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Palin Facing More FaceBook Fallout

A face only FaceBook could love.

Today’s Boston Globe includes an interesting piece about the effects of Sarah Palin’s  recent endorsements of moderate Republican candidates. Here it is.

Because of some surprising endorsements in recent Republican primaries, Sarah Palin has reaped an angry response from some of her own supporters and a fresh round of speculation about her own presidential ambitions in 2012.

“Man, what a terrible choice in Iowa, Sarah,’’ Meghan Swella wrote on Palin’s Facebook wall after the former Alaska governor announced her support for Terry Branstad in last week’s gubernatorial primary.

“I guess you got co-oped [sic] by the milk toast [sic] moderates. I thought you were better than that,’’ she scolded.

In choosing Branstad, Palin skipped over businessman Bob Vander Plaats, a Tea Party favorite, in favor of a former governor with a strong chance of returning to office — and wielding political power when the Iowa presidential caucuses roll around.

“She’s playing her cards, and trying to set herself up’’ for making a push, should she run, said Dante Scala, an associate professor of political science at the University of New Hampshire. Scala said he is watching to see whom, or whether, Palin endorses in his state.

Palin also backed former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina in last Tuesday’s California Senate primary, and got a backlash on Facebook, a preferred way for Palin to communicate with supporters.

To critics who said Fiorina was a Republican in name only, Palin countered: “Most importantly, Carly is the only conservative in the race who can beat Barbara Boxer. That’s no RINO. That’s a winner.’’

For some conservatives, that’s also a problem. Shelby Blakely, executive director of the Tea Party Patriots’ online publication, New Patriot Journal, said Palin’s endorsement has become “so undependable, it’s marginalized itself.’’

While she once thought highly of Palin, Blakely said that during the past two years the “Going Rogue’’ author has gone more establishment, and she called Palin’s failure to criticize her own party’s establishment bothersome.

Oh no, is there trouble in the tundra?

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

I’m Stone In Love With You song link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nmaGZPN54I


(sung to the Stylistics song “I’m Stone In Love With You”)

If Palin could, she’d like to be a big Tea Party star
Lots of compensation and a big expensive car
Telling lies ‘bout everything while preaching to her choir
These things she’d do, cuz her fame is over-due
(Fame is over-due)

If Palin pursues her plan, accomplishes her quest
She’ll be so successful, it will scare Glenn Beck to death
She would hold a meeting for, Fox News to let them know
She earned it all, cuz her fame was over-due
(Fame was over-due)

One hundred grand she will demand
The price to hear her sing paid by her fans
And if she could, she’d tell them all to screw…

She’d like to someday be the owner of Fox News and its Brit Hume
Doling out her favors when they forecast doom and gloom
Some might say the stupid fool just screams both night and day
And yes it’s true, cuz her fame is over-due
And yes it’s true, cuz her fame is over-due
And yes it’s true, cuz her fame is over-due