Palin Compound Threatened By One Man Seige

I'll Get You, Joe McGinniss!!!

Batten down the hatches! Shutter the windows! Put chastity belts on the girls and by God, Todd hurry up with that fence! These are just a few of the exclamations that Sarah Palin has been overheard screeching this week. She has also taken to Facebook and the Glenn Beck radio show to cry for support in her efforts to hide from an investigative reporter that has rented the house next door to the Palin compound in Wasilla, Alaska.

Joe McGinniss, the author of a forthcoming Sarah Palin exposé, has actually rented the house right next door to the Palins in an attempt to keep an ever watchful eye on his subjects. Indeed, the owner of the property sought out the author and asked if he would be interested in renting the home. Apparently the property owner had an axe to grind with the Palins as the result of some bills that the Palins failed to pay and what better way to get even than by accommodating the writer that is sure to skewer Palin in print. Revenge surely is a dish best served cold. As Todd “The First Dude” once said, “What goes around comes around”.

In an effort to shield her family from the ever watchful eye of McGinniss, Palin is constructing a ridiculously high spite fence. Not only does the fence impede McGinniss’ sight lines, but it also looks terrible and will probably decrease the value of the Palin property. Enquiring minds however, want to know how McGinniss intends to respond. Will he sit on his roof while writing or maybe install one of those hunting tree stands? Might he purchase a trampoline so that he can get fleeting glimpses over the fence? Will he simply rent a boat so that he can watch the Palins from beautiful Lake Lucille? Stay tuned for the answer. In the meantime let’s all just enjoy the fireworks in Wasilla that are exploding well before Quitting, oops I meant Independence Day.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with tonight’s topical song parody.

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away song link:


(sung to the Beatles song “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”)

Here I stand pen in hand
Boy, that fence is real tall
View is gone but I’ll go on
Writing is a ball

Sarah glares, momma bear
Each and every day
I can see they’re scared of me
Here’s what Palins say:

Hey, we’ve got to hide our house away
Hey, we’ve got to hide our house away

My oh my, ten feet high
But they’ll never win
Hearing them, seeing them
Sarah and her kin

How could she say to me
Joey stay away
Now I’m bound to hang ‘round
Each and every day

Hey, we’ve got to hide our house away
Hey, we’ve got to hide our house away

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  1. Excellent lyrics! You should add the photo where there’s a big gaping hole at the base to let some little devils back and forth. The best part of this story in my opinion was she had no apparent objections when it was a halfway house for recovering drug and alcohol abusers. So generous and open minded of her…but a WRITER? OMG! Complete $P freak out! Must be worried about facts falling out about her BS story lines. BTW didn’t she have some summer “cabin” for which she missed paying property taxes? Is Trig’s real father a former resident of that house? Enquiring minds want to know. Too bad she pissed off her neighbor, who got back at her by contacting this writer to rent this house.

  2. We’re all Arizonans now-complete the dang fence!

  3. In my opinion, the best/worst thing Joe could do is…..nothing. Nothing. No obvious interest in the folks next door at all. It will drive Sarah nuts because she won’t know what is going on and she’ll have to fall back on her worst fantasies which are easily knocked down.

  4. Joe won’t have to buy a trampoline; he can just ask Sarah if he can borrow the one she stole from the non-profit organization that gave one to the Governor (Palin at time) for use at the Governor’s mansion in Juneau. I think it was “relocated” to Wasilla!

    • Welcome to the Real America.

      Rip-roaring funny comments, thanks to $P throwing poor abused Piper under the bus (where is the AK equivalent of child protective services, for crying out loud?!):
      …with my favorite comment:
      “I am an old man. I have been a visual artist all my life. This is one of the finest pictures I’ve ever seen. Thank you.”

      And then, of course, this:

      Evidently, the ADN comments aren’t too favorable to $P.

      Some nice Al-ass-skan hospitality, courtesy of the quitting, lying, grifting, fraud of a semi-demi governor who evidently does whatever her puppet masters tell her to do. Which evidently includes dragging her kids everywhere and greeting people during the McCain campaign in a towel. Way to model those values for your kids. It worked so well for her older 3.

  5. My guess is that the fence probably violates Alaska and/or Wasilla building codes, and may violate zoning laws or covenants that run with the land. Considering how quickly it went up, it is doubtful that Todd checked with the local gov’t authorities or obtained a building permit before proceeding in a rage. Because these are very unsophisticated folks, they may not have realized that adults check to make sure no permit is needed before proceeeding (even though Todd has experience building an ugly house, barn and cabin).

  6. The hilarity seems to have spread across the globe

    Dear Friends: This is what you want for your home! What value and morals has Palin? Takes off her cloths, shows her boobs, old lady, and then devalues real estate, destroys properties without owners permission, She sure has dirty underwear! Statutory Rape her daughter and she does nothing. How much is she getting from Vanity Fair? Woman deserve better than this. So do men. The old bag and her dirty underwear would make a tea party stain environmentally unsafe. Pew! Stinks worse than a dead skunk her dirty underwear! Want this for your hubby or children? Kick Backs! What a theatrical bad drunk! Against the law to put things on anothers property without permission. Was their a permit? Send this around facebook, blog, glog, tweet, twitter and all birdwatchers. Dirty!

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