the Tea Party.

Brown’s rejection of Palin and her political philosophy did not sit well with the “Queen of Quit”. She ran to her BFF, Fox News and said this about Massachusetts voters,

“Perhaps they’re not going to look for such a hard-core constitutional conservative there, and they’re going to put up with Scott Brown and some of the antics there, but up here in Alaska, and so many places in the U.S. where we have a pioneering, independent spirit, and we have an expectation that our representatives in D.C. will respect the will of the people and the intelligence of the people. Well, up here, we wouldn’t stand for that.”

That was then, this is now. Just this week another Republican from Massachusetts has publicly shunned Sarah Palin. Jeff Perry, the Republican candidate for the Massachusetts 10th Congressional District says if Palin offered to campaign for him, he would decline the endorsement. Asked during a televised interview what he would say if Palin requested to come to Massachusetts to stump for him, Perry said, “I’m going to say no.’’ Adding insult to injury he said, “I don’t want her to come down. She’s an entertainer.” Ouch, another blow that is sure to leave a mark on Palin’s easily bruised ego.

How will Palin respond? Will she head back to the friendly waters of Fox to hurl a nationwide insult at Perry? Will she resort to Facebook or Twitter to scribble some nearly indecipherable invectives about Perry? Or, will Perry’s shunning be the straw that breaks the “Barracuda’s” back and initiates that nervous breakdown that we all know is inevitable?

Stay tuned.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s very topical song parody.

Mother’s Little Helper song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfGYSHy1jQs


(sung to the Rolling Stones song “Mother’s Little Helper”)

What a drag it is getting old
Palin’s different today
Todd has locked his wife away
Sarah needs something today to calm her down
Thanks to our new Health Care Bill
She’s entitled to a pill
Though she’s gone quite helter skelter, she’s got Palin’s little helper
She takes four or five a day, helps those voices go away

Sarah’s different today
I just overheard her say
That she thinks the tabloid Globe is just a rag
She says that the rumor’s fake, that she’s really not half baked
And goes running for the shelter of her Palin’s little helper
Before they put her away, she gets on her knees to pray

Doctor please, some more of these
Sarah needs more, don’t lock that door
She’s a hag and she’s getting old

Men just aren’t the same today
She wants Todd to go away
It’s his antics that caused her to just retire
Sarah’s never satisfied and now must pacify her mind
Let’s all watch her sweat and swelter as the white coats try to help her
Is the strait-jacket too tight? Can she still put up a fight?

The C4P’s and G.O.P.’s
Try to ignore, that mean press corps
What a drag she is to behold

Life’s just much too hard today
I heard Sarah Palin say
That she thinks that Tina Fey is just a whore
She just wants to stand and pose in her brand new store bought clothes
Now she’s gone quite helter skelter is there anyone can help her?
Or will she stay locked away, straight on through her dying day?