Sarah “Drill Baby, Drill” Palin Says Obama In Bed With Big Oil

Sarah Palin is as delusional as her Fox News compatriot, Glenn Beck. This weekend Ms. Drill Baby, Drill actually claimed that the Obama administration is unlikely to come down hard on BP for its massive oil spill because…wait…wait…wait…“the oil companies … have so supported President Obama in his campaign.” The former ex-quitting Governor of Alaska is clearly out of her mind. It is the Republicans who are in bed with big oil. Was it not former dim-witted Presidents Bush and Bush that were actually in the oil business? Did Palin fail to remember that former Vice President and Face Shooter In Chief, Dick Cheney was the Chairman and CEO of Halliburton, which is the world’s second largest oilfield services corporation, and major culprit in this Gulf disaster?

Indeed, the Wall Street Journal exposed Palin’s lie by reporting, “According to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, Republicans receive far more campaign money from the oil and gas industry than do Democrats. So far in 2010, the oil and gas industries have contributed $12.8 million to all candidates, with 71% of that money going to Republicans. During the 2008 election cycle, 77% of the industry’s $35.6 million in contributions went to Republicans, and in the 2008 presidential contest, Republican candidate Sen. John McCain received more than twice as much money from the oil and gas industries as Obama: McCain collected $2.4 million; Obama, $898,000.”

Perhaps Obama administration Press Secretary Robert Gibbs put it best by responding. “Sarah Palin was involved in that election, but I don’t think, apparently, was paying a whole lot of attention. I’m almost sure that the oil companies don’t consider the Obama administration a huge ally – we proposed a windfall profits tax when they jacked their oil prices up to charge for gasoline.”

It becomes clearer by the day that Sarah Palin the author of 2009’s “Lie of the Year” (death panels) and the truth are not on speaking terms.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below so as to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Space Oddity link:


(sung to the David Bowie song “Space Oddity”)

Ground control to Sarah P.
Ground control to Sarah P.
You’re a space-shot and on that we can agree

Ground control to Bristol P.
Don’t blindly follow your mommy
Blind adherence to the right will just hurt you

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five
Four, three, two, one, liftoff

This is ground control to Palin girls
You’re both somewhere in space
But the world wants you to practice what you preach
Soon you both will learn that life is a real “beach”

This is Sarah P. to ground control
I’ll do just what I please
I don’t give a damn just what Alaskan’s say
I’ll be ditching them for Washington someday

For here
Am I acting like a moonshot
So, “Thanks But No Thanks’
I do not need you
Because I’m the “Caribou”

(musical interlude)

I guide my spaceship with both winks and smiles
It’s really such a thrill
I’m oblivious to everybody’s jeers
Due to the empty space between my ears

Ground control to Sarah P.
You’ve gone brain dead
You’re so scary
Can you hear me, Sarah P.?
Can you hear me, Sarah P.?
Can you hear me, Sarah P.?
Can you….

Here is she floating like a moonshot
She has beehive hair
But she hasn’t got a prayer

(musical fade)

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  1. She lies when her lips move. Her father let it slip that she doesn’t even make the decisions and then tries to retract it in today’s NY Times article about the lying fraud quitter queen.

    Who is her puppeteer? Enquiring minds want to know.

    That, and is her abstinence- preaching kid with a kid pregnant for a third time, given Bristol’s pics on stage in the last week or so?

  2. A Bridge too far

    Given the recent grandstanding by Murkowski and Inhofe on behalf of BP, you’d think Republicans would want to avoid this topic at all costs.

    But wait! From today’s New York Times (Wasilla journal): Mr. Palin attended a fund-raiser in Wasilla for Joe Miller, an obscure but ardent conservative who is making a long-shot bid for the seat held by Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, a Republican with whom Ms. Palin has had differences.

    “Joe’s got a fire in his belly to serve,” Mr. Palin said. “It’s all about competition and giving Alaskans a choice.”

  3. Drive less baby, drill less

  4. Sarah Palin is a WHITCH! Prayer is negligence! People are expected to be responsible and accountable, and the opportunity for self-correction has been available for 2000 years; so the real truth is, Sarah Palin is telling people to be negligent and irresponsible. It took a lot of hard work to create this disaster, and it will only be fixed and cleaned-up by a LLLOOOOTTT of HARD WORK. So, tell Sarah Palin to go to the GULF for a week, and work “hard” to clean-up the crude oil, or,… SHUT-UP!!! Sarah is the Whitchy-Woman >>> <<<<<<<<

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