Palin Has Her Tiny Brain In The Palm Of Her Hand

Sarah Palin knows politics like the back, er oops, I mean Palm of her hand. Remember during her failed vice-presidential campaign when Sarah Palin constantly attempted to explain away Barack Obama’s superior oratory skills by claiming that he relied upon a teleprompter? Well, it always struck me funny that she never attempted to explain George W. Bush’s completely inferior oratory skills despite using the same teleprompter. Nonetheless, her implication was that she too could speak a whole lot better if she elected to utilize the teleprompter. Problem was, she was using a teleprompter the whole time and still managed to sound like an idiot. For some living proof, let’s watch her use it during her speech at the Republican National Convention (look over her left shoulder).

Despite the fact that Palin was revealed to use the teleprompter as well, she continued to chide now President Obama for continuing to use one. Watch her derogatory comment given during a Tea Party sponsored speech in February 2010. Her teleprompter reference can be heard at about the 45 second point of the video (skip the rest of the video as it is only the usual Palin word salad).

Sarah Plain and Stupid however was soon to discover that she had been exposed as a fraud once again. It was discovered during the question and answer session of that very same Tea Party event, that she cheated like a school child by means of writing crib notes on the palm of her hand. Let’s watch the first time she was caught.

Now, let’s watch the memory challenged Palin resort to her palm notes again just last week while trying to explain the economic implications of allowing the Bush tax cuts for the richest two percent of Americans to expire as mandated by the Republican Congress that passed them.

Sarah Palin is a true simpleton. If it is true that her “palm isn’t large enough to write all her notes down on”, then why didn’t she simply write them down on that sheet of paper that she held up and read from? Wow, if Sarah Palin is a Palm Pilot, I feel sorry for her passengers that are about to die in a crash caused by pilot error.

And Sarah Palin thinks Barack Obama is “in over his head”. Who is she kidding?

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

I Want To Hold Your Hand song link:


(sung to the Beatles song “I Want To Hold Your Hand”)

Oh yeah, she don’t know nothing
She just don’t understand
Now I’ll tell you something
She needs to read her hand

She needs to read her hand
She needs to read her hand

Oh, please Sarah P.
You know that I’m your fan
So please say to me
You’ll let me read your hand

You’ll let me read your hand
I wanna read your hand

Crib notes are just political suicide
That should be concealed by a glove
You could hide, you could hide, you could hide

Yeah, you should know something
Your every move is planned
But I know just one thing
You need to read your hand

You need to read your hand
You need to read your hand

Do you know cheating has no happy upside?
Your memory’s fleeting and your glove
Cannot hide, cannot hide, cannot hide

Yeah, you’re hiding something
It’s written on your hand
We know you know nothing

You need to read your hand
You need to read your hand
You need to read your hand


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  1. Was she flying Ted Steven’s plane with that Palm Pilot?

    That Beatles song was the second one I remember growing up and has always held a special place in my heart.

    $P on the other hand….

  2. Arrested Development

    Everyone rises to their level of incompetence. Palin’s career as a novelty right-wing motivational speaker seems to have stalled out, leaving her stranded, somewhat uncomfortably, in the nether regions of basic cable TV.

    Luckily, Pox will keep her on, in her very limited role, as long as she’s useful.

  3. If only her hillbilly teleprompter or whatever phrase she’s using to describe her palm these days would read along the lines of:

    1. spend time w/kids
    2. play w/kids
    3. relax @ home w/kids

    Although I guess there are questions about that, also too. Is it better for the kids if she stays away, is it too late for any of those kids to have any possibility that they will grow up and NOT become trolls like their mother? Or would a healthy dose of mother-love (an oxymoron when applied to Sarah, perhaps) increase the size of their little hearts?

    Lynnrockets, whenever I read your lyrics I wish that I had a nice singing voice! You are too great!

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