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Friday Night Music Byte

Lynnrockets recently watched the film Julie & Julia about a thirty year old New Yorker who decided to cook every dish in one of Julia Childs’ cookbooks and to blog about it. It was a novel idea so we decided to copy it. No, we will not be cooking in the usual sense (that could start a fire). Rather, we will adapt the recipe a day concept to our nightly music bytes. From now to infinity (didn’t somebody else coin that phrase?) we will post a music video and brief description of the artist or song in a sort of alphabetical order as culled from Tom Moon’s wonderful reference book, 1,000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die (A Listener’s Life List). The book describes both whole albums (remember those) and individual songs from all music genres that are essential listening. Do yourselves a favor and purchase this book. Where the book deals with an individual song, we will post that song, but when an entire album is the subject, we will exercise judicial discretion and post a single song therefrom. So what do you say, let’s get cooking…


Abdullah Ibriham – “Mannenburg” (1995)

Abdullah Ibrahim (born 9 October 1934 in Cape Town, South Africa), (Arabic:عبدالله إبراهيم) formerly known as Adolph Johannes Brand, and as Dollar Brand, is a South African pianist and composer. His music reflects many of the musical influences of his childhood in the multicultural port areas of Cape Town, ranging from traditional African songs to the gospel of the AME Church and ragas, to more modern jazz and other Western styles. Within jazz, his music particularly reflects the influence of Thelonious Monk and Duke Ellington. With his wife, the jazz singer Sathima Bea Benjamin, he is father to the New York underground rapper Jean Grae, as well as to a son, Tsakwe.

Angle and Palin – Why The Tea Party’s Failin’

Sharron Angle

Sarah Palin

A few weeks ago Blast-Off introduced you to Sharron Angle, the Tea Party/ Republican candidate for Senate in Nevada. We listed some of this crackpot’s stated political intentions such as…

  • Bring more nuclear waste to Nevada.
  • Deregulate Big Oil; BP spill was only “an accident.”
  • Abolish the Education Department, Energy Department, EPA, United Nations and most of the IRS.
  • Eliminate Social Security — possibly Medicare and unemployment insurance too.
  • Outlaw alcohol.

Well, as the week wore on we learned even more about the Sarah Palin endorsed candidate. For instance, did you know that the Ronald Reagan loving pol actually quit the Republican Party and became a Democrat during his presidency from 1984 through at least 1988? And did you know that she backed a Scientology sponsored prisoner rehabilitation program that defended the religion often accused of cultish tactics? Were you aware that during a radio interview last January,  she floated the idea that the public would bring down an out-of-control Congress with “Second Amendment remedies”? What will we learn about Sharron Angle next week? One thing is certain, she is a certifiable right wing extremist loony.

The most recent Angle craziness involves a press conference that she held this week. The event was held in Nevada and its purpose was to highlight Angle’s pledge to repeal the estate tax should she be elected to the Senate. Angle has refused to hold press conferences of late because she claims the main-stream media does not give her a fair shake. She might as well have continued with her press conference blackout however, because at the Nevada event, she refused to take any questions from the press. This begs the question, why did she call it a press conference to begin with?

Now for Sarah Palin. Her sanity is clearly in question as the result of her endorsement of  the moonbat crazy Sharron Angle, but as we all know she has also recently been inventing words and tweeting on every subject known to man. Palin has become just the type of shallow celebrity that she once characterized Barack Obama as.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Three Times A Lady song link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjfq0Fr85Yg


(sung to the Lionel Richie song “Three Times A Lady”)

How many times
Has she been dizzy
Sharron Angle’s the Tea-Bagging kind
And just like her chum
Sarah Palin the schizo
There’s something we must say out loud

They’re once, twice
Three times as crazy
And we loathe you
Yes, they’re once, twice
Three times as crazy
And we loathe you
We loathe you

When they are together
Common sense does perish
Angle and Palin aren’t too smart
F-Me shoes, but no clues
They’ll screw you, they’ll sue you
There’s no way to tell them apart


They’re once, twice
Three times as crazy
And we loathe you
We loathe you