Bill-O Bemoans Big Health Insurance Premium Bulge

Bill O’Reilly might be Sarah Palin’s closest rival when it comes to misunderstanding facts, publicly opposing a Democratic Party policy and then providing an argument which actually defends the opposed policy. This week’s example occurred on Wednesday evening’s episode of The O’Reilly Factor.

You might recall that Bill O’Reilly (as well as the rest of the cadre of Fox News pundits) lambasted any form of Democratic Party health care reform legislation on a nightly basis from the time that it was first announced right on through the date of its passage into law. Well, the other night he continued his barrage of criticism on the “Talking Points Memo” portion of his television show. He was visibly outraged that his most recent health insurance premium increased by over $ 2,100.00 this year to bring his total annual premium for a family of four to over $ 20,000.00. He then said that the health insurance reform law was “the biggest financial con in U.S. history.” Bill-O pointed out the health insurance companies are increasing profits by as much as 40% from year to year and that their executives are reaping bonuses in the millions, all on the backs of the working class consumers.

When you consider however, that the major cost saving components of the health care reform law do not go into effect until 2014, it would appear that O’Reilly’s outrage should be directed at the private sector health insurance system which is presently in effect. After all, in order to ensure passage of the bill, the Democrats were forced to water it down by means of delaying the date when it would be fully enacted. But rather than direct his anger at the private insurers that are reaping huge profits while simultaneously prescribing equally huge rate increases under the non-existent regulation of the present system, O’Reilly tried to pin the blame on the health care reform law that is not yet in effect. He said that “American health insurance companies are building in the anticipated costs of Obama-care” now because they know that they will be prohibited from doing so in 2014 and consequently, it is the future cost saving provisions of the new law that are to blame for today’s private sector insurance industry greed. Wow, talk about circular reasoning!

Does this mean that O’Reilly now admits that if the health care reform law were stronger and all of its cost-cutting provisions were enacted immediately, then it would have been a better law? It sure sounds that way. But that argument flies in the face of his nearly two year long crusade against any form of health care reform law. During that entire time, O’Reilly continually repeated his mantra that “The United States has the greatest health care system in the world”.

So which one is it Bill? Is the present system in which insurance companies reap giant profits and hike premiums from year to year “the greatest health care system in the world”, or would it have been better if the recently passed health care reform bill (which you oppose) was fully enacted sooner? Please do tell.

Please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the song parody.

The Who’s Baba O’Reilly (Teenage Wasteland) song link:


(sung to The Who song “Baba O’Reilly [Teenage Wasteland]“)

Out here on the air
Unbalanced, not fair
I earn my pay with all my fibbing
My show really bites
Just watch tonight
I’ll be on your television

Don’t cry
Don’t hide your eyes
It’s only Bill-O’s Wasteland

Coulter, take my hand
We’re in Fox News Land
We all are liars
“Pinheads” on our shoulders
The Exorcist is here
He’ll drive out all the queers
Dressed all in leather
They could not get much bolder

Bill-O’s Wasteland
It’s only Bill-O’s Wasteland
Bill-O’s Wasteland
It’s only Bill-O’s Wasteland
They’re all wasted

(classic Who musical harmonica fade-out)

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  1. It only went up 2100 bucks? Mine doubled last year and now I have a $5000 deductible and less coverage. Boo hoo to you, Billo.;JSESSIONID=A055AF9330316348A7F1.720?view=topstoriesitem&feed:a=latimes_1min&feed:c=topstories&feed:i=54976335

    If only some of these dolts would be a classical harmonica fadeout…

  2. Freedom from choice

    The “biggest financial con in U.S. history” might be the Republican conceit that unfettered free-market capitalism always leads leads to increased competition and lower prices.

    According to the AMA, 94 percent of insurance markets in the U.S. are now highly concentrated, and insurers are thriving in the anti-competitive marketplace, raking in enormous profits and paying out huge CEO salaries.

    A public option would have increased competition, but the socialist supporters of this proposal were never able to compete effectively with insurance lobbyists.

  3. I grew up reading Howard Zinn only to learn that he and his cohorts were Capital C Communists and pathological liars.

    It all makes sense to me now, it was all one big fucking lie. Every liberal thing I have ever been told has turned out to be a LIE.

  4. Love this posting. Thank you.

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