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Flight of the Conchords is a New Zealand comedy duo composed of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement. Billing themselves as “formerly New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo”, the group uses a combination of witty observation, characterisation and acoustic guitar music. The duo’s comedy and music became the basis of a BBC radio series and then an American television series, which premiered in 2007 on HBO, also called Flight of the Conchords.

They were named Best Alternative Comedy Act at the 2005 US Comedy Arts Festival and Best Newcomer at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, and they received a nomination for the Perrier Comedy Award at the 2003 Edinburgh Festival Fringe after performing at a venue called The Caves. The duo’s live performances have gained them a worldwide cult following.

Please enjoy Flight of the Conchords performing “Business Time”.


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  1. You couldn’t have made that funnier if you tried. Still trying to get the tears from laughter to stop.

  2. Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor = best FOTC song of all time. I love those guys.

  3. Okay, watched this a couple of times, with my husband as well, and it is a close runner-up to the Too Many Dicks song. The Dick song is better with the context of the show it was in. Business Time really can only be appreciated by people who’ve been together a long time.

    Thanks for being the friend who shares my sense of humor who I haven’t found here in Texas. The internet is a lovely thing in so many ways.

    • My mom and sister thought this was HILARIOUS! (Dad, not so much.) It was especially funny in the context of lynnrockets’ previous post on the guy getting his photo taken with the Grifter Granny.

      Condolences about having to move to TX.

      • Perhaps your dad wears business socks?

      • Oops — I probably shouldn’t have said that — now you’ll have to find a way to get that image out of your brain.

        But really — I think guys might find this not funny if they do wear business socks, consider brushing their teeth foreplay, etc etc. I am happy to say that my husband does not fall into either of those categories, but we’ve been married a fairly long time now (11 yrs) so who knows what’s in our future!

        I loved the bit about recycling, I am a manic recycler, sometimes the last thing I do late at night is rinse out recycling to keep my kitchen bug-free.

        We’re embracing the good things about TX, and there are many. My husband took the Obama sticker off of my car before I got here with the kids. He’s now obliged to drive our VW van to work, I’ve told him it’s as good as having an Obama sticker on your car…….. And I know that some day some way I’ll find someone who I can talk politics with without losing my mind.

      • SMR, I think it was more of a medical issue he now has, if you know what I mean. They’ve been married over 50 years, if that helps you get my drift.

        What had us really howling was the 2 min in heaven is better than 1 min in heaven part:

        Making love
        Making love for
        Makin love for two
        Making love for two minutes
        When it’s with me, you only need two minutes, girl ‘cause I’m so intense
        Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven

        You turn to me and say something sexy like, “Is that it?”
        I know what you’re trying to say, girl
        You’re trying to say, “Aww yeah, that’s it”
        And then you tell me you want some more
        Well, uh… I’m not surprised
        But I am quite sleepy

        The cluelessness of that section and then the sleepy part–you don’t need to be in a long-term relationship to think that’s funny.

        Your husband obviously loves you if he took those stickers off. Put a gun rack on the VW bus as camouflage. Then drive it to Austin.

        (I interviewed for a job in Houston, for one of the now-too-famous companies, but am glad I didn’t take it–the former Bostonian guy I would have been working for died, and the whole thing went downhill–glad I missed it, but very sorry about the guy–he was quality and “commuted” from where I grew up.)

  4. Sad that your dad has those issues — poor guy.

    On the other hand, I was just reading (in Prevention Magazine) an interview with Laura Linney, she was talking about people complaining about getting old (the various aches & pains, etc etc), and she said “It’s a privelege!” One could make the point that one has to be thankful for the aches & pains that come with it, because wisdom & the joy of family come along with it as well. My mother has already asked my aunt (medical field) to do a Kevorkian on her if she gets Alzheimers, though.

    My favorite bits are the business socks & recycling. Those kill me.

    As for TX, well, not much in the way of socializing here, but I expect that to change when our youngest starts school in the fall. We used to work for an oil company that is now far more of a household word than it would like to be. We are both quite happy that we no longer do so.

    Bad bosses, particularly in that industry, are the norm rather than the exception. Being promoted is generally a result of saving money & being good buddies with someone in power, rather than truly meaningful contributions or great leadership skills. I had one great manager in all of my years, several really really awful ones.

    You just cannot put a price on how wonderful it is to have a great boss, but if I were pressed, I’d guess that it is worth about $20k/yr to me! Quality of life.

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