Top Tea-Bagger Dumps On Sarah Palin

CNN Opinion published an article yesterday afternoon which was authored by a guy named Phillip Dennis. You probably never heard of him but he is the founder of the Dallas Tea Party and is also the Texas state coordinator of Tea Party Patriots and an adviser to the National Tea Party Coalition. The interesting part of the article however is that this primo Tea-Bagger realizes that Sarah Palin uses the movement for personal profit rather than for unity of cause. Dennis writes,

Like anything else that grows into a national phenomenon, the Tea Party has seen some enter the scene with ulterior motives. Generally, the motives center around money. Some have slapped the Tea Party name on their tired political action committees. Others are organizations with political interests and agendas, but foremost are the money-gathering operations.

Others are big-name politicians or media personalities such as Sarah Palin, who charge up to $100,000 a speech before packing up and taking their show to another city. They leave little lasting substance, and their words are quickly forgotten.

Technically, these tea turf groups and personalities are a part of the movement but most likely would not be if big dollars were not involved.

The Tea-Baggers are not as stupid as we initially thought. At least they have caught on to the fact that Sarah Palin, the former ex-quitting governor of Alaska is simply taking advantage of them.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Money For Nothing song link:


(sung to the Dire Straits song “Money For Nothing”)

I want my, I want my Fox TV

Now look at that Bozo, that’s the way you do it
Fouling up interviews on the TV
Brain ain’t working, that’s the way she blew it
Money for nothing and her clothes for free

Palin ain’t working, told the voters, “screw it”
While she gobbled up every crumb
Maybe get Todd’s sister a break from the clinker
Baby she’s a grifter, she’s pond scum

She belongs in a secret witch coven
Draped in her gaudy finery
She was exposed much sooner than later
By the pros on M-S-N-B-C

Palin’s a starlet with her beehive and her makeup
Yeah buddy, that’s her own hair
That Sarah Palin shoots wolves from her airplane
She even wants to kill the polar bears

She thinks a guv’nor’s pay ain’t worth nothin’
She can’t write despite her degree
We all know she’s a lousy debater
She’ll live off the SarahPac money

(musical interlude)

She thinks a guv’nor’s pay ain’t worth nothin’
She can’t write despite her degree
We all know she’s a lousy debater
She’ll live off the SarahPac money

She’s a rat. She’s a rat.

Her temperament is strangely bizarre
She gives jobs to her high school chums
Look at that Sarah, she can’t stop winkin’ at the camera
Man, that girl is dumb
She’s a nightmare, that cat. Whining annoys us.
Palin thinks the Congo borders Tennessee
Her brain ain’t workin’, that’s the way she blew it
Gets her money for nothin’, gets her clothes for free

She couldn’t take the pushin’ and shovin’
Another weakling G.O.P.
She’s a pre-marital fornicator
Preaching all about abstinency

Listen here
Her brain ain’t workin’, that’s the way she blew it
Her next employer will be Fox TV
She’ll be tongue tied, she’ll bite her tongue and chew it
Money for nothing just like Hannity
Money for nothing like O’Reilly

Killed a turkey for stuffin’ right on the TV
Huffin’ and puffin’ constantly
Look at that. Look at that.
They’ll pay money for nothing on that Fox TV
(I want my, I want my, I want my Fox TV)
Money for nothing just like Hannity
Sleazy, sleazy

She ain’t working.

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  1. Love the song, but you’ll never convince me that’s always her own hair. There have definitely been a few wigs along the way.

  2. Love it!
    Someone should record that song.

  3. “Media personality” is even a stretch for this spokes-airhead, but at least the veneer is beginning to peel off the $P brand.

    Bravo on the song and post; I don’t know where you find the time.

  4. SOME Teabaggers are stupid. Check out this teabagger blog. The only thing they have right is realizing Sarah Palin is a con artist and liar.

  5. Masterpiece Theatre

    We should have some (grudging) admiration for the grifter: she turned the tables on McCain and ended up taking advantage of him!

    Unfortunately, teabaggers will no doubt vote for the party that’s doing everything possible to curb the powers of a new consumer protection agency: they’ll support the shameless politicians that, according to Harry Reid, only want “to make love” to Wall St. (Yes, they really are a horny bunch!).

  6. Sorry Moron…Not only is this REALLY old news, it’s been refuted. Phillip Dennis is a wannabe that never was. He’s not powerful and didn’t found a goddamned thing!

    Typical stupid liberals. Way behind the powercurve, and not a fact in sight!

    This is why Sarah is kicking your asses!!!

    I especially love the fact that she is kicking the ass of that little Chicago street thug from one end of the nation to another!

    What are you poor bastards gonna do on January 20, 2013 when Palin takes the Oath of Office as President of the United States, and sends the idiot “law professor” packing?


    • Should such an event occur, I will fall on my knees and pray that our nation will somehow survive without becoming a third world theocracy. Just as Jesus did not come to rule the world and impose a theocracy upon us, neither should His servants.

      I will also pray that she has selected a capable vice-president who can take over once she realizes just how hard the job is. (Hasn’t she ever noticed how much it ages a person? Her vanity alone will make her quit before a year is up.)

    • Sarah Palin is unqualified for political office. All she does is quit when the going gets tough. Oh, did I mention 5 colleges in 6 years. Stupid is as stupid does.

  7. The person with the ulterior motives is Phillip Dennis.. He’s the one attaching himself to a movement.
    BUT , since you left-wingers will prop up anybody willing to trash Sarah Palin, there you go.

    Have fun with this guy.

    BTW, Speaking of “Tea-Baggers”… Did you know Obama’s “Body-Man” Reggie Love was into that?

    Huh… Ironic wouldn’t you say?

    • He’s not our guy. He is your guy. Fact is, Palin is a poison to every team she is on. She couldn’t get along with the McCain people and now she can’t get along with the Tea-Baggers any longer. It is a pleasure watching her repeatedly quit and implode. Oh, did I mention 5 colleges in 6 years?

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