Palin Marooned With Tea-Baggers And Mama-Grizzlies

Palin gilligan

Sarah Palin has truly marooned herself on  a lonely political island. Problem is, she is not marooned with the Howells and all of their trunks full of money (just wondering, but why did the Howells bring all that cash on a 3 hour tour anyway?). Unfortunately, she is marooned with the crazy beyond the fringe Tea-Baggers and her own hand picked den of uber-conservative and unelectable Mama-Grizzly candidates.

Since quitting as the Governor of Alaska last year, Sarah Palin has foolishly painted herself into a corner from which she cannot escape without being stained. She has devolved since 2008 from the position of being one of only two individuals to represent the entire Republican Party, to the de-facto figurehead of the radical, racist, homophobic and violent minority faction of the far-right known as the Tea Party. She has further embedded herself with this fringe group by, for the most part, shunning more moderate (and electable) mainstream Republican candidates and endorsing female candidates that espouse the radical agenda of the Tea-Baggers. In so doing, Sarah Palin has not only decreased the election chances of Republican candidates, but she has also alienated herself from the real power-brokers of the G.O.P. and thus minimized her own chances of representing that party in future elections.

Sarah Palin is now the undisputed queen of a sparsely populated island nation.

For those of you that are interested, Lynnrockets will be attending a concert tonight at storied Fenway Park in Boston. The lineup is my all-time favorite band, the rarely reunited J. Geils Band and Aerosmith. Both bands are Boston based. It is requested that you send out your vibes to the deity of good weather. I’ll report on the show tomorrow.

Gilligan’s Island theme link:


(Sung to the theme of “Gilligan’s Island”)

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a strange kinship
That started with the First Dude, Todd
And ends with Baby Tripp

Wife Sarah was Alaska’s guv’nor
Her husband a drop-out
Five children with really strange names
Hillbillies there’s no doubt.    Hillbillies there’s no doubt.

The election started getting rough
Mack needed a V.P.
He focused his attention on the Great White North
His savior Sarah P.    His savior Sarah P.

She could not handle interviews her strategy was
Too “Mavericky”
“You Betcha’s” too
“Joes Sixpack and the Plumber”
“Hockey Moms”
“The Pitbull with Lipstick on”
and, a Beehive hairstyle.

So this is the tale of the Palin Clan
The campaign was reduced to dust
Bristol had a baby boy
Levi’s mom, a bust

Sarah and her husband, Todd
Returned to the family nest
She had some softball interviews
Tough issues weren’t addressed

No Charles, no Kate, no CNN
Sure no M-S-N-B-C
They all use “Gotcha Questions”
That’s not her cup of tea

So join them here each week good friends
Fox, you can stay awhile
Greta and Hasselback will be here too

Here on “Palins Isle”


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  1. Perfect!

    Enjoy the show!

  2. Moranned

    GOP power-brokers alienated Palin when they sent her packing with the delicacy normally reserved for dumping a defective toaster on a Walmart returns counter.

    Palin’s natural constituency-her book buyers-are social conservatives who wouldn’t expect to pay for her speaking engagements, so she had no alternative but to impose herself on teabaggers in order to land a high-profile gig on Pox.

    It’s hard to imagine Pat Robertson paying Palin to have her prattle on about the bible on his cable channel!

  3. Nice work on the post.

    Sending good thoughts on the weather for Boston, and the cat will continue her daily ritual of praying to the sun gods with her elegantly crossed paws. Hope you have a wonderful time tonight.

  4. Weather should be perfect, low humidity, temps in the 60s, (I love this kind of weather, but only if it wasn’t a sign that summer is nearly ‘ovah’) Grab a sweatshirt and enjoy! Certainly better to be watching J. Geils and Aerosmith than the Sox at this point!

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