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Saturday Night Music Byte

Pacific Gas & Electric circa 1970

Our 1970’s “one hit wonders” week continues. Pacific Gas & Electric were an American blues rock band in the late 1960s and early 1970s, led by singer Charlie Allen. Their biggest hit was “Are You Ready?”

The band was formed in Los Angeles in 1967, by guitarist Tom Marshall, bassist Brent Block, second guitarist Glenn Schwartz (previously of The James Gang) and drummer Charlie Allen, who had previously played in the band Bluesberry Jam. When it became clear that Allen was the best singer in the new group, he became the front man, and Frank Cook, previously of Canned Heat, came into the band on drums. Originally known as the Pacific Gas and Electric Blues Band, they shortened their name when they signed to Kent Records, releasing the album Get It On in early 1968. The record was not a success, but following the band’s performance at the Miami Pop Festival in May 1968 they were signed by Columbia Records.

Their first album for Columbia, Pacific Gas and Electric, was issued in 1969, but they achieved greater success with their next album, Are You Ready in 1970. The title track reached # 14 on the Billboard Hot 100. After the album was recorded, Cook was injured in a car accident and was replaced on drums by Ron Woods, Cook staying on as manager. Marshall and Schwartz left, and were replaced by Frank Petricca (bass) and Ken Utterback (guitar}, with Brent Block moving to rhythm guitar before leaving later in 1970. Unusually for the time, the band contained both black and white musicians, which led to rioting and gunfire on one occasion when the band, who toured widely, performed in Raleigh, North Carolina.

In 1971, the band changed their name to PG&E, following pressure from the utility company of the same name. The band also expanded, Allen, Woods, Petricca and Utterback being joined by Jerry Aiello (keyboards), Stanley Abernathy (trumpet), Alfred Galagos and Virgil Gonsalves (saxophones), and Joe Lala (percussion). They recorded the album PG&E, and also appeared in and provided music for the Otto Preminger film Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon starring Liza Minnelli. The band then split up. A final album using the name, Pacific Gas & Electric Starring Charlie Allen, was recorded by Allen with studio musicians and released on the Dunhill label in 1973.

Tom Marshall later suffered deteriorating health and personal circumstances, being homeless since the 1980’s.Frank Petricca became a commodity broker. Charlie Allen died in 1990, aged 48.

Please enjoy this great rendition of Pacific Gas and Electric performing “Get Ready” in 1970.

Fools Rush In

Rush Limbaugh, the Oxy-Moron.

Remember when all those conservative pundits like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh got their panties all in a bunch whenever anyone in the media even dared to utter the name of one of Sarah Palin’s children? It did not even matter to those right-wingers if the subject was actually relevant to the political discourse (such as when the unwed teen daughter of “abstinence only” preaching Sarah Palin became pregnant). In their opinion any reference to the child of a politician was off limits. Case closed.

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the University of Good Manners. The right wing pundits forgot to live by their own lesson plan. First it was Glenn Beck that violated his own rule. Last month on his radio show, Beck mimicked the voice of one of President Obama’s young daughters asking her father why he hates white people. He then went on to ridicule and question her education. Not only was Beck’s comment abhorrent, but it was also misplaced in that Obama’s children take their studies quite seriously and almost never miss classes as opposed to the Palin children who tend to quit school before graduation and/or miss classes regularly to attend their mother’s events.

Now, just this week we have Rush Limbaugh exhibiting the same malicious behavior. Rather than my explaining his conduct to you, let’s just watch and listen to the uneducated, philandering drug addict in action…

Please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the song parody.

Puff The Magic Dragon song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wik2uc69WbU&feature=related


(sung to the Peter, Paul and Mary song “Puff The Magic Dragon”)

Rush the tragic maggot lives by the sea
Was born in 1951 in a state called Missouri
Limbaugh’s education went down in a flush
He made it two semesters and his family kept it hush, oh

Rush the tragic maggot had an injury
It was a pilonidal cyst in a place he could not see
Rush the magic maggot petitioned his country
Then they deemed him too unfit for the military

Therefore he did not travel off to the Ho Chi Minh Trail
Limbaugh the rabid chickenhawk was deemed to be too frail
So he became a disc jockey and pursued his fame
Alas he was a failure as his music taste was lame, oh

Rush the tragic maggot found ABC
And began his talk radio stint shilling for the G.O.P.
Rush the tragic maggot tried football on Monday
But when he showed his racist trait they canned his ass hastily

The maggot talks forever and his voice sure annoys
Calls his listeners “ditto heads” while he’s making noise
Rush thinks that he matters and is gen’rally adored
Poor Rush does not realize he’s like a mouse that roars

The mike that he speaks into bigger, than his brain
His brain-dead thoughtless audience is his gravy train
“Operation Chaos” failed in a big way
Despite all Rush’s efforts the Dems won running away, oh

Rush the tragic maggot lives happily
He doctor shops his days away and frequents pharmacies
Rush the tragic maggot loves his Oxy-C
And when he’s feeling a bit down, there’s the blue pill known as “V”