Hey Tea-Baggers, Don’t Eat The Brown Acid!

Any day that you can repeat the famous “Don’t Eat The Brown Acid” line from the 1968 Woodstock festival is a good day for Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off. Today, we can thank the Tea Party and its membership of Tea-Baggers for the opportunity. Unfortunately, the warning may be too late. It appears that they have been tripping on something bad for the last eighteen months since their manufactured creation. Oh, and “what a long, strange trip it’s been”!

The Des Moines Register (Iowa) reported this week that,

An event described as the “Woodstock” of tea parties is planned for Sept. 11 at the Monona County Fairgrounds in Onawa in western Iowa. Craig Halverson of Griswold, who is helping to organize the event, said supporters hope to attract at least 1,000 people from Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota and other states. He said they are inviting prominent conservative speakers and plan to have bands perform patriotic music.

The event will have a “Take back our country” theme, Halverson said. Although the activities will occur on the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, he said organizers don’t plan to spend the day reflecting on those events.

The whole idea of a group of socially awkward, old, white, conservative men gathering together is far more reminiscent of the early bird dinner hour at an AARP convention than the wildly famous counter-cultural youth phenomena which was Woodstock. The fact that the organizer only expects a group of “at least 1000 people” underscores the insignificance of the event. To add insult to injury, the gathering is scheduled to take place on September 11th. That tragic day will be remembered by all Americans and the horrible events that took place had absolutely nothing to do with taxes, bailouts, health care reform or anything else having to do with “taking back our country”. The Tea-Baggers should be ashamed of themselves for trying to capitalize on that day of tragedy.

Then again, what could we expect? The Tea-Baggers have been tripping on some sort of hallucinogen since their creation which has blurred and warped their perception of historical events. They have stripped founding father Thomas Jefferson from the history books. They think it is patriotic for their states to secede from the union. They deny that Medicare was created as and continues to be, a government program. Consequently, is it that much of a stretch for them to believe that September 11th was the day when taxes or bailouts went out of control? The Tea-Baggers are certainly suffering from a bad trip. Heck, their de-facto Queen, Sarah Palin named her oldest son Track after the marks left behind from intrvenous drug use and her grandchild (?) is named  Tripp. How appropriate.

At least the event will allow the rest of us to laugh our collective asses off at all of the Tea-Baggers’ now famous misspelled signs.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Magical Mystery Tour song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hnrsqf33MXA


(sung to The Beatles song “Magical Mystery Tour”)

Roll up, roll up for the tragical misery tour. Step right this way.

Roll up, roll up for the misery tour
Roll up, roll up for the misery tour
Roll up AND THAT’S AN INVITATION, roll up for the misery tour
Roll up, DON’T NEED NO EDUCATION, roll up for the misery tour
The tragical misery tour is eating your brain cells away
Eating your brain cells away

Roll up, roll up for the misery tour
Roll up, roll up for the misery tour
Roll up, WE DON’T CARE IF YOU CAN’T READ, roll up for the misery tour
Roll up, SO LONG AS YOU CAN SCREAM, roll up for the misery tour
The tragical misery tour will even pay you for the day
Even pay you for the day

(The misery trip is waiting)

Roll up, roll up for the misery tour
Roll up, roll up for the misery tour
Roll up, TO MAKE A RESERVATION, roll up for the misery tour
Roll up, FOR INSANE CONVERSATION, roll up for the misery tour
The tragical misery tour wants insurers to keep their payday
Please help them to have their way
The tragical misery tour is hoping that you die away
After you make your co-pay, make your co-pay


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  1. Just yell out There’s a half off dinner special at Country Kitchen Buffet” and the lot of them will be gone like fog in the sun.

  2. “Offical”ly a bunch of dolts. Very appropriate song.

  3. Just say no

    “Never in the field of human numbskullery has so much been owed by so many to so few”.

    If it pleases the teabaggers to “take back Iowa” (and stay there), socialist city slickers would be very amenable to granting them generous subsidies i.e. on top of the farm subsidies “real” Americans currently enjoy (using “enjoy” loosely, because the country folk are a very cranky and thankless bunch).

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