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Palin’s “Mama Grizzlies” On Endangered Species List

As the rock group Queen once said, “another one bites the dust”. As of yesterday, another one of the Sarah Palin endorsed “Mama Grizzlies” was shot dead by the voting public. Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel conceded the Republican gubernatorial primary runoff Wednesday to the Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich endorsed Nathan Dean. Prior thereto, both CeCe Heil (House, Tennessee) and Cecile Bledsoe (House, Arkansas) were each  defeated in their elections despite the Sarah Palin mark of approval. And as of today, the following Palin endorsed conservative female candidates are trailing in the polls: Star Parker (House, California) and Ann Marie Buerkle (House, New York). Sarah Palin’s star making power is now officially on life support.

Palin seems to believe that the majority of the American public agrees with her uber-conservative ideology. For instance, just last week during her cojones speech, she misinterpreted the results of the Missouri “Proposition C” referendum vote. In that vote, Missouri Republican Party primary voters passed a purely symbolic referendum allowing state residents to opt out of mandatory health insurance as imposed by the recently enacted Health Care Reform Law. Palin said, “The Show Me State showed Obamacare the door yesterday”, but she failed to mention that virtually only Republicans voted that day or that the Missouri vote was meaningless because federal law trumps state measures on issues of commerce.  She fails to understand that it is only the fringe group Tea-Baggers and far far right of the Republican Party that endorse her views. Moreover, those two groups together only constitute a minority of the voting population.

As her hand chosen candidates continue to lose elections, Sarah Palin might finally get the clue that mainstream American voters do not agree with her on the issues. Let’s hope that this reality eludes her however. After all, we do not want Sarah Palin to realize that she is unelectable and therefore choose not to seek the Presidency in 2012. If that were to happen, who would we laugh at during debates?

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Another Day song link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw_Jao8hMPA


(sung to the Paul McCartney song “Another Day”)

Ev’ry day she wakes up yawning and with messy hair
Reads the morning papers just to see if she is mentioned there
It’s just a Palin day
Listen to her squawking, right there on Fox News
Crib notes in the pocket of her raincoat
It’s just a Palin day
At the compound where the Palins live out by the lake
Sarah wonders if the fence she built was just a big mistake
It’s just a Palin day

Du du du du du du, It’s just a Palin day
Du du du du du du, It’s just a Palin day

So sad, so sad
Sarah Palin is mad
All she speaks of is heaven and hell
And the “death panel” lies that she always tells
Oy vey, she’s all tanned up
She’s so dumb, by the way, where are her kids today?
So sad
Sarah Palin’s so sad

She’s incensed that her poll numbers are in a nose-dive
She needs Glenn Beck at Fox to keep her election hopes alive
It’s just a Palin day

Du du du du du du, It’s just a Palin day
Du du du du du du, It’s just a Palin day

So sad, so sad
Sarah Palin is sad
All alone her life must be like hell
Till those Tea-Bagger freaks come and break the spell
Oy vey, they ham it up
They all come and they stay but they leave the next day
They’re mad
They and Sarah are mad

Ev’ry day she exits like a bat from out her lair
Takes a swipe at liberals with lies manufactured from thin air
A Sarah Palin day
She just keeps on talking, hasn’t got a clue
Wanting everyone to know her name though
A Sarah Palin day

Du du du du du du, It’s just a Palin day
Du du du du du du, It’s just a Palin day