Scott Brown Triggers Tea-Bagger Tirade

Scott Brown discusses his Financial Reform vote in his office.

Scott Brown, America’s newest and nudist Republican Senator is under fire. Not from his critics, but from his former supporters. As we predicted here on the Blast-Off a week ago, it did not take long for Brown to feel the backlash from his most recent vote. That vote, you might recall, took place a week ago  when Brown sided with Senate Democrats and cast the 60th vote to end any Republican filibuster of the Democrats’ Financial Reform bill. Now Republicans, Tea-Baggers and right wing talk shows far and wide are taking Brown to task for his lack of party loyalty.

When Brown was elected in January in a special election to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat left vacant from the death of Ted Kennedy, his admirers nation-wide hailed him as “the” new voice for the conservative cause. He was swept into office via a boatload of out of state Tea Party monetary support. Indeed, Tea-Baggers were touting him as the “Next One”. Brown was the poster child of the Tea Party and was being groomed as a potential 2012 Presidential candidate. But then something funny happened on the way to the King’s coronation. Scott Brown started voting with the Democrats and distancing himself from the Tea-Baggers.

Scott Brown campaigned on the promise that he would not be the “60th vote in favor of the Democrats’ Health Care Reform bill, but the 41st vote against it”. He never got the chance to cast that vote as the Senate simply elected to accept the House’s bill and thereafter, it became law. The Brown effect was consequently zero. In fact, Brown’s first Senate vote was cast in favor of a Democrat jobs bill that was vehemently opposed by the Republicans. Adding insult to injury for the Tea-Baggers, Brown next shunned a disastrous Sarah Palin Tea Party rally on Boston Common in April. He essentially signaled that he no longer wanted to be associated with the violent, racist Tea-Baggers and their de-facto queen. The final insult was his vote to move forward with debate on the Financial Reform bill.

Now the Boston Globe reports that Brown’s former supporters have repudiated him through a flurry of blog posts, editorials, and Facebook messages.

“His career as a senator of the people lasted slightly longer than the shelf life of milk,’’ said Shelby Blakely, executive director of New Patriot Journal, the media arm of the Tea Party Patriots, which includes various Tea Party groups around the country. “The general mood of the Tea Party is, ‘We put you in, and we’ll take you out in 2012.’ This is not something we will forget.’’

Americans for Limited Government wrote an online editorial called “A Lamentation of Scott Brown’’ and some of Brown’s former supporters posted blistering comments on his Facebook page. Such as, “Scott Brown is a turncoat and I am ashamed that I did so much campaigning on his behalf,’’ and (my personal favorite) “I am hereby officially un-liking you.’’

Here are some fun unedited reader comments from Saturday’s Boston Globe:

  • “The snakes true colores are showing. One term is to much, the head of the snake has to be reconize.”
  • “My, my, they bought a pig in a poke and now have buyer’s remorse! What fools. They helped sell Massachusetts an empty suit and complain that what they were selling was a fraud. Martha, the last laugh is yours!”
  • “Tea Party members – as stupid as they pretend to be.”
  • “What a fraud…What a hypocrite…He should drop the R and just become the MA version of Arlen Specter.”
  • “Brown campaigned on out of control spending/govt..yet what has he done since he got there…
  • Was 1 of a few Republicans to join all the Dems to pass:
    1) Jobs Bill #2 ( 16 Billion pork)
    2) Unemployment extension from 1 to 2 years
    3) Govt takeover of the finanical industry and more govt
    agencies with “Financial Reform”..”
  • “What a fraud…What a hypocrite…He should drop the R and just become the MA version of Arlen Specter.”
  • “The truck will be back in MA in 2012.”
  • “Teabaggers should know you can’t trust a republican.”
  • “He voted for a jobs bill and financial reform. Tea Bags don’t like this?”
  • “The state might as well have a Democrat in the seat and it will be much easier now for that to happen in 2012.”
  • “Listening to the cantankerous tea baggers sputter and fume over Brown is the best political entertainment I’ve had since Bush fell off the Segway. Keep it up!”
  • “Scott, you have lost my vote in the next election.”
  • “Thank you, reactionaries, for working so hard to elect the man who helped Democrats pass finance reform. In fact, why don’t you write Brown a nice big fat check right now, so he can help us pass even more ambitious reform!”
  • “Another joins the RINO club.”
  • “Brown must’ve been a Closet Lefty all along.”
  • “18 months removed from the worst financial crises in decades and people are upset this guy voted for financial reform? what planet am i on?”
  • “That’s not all that Brown did. He supports McCains bills to regulate vitamins and supplements more heavily and to allow the government to decide that you’re a terrorist and hold you indefinitely. He endorsed the RINO McCain in his re-election for Senate. He also supports a bill that allows the State Department to decide that you are a terrorist and strip you of your citizenship in violation of the 5th and 6th Amendments. This guy is independently anti-American.”
  • “Scott Brown…. You have failed me…..41st Senator…. HaHaHa…..Guess you are the Dems 60th after all…Too Bad.”

Turn out the lights Scott, because the Tea Party’s over for you.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody. Please enjoy!


(sung to the Beatles song “I’m Down”)

Scott’s tellin’ lies thinking I can’t see
That nude guy is so blind he can’t see
I’m down (I’m really down)
I’m down (Down on Scott Brown)
I’m down (I’m really down)
Watch as I laugh at that nude Scott Brown
(Watch as I laugh) When we vote him down

We’ll all sing when he’s voted away
Brown’s short fling will be over in days
I’m down (I’m really down)
I’m down (Down on Scott Brown)
I’m down (I’m really down)
Watch as I laugh at that nude Scott Brown
(Watch as I laugh) When we vote him down

Once he’s dethroned, he’ll be all by himself
Scott will moan: “They wanted someone else!”
I’m down (I’m really down)
Let’s vote him down (Vote down Scott Brown)
Scott Brown (He’s goin’ down)
Watch as I laugh at that nude Scott Brown
(Watch as I laugh) When we vote him down

(Wow! Scott’s goin’ down!)

Whoo, baaby!

Oh Scott, you’re soon going down (He’s goin’ down)
I guess your down (He’s really down)
We’re down on Scott Brown (He’s goin’ down)
Scott! Brown! (He’s goin’ down)
Let’s hang him upside down
Oh yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, he’s down (He’s really down)
Scott baby you’re down (He’s really down)
Let’s hang him upside down (Let’s watch him frown)
Ooh, that Brown (He’s such a clown)
Scott baby you’re down, yeh
Scott baby you’re down, yeh
Scottie, you’re down (You’re really down)
Scott baby you’re down (You’re goin’ down)
Oh, Scottie, Scottie, Scottie! (You’re goin’ down)
Oh, Scottie you’re down (You’re goin’ down)
You’re down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down,  yeh, whoa!!!


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  1. Closet Lefty

    If the teabagging rabble managed to throw out Bob Bennett, a Republican Mormon from Utah, for not being reactionary enough, Brownie is wise to try to broaden his appeal in MA.

    If McCain can transform himself into a non-mavericky, racist homophobe, Brownie is well within his rights to abandon any pretense of teabaggery and seek re-election as a “grown up”!

  2. Are there strong Democrats who will likely run against the Massachusetts’ “Naked Guy”?

  3. Ripley in CT

    Holy Mackerel. And the Republitards had a problem with President Obama’s SHOES on the furniture!

    This picture is…. well, it’s just….EW!

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