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Palin Bitch-Slapped By Brown: Sour Milk In The Tea (Party, That Is)

Palin at Scott Brown's victory party last January

At one point in every bully’s life, he/she is victimized by a bigger, tougher bully. Sarah Palin has just learned that lesson the hard way. Palin, the former half-term ex-quitting governor of Alaska has been busy running around the country lately, endorsing “Mama Grizzlies”, imploring “N-Word” spewing radio hosts to “Reload” and announcing that she and her ilk of Tea-Baggers will “Take Back The Nation”. Despite the nation’s greatest oil leak disaster in history, she continues to chant, “Drill Baby, Drill”. She has had the balls (pun intended) to scream that the man that easily defeated her ticket in the 2008 Presidential election has no “cajones”. She has accused an entire worldwide religion of committing the 9/11 crimes and she believes that Arizonans (and possibly the rest of our nation’s citizenry) should be compelled to “show our papers” at checkpoints.

Despite her maniacal policy positions, nobody in her party or anywhere else on the right has had the “cajones” to call her out. Until now. Until Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

Remember last January when Sarah Palin rallied the Tea Party around the then unknown Scott Brown in his bid for what was Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat? At the time she said,

It’s going to send a very strong message that the  status quo, even in Massachusetts, the status quo of just accepting the big growth of government and health care takeover measures that it seems capital hill wants to cram down our throats today, things are gonna start changing, thank God things are gonna start changing, but even, and I would love to be able to at some point interview “Senator Brown.” I anticipate victory there, but even if he doesn’t win already poll numbers showing that his message is resonating and his message is just, you know, common sense conservative values, principles, solutions, being plugged in to meet the challenges facing America today. People in his state, they’re listening to him and are getting excited about this dynamic candidate.

Well, something funny happened on the way to “Conservative Values Utopia”. You see, Scott Brown duped Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. He was never able to cast that 41st vote against the Health Care Reform law. Instead, his first Senate vote was cast with the Democrats on a jobs bill and Brown’s vote defeated a Republican filibuster. Thereafter, Brown once again sided with Senate Democrats and cast the 60th vote to end any Republican filibuster of the Democrats’ Financial Reform bill. To add insult to injury, Brown also shunned the disastrous Sarah Palin Tea Party rally on Boston Common in April. He essentially signaled that he no longer wanted to be associated with the violent, racist Tea-Baggers and their de-facto queen. Simply stated, Scott Brown knows that he will have no political future in Massachusetts (the bluest of blue states) if he votes with the conservatives too often.

Sarah Palin, the bully that she is however, has now turned against her former BFF. Last week on the Fox network she blasted Scott Brown for not being enough of a “constitutional conservative.” Massachusetts voters may “put up with Scott Brown and some of his antics,” like voting with Democrats on some key bills, Palin said on Fox Business, but “up here in Alaska… we wouldn’t stand for that.” If such is the case, then why did she so heartily endorse him back in January? As for walking away from conservatism, wasn’t it Palin that actually did the walking away when she quit as governor of Alaska? Let’s go to the video. The Scott Brown stuff starts at about the 2:45 minute mark…

After several days of silence, Brown finally shot back at Palin on Monday. “I’m a Massachusetts Republican,” he said, which means I’m “an independent thinker. When I go down to Washington, people say, what are you doing? They say, well you are working with the Democrats. I say, so what’s the big deal? I do that all the time. I’ve been doing it for 15 years.” Take that, Sarah Palin.

Bottom line? Scott Brown is probably the best the Tea Partiers can hope for in the Bay State. The Week quotes  Mark Halperin in Time as saying that what is really interesting about this spat, is that “Brown is the only person in the party now with the mojo and media platform to take on Palin — and he can actually help himself by doing it.” Instead of criticizing Brown, we suggest Palin go pester another Bay Stater. Williamstown author Joe McGinniss has moved next door to Palin so he can write about her. Now that’s her business. Scott Brown is our’s.

This leaves Palin with her new replacement pet toady, Joe Miller up in Alaska. Our guess is that that spineless fanatic will stay firmly within the grasp of the Tea Bag Queen. We Baystaters feel your pain, dear Alaskans.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Carefree Highway song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbWM2whkVq4


(sung to the Gordon Lightfoot song “Carefree Highway”)

Pickin’ up the pieces of my sweet Alaskan dream
I wonder how “Joe Sixpack” is tonight
Her name was Sarah, she wore rimless glasses on her face
She was Guv and she was quite uptight
Wasilla Highway, let her slip away on you
Wasilla Highway, she’s seen better days
The Sarah Palin blues from her beehive to her shoes
Wasilla Highway, please take her away
Her away on you.

Turnin’ back the pages to the good Ol’ Palinfest
I wonder if she’ll ever be the same
During interviews she only stumbled and then lied
Now all she has is Levi left to blame
Wasilla Highway, poor old Sarah was so lame
Wasilla Highway, she’s seen better days
The Sarah Palin blues induced by mainstream nightly news
Wasilla Highway, just take her away
Her away on you

Searchin’ through the fragments of a career that once was
I wonder if “Joe the Plumber” is still kind
Was it Ross, Levi, Wooten or Diana Palin’s bust
Or some other secret she wants left behind
Wasilla Highway, did she sneak away on you
Wasilla Highway, she’s seen better days
The mornin’ after blues will she turn to cheap-ass booze?
Wasilla Highway, did she sneak away
Sneak away on you

Did she sneak away on you
Wasilla Highway, she’s got no-one left to blame
Wasilla Highway, left without delay
No more nightly news for the Gov with fancy shoes
Wasilla Highway, let her sneak away
Sneak away on you