Jerry Brown Curbs Sarah Palin’s Enthusiasm

Sarah “Plain and Stupid” Palin has been exposed as an uneducated, misinformed fool yet again. This time it is Democratic Party nominee for Governor of California, Jerry Brown that has called out the former ex-quitting half-term Governor of Alaska.

In an appearance on, where else but the Fox network, this week, Sarah Palin said that she does not believe that Brown will keep his promise to raise no taxes if elected unless a tax increase is passed by a voter referendum. As support for her contention, Palin simply uttered a number of lies about Brown’s past two terms as California’s Governor. For example, she said that when Brown was Governor, he raised taxes when in fact he cut taxes by $4 billion dollars. Ms. Quittypants also said that Brown spent outside of his state’s means when in fact, he left office leaving a $5 billion dollar rainy day fund. Of course none of the inaccuracies uttered by Palin were in any way challenged by the Fox host. After all, the Fox network never lets facts get in the way of a good story.

Consequently, it was left to Jerry Brown to defend his own record. Boy, oh boy did he do so in humorous fashion by means of an ad which he immediately released. My favorite part of the ad is the background music which is actually the theme song from HBO‘s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. That music not only accurately captures the essence of the show’s bungling protagonist, Larry David, it also realistically depicts the ridiculousness that is Sarah Palin. Please enjoy watching the ad.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Mother’s Little Helper song link:


(sung to the Rolling Stones song “Mother’s Little Helper”)

What a drag it is getting old
Palin’s different today
Todd has locked his wife away
Sarah needs something today to calm her down
Thanks to our new Health Care Bill
She’s entitled to a pill
Though she’s gone quite helter skelter, she’s got Palin’s little helper
She takes four or five a day, helps those voices go away

Sarah’s different today
I just overheard her say
That she thinks the tabloid Globe is just a rag
She says that the rumor’s fake, that she’s really not half baked
And goes running for the shelter of her Palin’s little helper
Before they put her away, she gets on her knees to pray

Doctor please, some more of these
Sarah needs more, don’t lock that door
She’s a hag and she’s getting old

Men just aren’t the same today
She wants Todd to go away
It’s his antics that caused her to just retire
Sarah’s never satisfied and now must pacify her mind
Let’s all watch her sweat and swelter as the white coats try to help her
Is the strait-jacket too tight? Can she still put up a fight?

The C4P’s and G.O.P.’s
Try to ignore, that mean press corps
What a drag she is to behold

Life’s just much too hard today
I heard Sarah Palin say
That she thinks that Tina Fey is just a whore
She just wants to stand and pose in her brand new store bought clothes
Now she’s gone quite helter skelter is there anyone can help her?
Or will she stay locked away, straight on through her dying day?

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  1. I agree with Sarah Palin! I know …. none of you will be able to believe that but, it is true. She has no grace! She said it; I definitely concur.

  2. “…will she stay locked away, straight on through her dying day?”

    Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please!

    At this point, I’d rather pay more in taxes if it meant we never heard from $P ever again.

    May CA be governed by a real person than that total waste of money, Meg Whitman. If she’d given every adult in CA a million dollars and the school system 30 million dollars instead of pissing away 90 million to buy the GOP spot on the ballot, CA would be leading the US into a very strong recovery. But no, this former Goldman Sachs board member pissed it away on idiotic ads and Mitt Romney’s consultants.

  3. Triumph the insult comic dog

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Palin is way too ignorant and lazy to be considered a serious politician, but her lack of grace is precisely what got her a job on Pox as a “mean girl” talking head.

    Greta Van Susteren has way too much grace to spout out the most stupid thing that comes to mind while grinning inanely like some deranged simpleton!

  4. Give me an effing break.

    1) Palin denuded Alaska’s “rainy day” fund by handing out $1200 to all eligible for PFDs. Now money’s tight and her successor is cutting care for children. Boy that $1200 x 500,000 would sure come in handy these days.

    2) Taxing the producers in the state? Yeah, she knows all about that. Raping & pillaging the taxes on the oil companies, her ACES scheme, driving out the small independents so that AK remained stuck with only the Big 3, thousands of jobs lost as the independents & Big 3 spent their money elsewhere.

    She is so full of it.

    When will she ever go away?

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