Bristol Dances The Palin Two-Step!

Bristol Palin shakes her money-maker.

I made a promise to myself that I was not going to devote a blog post to Bristol Palin’s undeserved spot as a celebrity participant on television’s Dancing With The Stars. Then again, this will not be the first time that I have broken a promise to myself. So, here we go.

The ill-conceived message being sent to the teens of America as the result of Bristol Palin’s appearance on this reality television show is, get pregnant out of wedlock and you too will have the opportunity to become rich and famous. Let’s face it, there is nothing unique or remarkable about Bristol Palin other than the fact that she was Sarah Palin’s unwed pregnant teen-aged daughter.

But for her mother’s celebrity status, she would just be another unfortunate, single school-aged mother. Like so many others in that category, Bristol dropped out of high-school, never made it through college and quit the only mainstream job she could get. Unlike others in that category however, she has been able to profit by means of granting interviews to tabloid newspapers and gossip magazines and now by appearing on a nationally televised reality show.

Bristol Palin may someday prove to the world that she has something special to add to society or she may prove to have some special celebrity level talent that serves to provide her with a living. I really do hope that is the case because it is sad to think that her only claim to fame is a celebrity level unwed teen pregnancy.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s very topical song parody.

Dance With Me song link:


(sung to the Orleans song “Dance With Me”)

Dance with me, I have no other partner
Pregnancy defines me like no other
Tripp is balling and mom is calling
Dance with me

Pregnancy can be so unforgiving
For a fee, you know that I am willing
Get my fee up and you can tee-up
Dance with me

Bristol’s room lets out no sound
Her mom Sarah is never around
You can have her if you have the dough

Bristol P. is such a willing partner
Can’t you see, she’s up for any barter
No use stalling, let’s start the balling
Bristol P.

(pregnancy test break)

Laughingstock in her hometown
Abstinence was never to be found
Pregnancy is what got her this show

Dance with B, she needs a willing partner
Pregnancy defines her like no other
Mom is falling and Levi’s calling
Dance with me

Dance with me

Dance with me

Dance with me


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  1. Where are the “stars” on Dancing With the Stars?
    The song lyrics, Lynn, you’ve outdone yourself again!

  2. Sarah: I quit! Alaska: Thanks!

    The Palins – a paragon of family values.

  3. The whole Palin clan is nothing but a farm league for reality television shows. First it was Sarah’s Alaska show which will begin airing in November. Next, Levi Johnston announced his running for mayor of Wasilla show. Now it’s Bristol on “Dancing With the Stars”.

    What is next, “Hey First Dude, Where’s My Car?” Maybe “Tracking Down Track”? Any other suggestions?

    • “Hey First Dude, Where’s My Construction Materials?”

      “Hey First Dude, Where’s My Meth?”

      “Hey First Dude, Where’s My Tri-g Birth Certificate?”

      “Hey First Dude, Where’s My Real Mommy and Daddy?”

      “Hey First Dude, Where’s My Son’s Cut Bus Brake Lines?”

      “Hey First Dude, Where’s My Vacation Cabin’s Tax Payment?”

      “Hey First Dude, Where’s My “Son’s” Bio Dad?”

      “Hey First Dude, Where’s My Willow’s Vandalism Record?”

      “Hey First Dude, Where’s Piper’s School Year Gone?”

      (I’ll stop now)

  4. Abstinence Educator

    The girl can’t help it! Because of the lamestream media, and nosey parkers like CREW she couldn’t cash-in on her mothers PAC as a “political consultant”.

    No, she ain’t interested in no edjumacation!

    • After looking closer at that movie trailer, I do believe my older sister was one of the original Blast-Off Girls. Come to think of it, would any of you female Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off readers mind being referred to as “Blast-Off Girls”?

    • LOL, BigPete.

      Did the announcer say, “This picture is so hot it vibrates off the screen!” ?

      I thought I heard him say something about being “red hot,”also, too.

      Call the embezzler Christine O’Donnell and report it!

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