A Short Personal Post From Lynnrockets (Updated)

Nothing to do with politics tonight. Also, thankfully for me, no story of personal tragedy either (God, I’ve had enough of those already this year). I just thought that inasmuch as so many folks are beginning to put the pieces together and figure out who I am that maybe I would just post a little something about my night tonight. Sort of a diary thing.

As many of you now know, I lost both of my parents (and best friends) in the last few months. I then moved back into the house that I grew up in which is located on an island off the coast of Boston. All in all, not a bad place to be. It is somewhat odd to live in the smallest town in Massachusetts with many folks that I grew up with and have never left. Odd mind you, but now I think I am the luckiest person in the world ( or at least in the northeast).

Everyone comes from somewhere and this is my “where”. Tonight I rambled down to my local pub. This is not a rare occurrence by the way, as I’ve been known to do the same from time to time (OK, most of the time). I had so much fun drinking and playing around (and more drinking, did I ever mention I am Irish?) with so many of my old time school chums. It felt like something out of an old time Currier & Ives illustration. I’m very lucky to live in New England. Quite picturesque and all.

In any event, I was kidding around with some old high school chums of mine ( bookies, killers and thieves) and realized that we all share this same little world of ours. Here I am concerning myself with politics and the big picture while guys just like me are more concerned with the trials and tribulations of everyday life. I then realized that …


It’s not so bad being a beach boy.


This may be it. I think that I am burned out. I will post a few more articles that have been pre-written, but I don’t know if I’ll be back for awhile (if ever). Until then, here is something that always makes me cry. I hope you folks remember me as fondly…


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  1. The Colonel in the living room with the lead pipe? What, you are going to leave us hanging like that? You couldn’t give us a better Clue? 😉

  2. Dancing in my Chair

    Listen to the song nswfm.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, wit and wisdom with us. In the grand scheme of things, what matters most is that we vote, and encourage our friends and family to do so.

    But we shouldn’t let politics consume us, because it’s VERY easy to do. We spend day in and day out worrying, wondering, hoping, praying…we foget about LIVING!

    Sounds like a beautiful place you live in, and you should honor your parents by living and honoring them. If you don’t write your blog, I hope you occassionally will contribute as a commentor on some of the popular blogs.

    Best of luck and thank you!!

    • Thank you so much, you said it better in one comment than I have in over a year of blogging. If you ever hear of a blog somewhere that might benefit from a song parody once in a while, please let them know I’m available. Thanks again!

  4. Yup. You made me cry, also too.

    Losing family and friends…burn-out…sucks. I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you’re in the right place for healing with city, sea, friends and pub nearby.

    Many thanks for sharing your unique gift to ease the pain of political crazies and I’ll look for ‘once in awhile’ song parodies when inspiration moves. There will be singing, laughter, and cheers.

    Thanks again, lynnrockets! Best of everything!

  5. A Tribute to a Genius and Genuinely Good Person

    (sung to the chorus of “Louie Louie” – with sincere apologies all around!)

    L-rockets, L-rockets…


    You gotta go.


    L-rockets, L-rockets…


    You gotta go




    Seriously and most sincerely:

    More of us than you could EVER possibly IMAGINE will mourn your absence. While I never posted at your site, I clicked on your link almost every day and sang along with your cleverly honed lyrical mash-ups. I scared (and most likely scarred) the dog because you made me laugh so loud and hard. So what if he poops on the rug now. Small price to pay.

    You have a rare and great gift to reveal the harsh truth through the healing power of laughter. And, while I’m tempted to beg you to reconsider your decision, I won’t. That’s not right.


    If it’s not TOO much to ask…

    Is it possible for you to leave your site online as it is? It truly deserves to have a permanent place in the Inter-Tube Hall of Fame.

    It’s a part of history.

    You brought light and a lot of laughter to this world when it was needed the most.

    Thank you.

    For your time. For your brilliance. For your goodness.

    May you find peace.

    With appreciation and deep gratitude…

    A Rill Alaskan Fan

    • I second that about not taking it down. That would compound our sadness of not getting our daily dose of your genius.

      Take care of yourself and do come back. We’ll all miss you.

  6. Just a bad night you really shouldn’t stop.

  7. Oh, I’m so sad. I know I don’t often post, but I do pay attention. I will miss your wit. Every time another blogger stops, it is a loss.

  8. As several have commented above, I don’t always comment here, but I do read your posts. Oh Lynnrockets, say it isn’t so .. please don’t go. I am close to burnout myself. If I go too, at least I know I will be in good company. I love the picture today; having just been in Hampton, Virginia and staying in a lovely hotel right at the marina, the picture is beautiful to me. Your island home sounds lovely. I am so sorry for your losses this past year. I don’t know how you have kept up and kept yourself intact. It is amazing what strength we muster when we are called upon to do so. Please know that we have appreciated your writing, your music, and your spirit here on this blog. Namaste.

  9. Wouldn’t it be nice

    If we were older? Not really!

    We can all imagine the time and effort that goes into this site, and we can see how, over time, one would be burned out by the constant pace. But you can’t be burned out by having a few laughs! Or by having a cool site!

    Why not a more leisiurly “Margaret & Helen”-style pace?

  10. Tears in my eyes watching Bobby get hugged by Sanderson and Espo. YES, these were the GOOD TIMES!

    Your very fortunate to have that little island to call home. I know it only as a fond, fond memory of my childhood, swimming, exploring the rocks and snatching an occasional slow lobster to boil right there in the rocks.

    Your political wit will be missed here on the tubes (ha ha) but I’m sure right along with many here, you have made us laugh often, and THAT is always a good thing.

    I’ll see you on that bench and then maybe we can go to your pub and see if there are any of my old friends there.

  11. Love your website. Have fond memories of your altered songs. Especially loved the Photo Shopped pic of “Queen Esther.” It sure is fun to add my own digital enhancements to that one!
    Thanks for adding your sense of humor as an antidote to what first was just a fun way to spend time–making fun of a clueless airhead. (At least back then, those of us in the other 49 states did not have to suffer with Palin). However, it is no longer fun since she has brought her poison to the rest of the U.S.A.
    I’m trying to figure out why I am feeling ill about the current situation in our beloved U.S.A. I know there are many people who are good and really give a damn about things. It’s just that I am fed up with many so-called adults in positions of authority behaving like children or like greedy thugs. It gets me down, makes me want to curl up into a ball until things get better. A lot of us are suffering from dashed hopes. Of course, that’s in addition to whatever our personal lives provide. Enough introspection.
    Good luck to you, Lynnrockets, as you blast off for new adventures.

  12. Oh say it ain’t so, but I totally understand. Your insight and wit will be sorely missed. I hope you can find time to check in from time to time and comment at some other blogs.

    Oh and the Orr highlights? as in Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi – “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”

    Best of luck to you!

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