Sarah Palin: Queen Of The Meaningless Catchphrase

Palin tells Iowans, "I got nuthin'"

Not much happened in Iowa last night. Then again, does it ever? Sarah Palin spoke at the state’s annual Republican fundraiser but said nothing of substance and failed to provide any detail. Then again, does she ever?

Instead, Palin simply rambled on in her predictable call to arms including a never ending supply of simple catchphrases and clichés. Most of the usual suspects made an appearance such as, “rally the troops”, “lamestream media”, “gutless” and “reign in the federal government”. Then she threw in a few “renegades”, “shake it ups” and “take our country backs”. It was sort of like going to a present-day Rolling Stones concert and being pleased that they played lots of “Satisfaction”, “Brown Sugar” and “Get Off Of My Cloud” rather than their forgettable new stuff. We wonder however, if Sarah Palin even has any new stuff? If so, she did not unveil it at last night’s show. As the Talking Heads once said, “Same as it ever was”.

CNN reports that Palin critics said, “that if Palin runs for president, she will have to do more than deliver passionate speeches and step outside her comfort zone of Facebook, Twitter and her satellite-outfitted home in Wasilla, Alaska. Iowa caucus-goers take pride in seeing their candidates up close, said Jim Cross, a library director. At some point, he said, Palin will have to leave the podium and answer direct questions from voters at barbecues and town hall meetings.” He also said, “In rural Iowa, there are a lot of people, a lot of older folks, who don’t use Facebook and Twitter, for right now, there’s nothing wrong with keeping her name out there. But you do need to come see us at some point.”

Problem is, as we all know from past experience, that Sarah Palin is incapable of answering unscreened questions without making a fool of herself.

“In honor of the troops”, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody. I wrote this one the morning after Palin quit as Governor of Alaska. I think it still works.

Fire And Rain song link:


(sung to the James Taylor song “Fire And Rain”)

One warm July morning they let me know you were gone
Sarah, the eggs you laid put an end to you
I woke up this morning and I wrote down this song
I hope the blogosphere transmits it to you

I’ve seen liars that are insane
I’ve seen money games involving your best friends
I’ve seen phoney lines you’ve spread again and again
But I’m awfully glad that I witnessed your end

Won’t it be great when you leave us
And stick your head in the sand
We just might declare a brand new holiday
Palin you’re shaking and do not understand
Why we can’t wait for you to go away

Oh, I’ve seen liars that just cause pain
I’ve seen sunny days that you somehow turned to rain
You committed crimes, on that we can depend
But you’ll next work at a bar that you can tend

If we only timed everytime you whined we’d have had so damn much fun
Lord knows when your temper shows you emit a funny sound
Well we’ve hours of time to reminisce and pine of the days of Tweetle-Dumb
Pipe dreams and young pregnant teens, a beauty pageant crown

Oh, I’ve seen ire and much disdain
I’ve seen lack of praise and of respect, without end
I’ve seen wicked times that I never will defend
But I never thought I’d see Sarah Palin reach the bitter end, now

Glad we get to witness your downward trend
They’ll be a few things people will say about this clown, now
Glad to see you, glad to see you boarding that train now…..

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  1. Lamestream Media

    DES MOINES – Former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin thrilled Iowa Republicans last night, telling a captive audience that “It is time to take our country back”, exhorting the crowd to unite as patriots Nov. 2 to “shake it up” in Washington and restore America with “common-sense constitutional conservative principles” that will halt the Democratic march to big-government solutions, stating that the best way to stimulate the economy was to let Americans keep more of what they earn, and she attributed Obama’s wrong-headed approach to a president and his handlers who are “naïve” and have never run a business themselves, also taking her party faithful to task during what she called a Mama Grizzly “wood-shed moment”, saying the primary-election season is over and it’s time for Republicans to unite behind conservative candidates who will return the country to “time-tested truths that are right for America” and common-sense Teabagger positions, reminding listeners that “This is it GOP, this is our time, we can’t blow it, it’s time for renewal,” and “it may take some renegades going rogue to get us there”, insisting that “this is our morning in America”, in making numerous throwback references to Reagan during her keynote speech that slammed President Obama, national Democrats and the liberal media that she said must be held accountable for “making things up” and using cowardly unnamed sources.

  2. She’s just a one shtick pony. The Quitter who hides from the media.

    Just like Rudy “Noun, Verb 9/11” Giuliani, I hope she goes down in complete embarrassment.

  3. Sarah: I quit! Alaska: Thanks!

    She was fascinatin’ and dazzlin’.
    But, her nothingness is slowly being unmasked. Now, she’s just boring and drab.

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