Palin’s Primative Punditry Provokes President

Palin is "over her head"

Sarah Palin suffered a dose of “right back at ya” prescribed by the Democratic National Committee this week. CNN reports that the former Republican vice presidential hopeful (and potential 2012 presidential hopeful) is not letting up in her constant drumbeat of criticism directed about President Obama. But the Democrats, in turn, called her out as well.

After saying Sunday that Arizona’s female Republican governor has more “cojones” than Obama when it comes to immigration and border security, Palin suggested Wednesday night that the 44th president is still trying to figure out his governing philosophy.

Asked about her ongoing narrative that Obama is too weak when it comes to issues like national security and immigration, Palin shared her insights on Fox News Channel (where else?) about why she believes Obama is not doing more to secure the borders. She said,

I think he’s quite complacent, and I think he’s in over his head. And I think he has poor advisers around him. And I think he’s really in flux kind of when it comes to what his governing philosophy actually is. Some of this though is a result of he not having much experience and then a complicit media and maybe some voters who chose to not to allow him to be vetted very closely. It’s a combination of things that’s resulting in a president who’s not taking a strong stand on those things that are the will of the people. Obviously, the will of the people is to enforce the laws that we have on the books.

Think about that quote for a moment. Sarah Palin, the half-term ex-quitting governor of Alaska and current reality television series host believes that President Obama is “in over his head” and was not “vetted very closely”. This, coming from a failed politician who cannot speak in public without resorting to palm printed crib notes. This, coming from an undereducated former candidate who was incapable of coherently answering questions of policy posed by Katie Couric, Charles Gibson or even Fox friendly Bill O’Reilly. If anyone was ever over their head or not vetted properly it was Sarah Palin and the Democrats are now telling the American people. In a response statement e-mailed to CNN, the DNC wrote,

While former half-term governor Palin is certainly an expert in not being vetted, we put our trust in the judgment of the American people who rejected not only the broken policies she and Republicans continue to call for, but also this very kind of childish politics she continues to engage in. What’s been fully vetted and thoroughly rejected by the American people is the failed approach in tone and substance offered by Sarah Palin and her ilk.

Ouch! Take that, Sarah Palin!

In honor of the troops, please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Over My Head song link:


(sung to the Fleetwood Mac song “Over My Head”)

They say DC is paradise
Before going there, I better think twice
I’m over my head
And it don’t feel nice

Nothing to say when I take that mike
I’m just a clown and yet they just might, think I’m crazy,
It’s such a plight

My thoughts are like a ferris wheel
They’re spinning all the time
Sometimes I can’t help but feel
That I’m losing all of my mind

Over my head Mmmm …

I hope I don’t just grunt and squeal
Perhaps I better mime
Why did I accept this deal
For a measly couple of dimes

They’ll be staring at my backside
I will be losing all of my pride
I’m over my head
And it don’t feel nice

I’m over my head
And it don’t feel nice

I’m over my head
And it don’t feel nice

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  1. Jimmy Kimmel did a “Mad Lib” of her where a man changed it to first person singular so all her criticisms were of herself. It was worth staying up to see.

  2. checktothepower

    Sarah Palin wears Ronald Reagan pajamas.
    Obama wears Pee Wee Herman pajamas.

    Does anyone believe anything CNN says.Or better yet,does anyone watch CNN.

    • Ronald Reagan had mind clouding Alzheimer’s Disease, so in that regard he and Palin have something in common. Also, I’m guessing you must listen to Fox, Fox and only Fox. Am I correct?

  3. Levi's Alter Ego

    Here’s the thing….as long as President Barack Obama ignores Sarah Palin she is going to be dismissive, insulting and down-right bitter. This woman wants to be noticed by only one man, the one that matters. She want the press that the Obama administration mistakenly gave to Limbaugh last year. As long as Obama’s mouthpiece Robert Gibbs doesn’t speak the name of Sarah Palin, she is going to try to pick a fight. She is desperate which is why she is going over the top.

  4. Right on point…but please pay closer attention to grammar. Politician “that”, candidate “that” – please use who instead (although one could make the argument that she is more like an inanimate object than a person)

  5. I love Lucy

    Beck chased her away ages ago with his gotcha questions. Bill-O, worried about alienating his audience, is growing increasingly impatient with her lightweight performing seal routine. Wallace recently treated her with the condescending bemusement one might normally reserve for a willful, spoiled ten year old.

    Is Hannity stuck with her? If President Obama won because voters, aided and abetted by a complicit media, chose not to allow him to be vetted very closely, is she implying hardly anyone watches Pox?

    • Levi's Alter Ego

      Who’s your favorite Founder? Though Beck is a manic, he showed America that Palin can not think on her feet so how could she possible lead the United States? She was not smart enough to say, “I have no favortie Founder.” End of subject.

  6. The thought that anyone listens to her nonsense is mind-boggling. She is truly delusional. President Obama currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue precisely because of the “will of the people!” It might be a lot of reading for her to do in addition to her reading of newspapers (you know, all of them that have been put in front of her all these years) but she could check out and pick any topic under “issues” to educate herself about the adminstration’s positions. Oh who am I kidding, now I’m the one who is delusional!

  7. It sounds as if Palin must have been reading old editorials about herself and just used the same phrases for the President. However, when it came to Palin, they were accurate.

    I never would have imagined that a failed political candidate could be so jealous and show as much on an almost daily basis. Can you picture Joe Biden attacking John McCain if he and $P had been elected? Not a chance.

    Palin wants and demands respect from others, including being addressed by a title she no longer holds and yet she is certainly not worthy of it, especially when she refuses to give the President the respect he deserves.

    From the childish remark earlier this week on Chris Wallace’s show when comparing the President to the Governor of Arizona to this latest insult spewed by SP while on Hannity’s nightly hour of lies, $arah Palin has been an immature little girl jumping up and down screaming, “look at me, look at me, pay attention to me, damn you!”. The more that President Obama ignores her, the more apt she is to say something even more stupid than usual. You can practically see the steam coming from her ears when she talks about him. Palin really seems to feel that Obama is occupying an office that she should be in, no matter how unqualified she may be. It’s really sad when someone is so stupid that they have no clue as to how little they truly do know.

    • AKRNC, she can “demand respect” all she wants, but you have to earn respect and she’s done nothing to earn it. The rest of us know that. The media is using her to make money. They are like parasites on each other.

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