Sunday Morning Coffee (or Tea) – 51

Just a few newsworthy events (and comments thereon) that have been making their way through the political universe this past week. Please ponder and maybe chuckle a bit before enjoying a wonderful day!

BREAKING NEWS: This week’s episode of “People Who Get It” features Susan Retik of Boston, Massachusetts. This Jewish woman who lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks is planning to speak at a mosque in Boston today. She will be trying to recruit members of the mosque to join her battle against poverty and illiteracy in Afghanistan. Sarah Palin and Rev. Terry Jones could learn a lot from Ms. Retik.

THIS JUST IN: Time Magazine reports that a former National Republican Congressional Committee treasurer has pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $840,000 from several political committees, including more than $670,000 from the congressional committee. Christopher J. Ward of Bethesda, Md., who has been under investigation for some time, entered the guilty plea Friday in federal court in Washington. Anyone surprised?

BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Palin this week endorsed gay-baiting, anti-sex Republican Christine O’Donnell for a Delaware US Senate seat. reports that O’Donnell is a Tea Party candidate that “keeps insinuating that Mike Castle (her G.O.P. opponent) is gay. She is also opposed to masturbation.” oh Sarah, you really know how to pick-em!

THIS JUST IN: In a shocking turn of events, Moonbat-Crazy, Tea-Bagging Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle may need to hire one of those liberal elitist trial lawyers to defend her. In a lawsuit filed last Friday, Las Vegas-based Righthaven LLC alleges Angle has violated copyright laws by posting two newspapers stories in their entirety on her campaign website. The proposed remedy: Righthaven is asking a federal district judge for statutory damages for willful infringement of the two articles, attorneys’ fees and control of Angle’s domain name,

BREAKING NEWS: This week’s episode of “Ain’t The Bay State Great?” features the registered voters of Massachusetts. Despite US Senator Scott Brown’s January surprise, Massachusetts Republicans are still bleeding voters. The latest voter data show Republican registration has slipped to a recent low — just 11.34 percent of those registered to vote identify themselves as members of the Grand Old Party.

THIS JUST IN: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took a shot at former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on Friday, writing that he was “looking everywhere but can’t see Russia from here” as his plane flew over Alaska. Don’t you just love it when Republicans ridicule each other?

BREAKING NEWS: Not to be outdone, Sarah Palin the half-term ex-quitting Governor of Alaska shot back at Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Arnold should have landed,” Palin tweeted. “I could have explained our multi-billion dollar state surplus & US energy security efforts. What’s he been up to?” Then again, Schwarzenegger should as k Palin why she tries to spend the majority of her time away from Alaska. Maybe the weather? Like we just said, don’t you just love it when Republicans ridicule each other?

THIS JUST IN: This week’s episode of “Fox Feasting On Fear” features, who else but Fox News. On Wednesday, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf of the proposed NYC Muslim cultural center went on CNN’s Larry King Live and warned of the dangers of perceived anti-Islam sentiment in the United States, especially as it relates to his Park51 project. Specifically, Rauf said that outspoken opposition to his project creates “danger from the radicals in the Muslim world to our national security.” In essence, he echoed the words of both Gen. David Petraeus and President Obama. How did Fox News react? Fox Nation broadcast as its top story that “Imam Threatens U.S., Says If Mosque Moves, Terror Will ‘Explode.'” Pam Geller — whose anti-Muslim bigotry leads her to view the world as a Magic Eye book filled with hidden Islamic crescents —announced in a headline that “Ground Zero Supremacist Imam Rauf Threatens America.” Jim Hoft claimed in a post about Rauf’s “threat” that the “radical” Rauf “warned that if America did not get down on its knees and allow the victory mosque to be built on the bones of dead Americans that …’They will attack.'” Hoft instructed Rauf to “take your victory mosque and shove it.” Face it, Fox no longer broadcasts news, but only broadcasts a spin on events that fits its conservative narrative. Fox News is nothing more than a cheerleading squad for Republicans and Tea-Baggers.

FINALLY: This post would not be complete without mentioning The Beck/Palin Traveling Prayer and Gibberish Revival which found itself in Alaska last night. You know, the event where Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck charged people up to $ 225.00 to remember 9/11. Nothing of importance was said by either Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck but there were a couple of head-scratchers thrown out there. First, Sarah Palin completely fabricated a story about the Statue of Liberty (the place where she claims she first met Beck). She said the statue was given to us by France as “a gift to warn us against socialism.” Not even close Sarah. The inscription on the statue itself declares the statue to be a gift from the people of the Republic of France that honors “the Alliance of the two Nations in achieving the Independence of the United States of America and attests their abiding friendship.” Better yet however, was when Glenn Beck proclaimed that the Palins actually dissuaded him (and many others, we’re sure) from ever visiting Alaska. Beck said that he once planned to vacation in Alaska, “We didn’t come to Alaska because your husband (Todd Palin) scared us to death.” The Palins sure have a strange way of promoting Alaskan tourism. It was refreshing to learn that at least one heckler shouted truthfully that Beck and Palin were hypocrites. At least someone in that audience was not brain-washed. By the way, does anybody know the total money-count Beck and Palin clawed from the wallets of their audience for the privilege of remembering the solemn events of September 11, 2001? President Obama and Vice President Biden did not charge a penny at their services.

Go Packers!!!

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the song parody.

I Write The Songs song link:


(sung to the Barry Manilow song “I Write The Songs”)

I sling the jive whenever,
I sit down and scribble a song
I put the words and Republicans together
I love music,
And I love these songs

I write the songs that I hope you folks sing
I write the songs to dethrone G.O.P. kings
I write the songs that expose all their lies
I write the songs, I write the songs

I’m from a state that’s deep blue,
And we make a damned good lobster roll
No, there aren’t many right wing guys
There’s some but then, all of them are very old

I write the songs that attack the right wing
I write the songs that I hope linger and sting
I write the songs that prompt Glenn Beck to cry
I write the songs, I write the songs

Oh, I’ll take a hostile stance
When Limbaugh begins to rave and rant
And I’ll lead you to a poll, he can’t disprove
Palin has no heart,
So, I will tear her life apart
Hannity, Coulter too,
Also, too, O’Reilly
None of them can hide from me !!!

I write the songs about Mark Sanford’s flings
I write the songs about Larry Craig’s stings
I write the songs about Mark Foley’s guys
I write the songs, I write the songs

I write the songs about Joe Wilson’s slings
I write the songs of Vitter’s diapery things
I write the songs about all of those guys
I write the songs, I write the songs

I love music, so I write these songs


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  1. It’s not true that Biden and Obama haven’t charged us money! Unless you are a Republican, I consider adding a trillion dollars of spending money we don’t have, as a lot to charge all of us. Of course, our 8 million unemployed aren’t worreid about the deficit, since they are planning life being homeless as fall will have their children in school without proper clothes, supplies, etc. Most of the USA aren’t worried about political points. Most see the toatl failure of our country to recover our strength. The President wants to leech more blood from the economy in taxes, regulations, and loading up more government czars, staff, IRS agents, etc.

    • I challenge you to give even one example of the Obama administration charging you any additional money. Since his election, he has cut taxes for 95% of wage earning Americans. Their have been zero tax hikes to date. Hopefully this will change and the taxes paid by the richest 2% of Americans will return to their normal levels as legislated by the sundown provision that the Republicans built into their 2001 and 2003 tax cut laws which will take effect in 201I.

      Also,I’m curious,but did you consider the gigantic spending increases legislated by Bush and the Republican Congress to be “a lot to charge all of us”? After all, the Iraq War that we were lied into alone will cost us a $ Trillion. As of September 2010 we have spent over $ 900 Billion and counting in Iraq. Your outrage?

      It is also mystifying to see a Republican suddenly showing concern for the unemployed and homeless. After all, it was the Republicans this year that have repeatedly obstructed any extension of unemployment benefits. Believe me, those that have become homeless as the result of unemployment and the loss of unemployment benefits will not be looking to the Republicans for a solution. I love it when Republicans feign concern for children without proper school supplies when they are the party that consistently tries to demolish the public school system while concurrently demonizing those “elite” private Ivy League institutions which provide the best education money can buy. You cannot have it both ways.

      I’ll be waiting for a response from you which includes some quantifiable facts instead of Fox News created baseless rhetoric.

      • Bravo. Well stated.

        I like how $P forgets that AK is dependent on the Federal Gov’t for 1/3 of its revenue. Which would be from tax revenue from net donor states like CA and NY.

        Try balancing your budget with out that money in a down economy, Grifter Granny.

        Oh, wait, you quit when the going got tough!

  2. BE QUIET!

    Terry Jones and Palin are only having some fun! What’s the big deal?

    • Perhaps Beck and Palin should split with the Tea Party and join the People’s Front of Judea! Just substitute the word “Democrats” for “Romans” in this clip. It’s hilarious!

  3. I can’t prove B.O. cost us a trillion. It might be more. Of course he ain’t spent $450 billion of absolute emergency got to have money from 2009 that Republicans signed on approval. Now I have to say he ain’t spent it so he did reduce the deficit. Nobody knows if he will spend the money, while he is still asking for more money? Anyhow, won’t matter with the new congress that will put a padlock on his cookie jar.

    • So let’s get this straight. You admit that Obama has not raised any taxes. You failed to address (either positively or negatively) the Bush/Republican Congress massive deficit spending.You also failed to address the Republican stance of denying extensions of unemployment benefits and criticizing the public education system and the private “elite” Ivy League system at the same time.

      As sarah Palin would say, will you now “retreat or reload”?

      I’m waiting…

  4. Gibberish revival – good one!
    I thought Arnold’s tweet about not seeing Russia was a hoot, and in typical fashion, Sarah can’t let anything go and has to try to get the last word. Wonder just how much of Alaska’s surplus can be attributed to the federal government providing 1/3 of Alaska’s economy? The 1/3 that candidate Joe Miller wants to do away with apparently because as we all know another word for ‘evil’ is ‘federal gubmint.’

    • Alaska’s motto: “Without Federal Help, We Got Nuthin'”
      Nothing that is, except thankfully, an emerging group of enlightened citizens that know better than to swallow the Palin poison.

  5. Thank goodness Alaska got some enlightened citizens. Senator Joe will need some good advice.

  6. Why do idiots keep getting elected? Is it something in the water of Alaska? Or maybe, the majority aren’t idiots, and the minority is politically challenged?

    • I suppose we’ll find out in November after the votes are all counted.

    • I agree that idiots do tend to keep getting elected in Alaska but the same is true for Texas and Arizona. By the way Hobo, thank you for commenting on this blog. Believe me, I realize that it takes tough skin to comment in a place where your opinion is in the minority and I commend you for doing so.I will most likely disagree with most of your political beliefs but I do respect your right to voice them. Do not be dissuaded. Please continue to visit and comment here. Always remember that reasonable people may differ. Now start being reasonable (just kidding). I am serious, please continue to post your comments.

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