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Sarah “Failin'” Palin Loses to Mitt”Wit” Romney

Sarah Palin and her Tea-Bagger supporters just received a stern spanking from the citizens of New Hampshire. The good people of the Granite State have not allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the brain-dead Palin and Co. A firm known as Public Policy Polling recently polled New Hampshire residents on the question of who they would vote for as the 2012 Republican candidate for president. Palin was not pleased with the results.

New Hampshire residents chose Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts with 39% of those polled. Sarah Palin finished second but trailed Romney by a whopping 26 points. To put it bluntly, Palin was not even in the race. Trailing even Palin were Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

Rumor has it the New Hampshire residents turned against Palin when Romney released this video:

Palin was publicly dissed by the New Hampshirites. Now we must wait for the expected return volley from the upset Tea-Baggers. Will they send racist emails and voicemails to the state capital ala California state senator Leland Lee? Will they declare war on New Hampshire or demand that it secede from the union? Will they somehow blame Romney for his own popularity? Stay tuned.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

People Are Strange song link:


(sung to the Doors song “People Are Strange”)

Palin is strange, no one is stranger
Race baiting ugly, if it be known
Woman that’s wicked, children unwanted
Soon she’ll be leavin’ Wasilla town

Palin’s strange
Stranger than ol’ John McCain
Yes, she’s strange
She can’t remember her name
Palin’s strange
She’s deranged
Palin’s strange

Bear’s in her range, so it’s in danger
She’s lookin’ hungry, it’s all alone
Woman that’s wicked, mind that is haunted
She’ll shoot it even when it’s down

Palin’s strange
Too dumb to come out of the rain
Yes, she’s strange
Just go and ask John McCain
Palin’s strange
She’s deranged
Palin’s strange

Uptight, yeah!

Palin’s strange
Cheating supporters for gain
She’ll not change
They go on chanting her name
They’re deranged
Palin’s strange
Palin’s strange


Wednesday Night Music Byte

Right now the Boston Bruins are in double overtime against the Buffalo Sabres. Please keep your fingers crossed for a Bruins victory!


Never mind> The bruins came back from a 2-0 deficit and won in double overtime. The Bruins now lead the series 3-1.


OK, we need your help again. The Boston Red Sox are tied in the 12th inning against the Texas Rangers. Cross your fingers. We need a win!


Never mind. The Red Sox just beat the team formerly owned by George W. Bush. He loses again and Boston wins.


The Firm were an English rock supergroup comprising former Free and Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers, ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, ex-Uriah Heep and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band drummer Chris Slade and bass player Tony Franklin. Page and Rodgers originally wanted former Yes drummer Bill Bruford and fretless bassist Pino Palladino in the group; however, Bruford was contracted to another label and Palladino had tour commitments with singer Paul Young.

Both Page and Rodgers refused to play any material from their former bands and instead opted for a selection of Firm songs plus tracks from both their solo albums. The new songs were heavily infused with a soulful and more commercially-accessible sound, courtesy of Franklin’s fretless bass guitar underpinning and understated song structure. Despite refusing to play old material, the last track from The Firm, “Midnight Moonlight”, was originally an unreleased Led Zeppelin song entitled “The Swan Song”. This caused some critics to believe that Page had begun to run out of ideas. In subsequent press interviews, Page had indicated that the band was never meant to last more than two albums. After the band split, Page and Rodgers returned to solo work while Chris Slade joined AC/DC and Franklin teamed up with guitarist John Sykes in Blue Murder.

Please enjoy this video clip of The Firm performing their hit “Radio-Active” in 1984.

Nudist US Senator Scott Brown Speaks With Forked Tongue

Poor Scott Brown. The newly elected and clothing challenged US Senator from Massachusetts continues to put his foot in his mouth. Last Sunday he appeared on Face The Nation and said he plans to participate in a Republican filibuster of the financial regulatory rules as proposed by majority Democrats unless they are changed, but he has not offered any specific proposals. Then again, it is the modus operandi for the G.O.P. to demonize all things proposed by Democrats while failing to propose any specific alternatives of their own. Remember their non-existent health care reform legislation?  Moreover, it appears that Brown simply fabricated an estimate of jobs that would be lost in Massachusetts if the Democrats’ regulations were enacted.

The Boston Globe reports that Brown said that his weekend prediction on national TV Sunday that tightening Wall Street rules would kill 25,000 to 35,000 jobs in Massachusetts was “based on my speaking with industry leaders’’ in recent weeks, but he did not cite any specific analysis. A representative of Brown’s office said that Brown was given the estimate by the chief executive of MassMutual, a large insurance company headquartered in Springfield.

The Boston Globe revealed however, that,

MassMutual officials said Sunday, and again yesterday, that they did not give Brown any firm estimates of projected job losses in the Bay State. The company said it warned of unspecified job losses in the future and provided him with estimates — dramatically inflated estimates, the company acknowledged yesterday — of jobs lost thus far in the current recession. MassMutual officials said they had overcounted the losses in a way that nearly doubled the impact.

Peter Morici, a professor at the University of Maryland and former director of the Office of Economics at the US International Trade Commission was quoted as saying,

I don’t see it either creating or destroying very many jobs, certainly not in numbers that are quantifiable. I’m no fan of this legislation. I kind of like Scott Brown. But . . . I don’t know where he comes up with numbers like that.

As usual, Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) summed up Brown’s allegation quite nicely. He said,

No one has argued to us this is going to be cutting jobs as an overall in the economy. I have no idea where that figure came from. I don’t think anybody does. It may have just been spewed out by the Icelandic volcano with some of the other debris.

Pressed by The Boston Globe to describe the source of his estimate, Brown said the figure was “based on my speaking with the industry leaders over the last month or so.’’ Brown aides then cited a study by the Business Roundtable — which largely opposes the current bill — estimating that a crackdown on a financial tool called over-the-counter derivatives would cause companies to be less profitable, resulting in 100,000 to 120,000 direct and indirect job cuts nationwide. The industry group did not provide any Massachusetts-specific figures however

Brown aides then said on Sunday that the figures were provided to him by Roger W. Crandell, the chief executive of Springfield-based MassMutual, during a meeting they had on Friday.

MassMutual officials initially said they provided Brown with no such estimate. Yesterday, company officials explained that they had given Brown an estimate of how many jobs have been lost in the Massachusetts financial sector since the recession — which they told him was about 33,000 jobs — and said the current legislation could further exacerbate the problem. They did not however, provide Brown with any figure or an analysis of job loss.

Senator Brown has now demonstrated that he will simply parrot the assertions of anybody that agrees with him without first checking the veracity of the allegation or the methodology of any analysis cited. Like his Republican brethren, Scott Brown has revealed that he will utilize unsubstantiated fear as a means to oppose Democratic party initiatives. Perhaps like Sarah Palin, he too should pursue employment as a reality television show host. Maybe something called Republican Fear Factor.

The Senator wears no clothes

It appears however, that once again Brown’s vote may be as meaningless as his 41st vote against health care reform which he never had the opportunity to cast. Democrats state that it is likely that they will be able to gain bipartisan support from at least one of the following Republican Senators:Collins (ME), Snowe (ME), Corker (TN) or Shelby (AL). A vote from any one of them will prevent Brown’s threatened filibuster. If that happens, Scott Brown’s tenure to date will have been meaningless. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Charlie Brown song link:


(sung to the Coasters song “Charlie Brown”)

Fe-fe, fi-fi, fo-fo, fum
He’s the senator that will bare his bum

Scottie Brown, Scottie Brown
He’s a clown, that nude Scott Brown
He likes to bare his bod
In those magazines
(That’s why everybody’s always pickin’ on me)

That’s him on his knees
I know that’s him
Yeah, from 7 come 11
Down in the Senate gym

Scottie Brown, Scottie Brown
He’s a clown, that nude Scott Brown
Craig thinks that he’s hot
He hopes to steal a peek
(Why’s Lynnrockets always pickin’ on me)

Who’s always nude at the roll call?
Who’s lurking in the men’s room stalls?
Who’s sporting his bat and balls?
Guess who? (who me?) yeah, you!

Who walks through the Senate dumb and slow?
Who calls Mitch McConnell, Daddy-O?

Scottie Brown, Scottie Brown
He’s going down, next time around
His votes can be bought
Just you wait and see
(Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me)

(musical interlude)

He is in the Party that says “No”
With his private parts swinging to and fro

Scottie Brown, Scottie Brown
He’s a clown, that nude Scott Brown
He’s showing a lot
His bum, his wee-wee
(Why’s Lynnrockets always pickin’ on me)


Tuesday Night Music Byte

Bad Company are an English hard rock supergroup founded in 1973, consisting of band members from Free (Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke), Mott the Hoople (Mick Ralphs), and King Crimson (Boz Burrell). Bad Company enjoyed great success throughout the 1970s. They were managed by Peter Grant, who had also guided Led Zeppelin to massive success.

Singer Paul Rodgers was so enamoured of the film Bad Company that he chose to name his band after it. The film was also purportedly the inspiration for the band’s eponymous album and breakthrough single.

The 1974 debut album Bad Company was an international hit, with the group considered one of the 1970s’ first supergroups. Bad Company consisted of four seasoned musicians: two former members of Free, singer Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke; former Mott the Hoople guitarist Mick Ralphs; and King Crimson bassist Boz Burrell. The group was managed by Peter Grant, who also managed Led Zeppelin at the time and would manage Bad Company until 1982, when Swan Song Records folded. The album peaked at #1 on Billboard’s Pop Albums chart (North America) and included two singles that reached the top 20 charts, “Can’t Get Enough” at #5 in 1974 and “Movin’ On” at #19 in early 1975. In 1975, Straight Shooter gave the group another #1 on Billboard’s Pop Albums chart. The album also spawned two hit singles, “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” at #36 and the slower “Feel Like Makin’ Love” at #10.

Bad Company scheduled a British tour, along with the band of former Free member Paul Kossoff, Back Street Crawler, to support Bad Company’s 1975 album Run With the Pack as well as a new album by Back Street Crawler. This double headline tour was scheduled to commence on 25 April 1976, but was halted due to Kossoff’s death on 19 March 1976.

Run With the Pack was Bad Company’s first Platinum certified album. The third consecutive million-selling record, reaching #5 on the Billboard chart and featured the hit “Young Blood” that peaked at #20 on the Pop charts.

1977’s Burnin’ Sky fared the poorest of the first four that charted: the album’s title song, “Burnin’ Sky”, which reached #78 on the Pop charts. 1979’s Desolation Angels fared better than its predecessor and gave the band their first Top 5 Platinum selling album since 1976’s album Run With the Pack. Desolation Angels embellished the group’s sound with synthesisers and strings. The album reached #3 on the Billboard charts and again had two charting singles: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy” at #13 and “Gone Gone Gone” at #56.

By the end of the 1970s, the band grew increasingly disenchanted with playing large stadiums. In addition, Peter Grant lost interest in the group, and in management generally, after Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham died on 25 September 1980. In the words of Simon Kirke, “Peter was definitely the glue which held us all together and in his absence we came apart”. (Reportedly, Paul Rodgers—who has a black belt in martial arts—was involved in a rather one-sided physical altercation with Boz Burrell and Mick Ralphs.)

A three-year hiatus from the studio ended with the release of Rough Diamonds in 1982. This would be the sixth and final LP in the group’s original incarnation until four new songs were recorded in 1998. The album was the worst selling Bad Company album of those that had Paul Rodgers as the front man. The album peaked at #26 and featured “Electricland” (#74), that reached #2 on the newly created Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

After the release of Rough Diamonds, they disbanded. Mick Ralphs said, “Paul wanted a break and truthfully we all needed to stop. Bad Company had become bigger than us all and to continue would have destroyed someone or something. From a business standpoint, it was the wrong thing to do, but Paul’s instinct was absolutely right”.

Despite being famous for their live shows packing the largest stadiums for almost a decade, Bad Company did not release an official live album of performances from this time period until the 2006 album Live in Albuquerque 1976. The recordings were made by Mick Ralphs, who regularly taped the group’s shows, utilizing them as a tool to finely tune their set and performances. Bootlegs of Bad Company’s live performances from this period were also available, including “Boblingen Live” (1974), “Live in Japan” (1975) and “Shooting Star Live at the L.A. Forum” (1975).

Please enjoy this video clip of Bad Company performing “Can’t Get Enough” in 1974…

Republicans: Big Banks and Big Fish Stories!

It was refreshing last weekend to see both President Obama and the main stream media publicly call out the Republican Party leadership and the banking industry for jointly trying to defeat the passage of a strict financial institution regulatory law which is aimed at preventing another financial meltdown followed by a taxpayer bailout. Both Obama and CNN‘s Candy Crowley exposed the ugly truth that G.O.P.ers Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn met with two dozen top Wall Street executives last week in an effort to craft a means to defeat any strong financial institution regulation proposed by Democrats.

In his weekly address on Saturday, President Obama said that the strict regulations sought by Democrats,

have not exactly been welcomed by the people who profit from the status quo – as well their allies in Washington. This is probably why the special interests have spent a lot of time and money lobbying to kill or weaken the bill. Just the other day, in fact, the leader of the Senate Republicans and the chair of the Republican Senate campaign committee met with two dozen top Wall Street executives to talk about how to block progress on this issue. Lo and behold, when he returned to Washington, the Senate Republican Leader came out against the common-sense reforms we’ve proposed.

Then on CNN‘s State Of The Union on Sunday, Candy Crowley grilled Mitch McConnell as to whether the meeting took place, what was said during the meeting and if, and why John Cornyn was present. McConnell was forced to admit that the meeting took place and that Cornyn was present. He appeared to contradict himself however, while trying to explain the content of the conversation.

First he said, “Well, we certainly didn’t talk about blocking the bill, I don’t know anybody who’s in favor of blocking this bill.” Then when Crowley followed up by asking what the Wall Street executives asked McConnell and Cornyn, he said, “Well, they have concerns about the bill,” adding that he thought the Senate ought to “go back to the drawing board” and fix the legislation. So, it appears that the G.O.P. gameplan for financial reform mirrors its failed opposition to health care reform: Scratch the whole thing and start over with some new regulation at a later date, preferably after the November 2010 elections. Once again, the Republicans are a “Party Without a Plan”.

Crowley was forced to ask McConnell three times why John Cornyn was present at the meeting before receiving this circuitous answer,

Well, look, we were talking about financial regulation, as everybody in the country is talking about it. Most of the people in New York supported the president, the vast majority of them are on his side. They supported him during the election, they still support him. Is he saying we shouldn’t sit down with his supporters and talk about a bill that he thinks we ought to pass and that I think we ought to pass? This is absurd, he…

Really Mr. McConnell, that is all well and good but why was John Cornyn with you? When Crowley asked the question again, McConnell responded,

Candy, [Obama] is the one who is trying to politicize this issue. We are the ones who are trying to get it right.

When asked a third time, McConnell finally said,

Sen. Cornyn is a United States senator from Texas. He is going to be voting on this issue like all the rest of us are. Simply because we are all involved in politics, as is the president, it doesn’t mean that we can’t discuss issues with people that we meet around the country who are deeply involved and concerned about what we are doing.

Boy Mitch, that really cleared things up. We still don’t understand why Cornyn was there and in the same interview you said that that the bill should be passed and that it should be scratched. What are you talking about? Why don’t you just admit the obvious truth. The Republican Party and the Wall Street bankers are in bed together in a manner that resembles so many other G.O.P. tawdry trysts.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody. Have fun!

God Bless The U.S.A. song link:


(sung to the Lee Greenwood song “God Bless The U.S.A.”)

If tomorrow all my brains were gone
And I was just plant life
With a feeding tube shoved in
Against the wishes of my wife
I’d thank my lucky stars the G.O.P. had their way
And curtailed my family’s freedom
Made them watch me waste away

Boy, I’m proud to be a Republican
Like Huckabee and Romney
And I won’t forget Glenn Beck who cried
Right there on Fox TV
Cuz they’ll gladly stand up next to you
And berate your union pay
I just love those hate filled flames they fan
They hate the U.S.A.

Bachmann hates in Minnesota
Alaska has Sarah P.
Rick Perry down in Texas
They’re in the Tea Party
Not Detroit nor in Boston
Too liberal, black and gay
There’s no soul in any Republican heart
And they love it just that way

Yes, I’m proud to be a Republican
Just like Rush and Hannity
And I love the facts they do deny
Right there on Fox TV
And I’ll gladly stand up next to you
And castigate Tina Fey
Cuz I never doubt those Red State men
No matter what they say

Oh, I’m proud to be a Republican
As I sit here sipping tea
Palin’s “death panels” can’t be denied
They say on Fox TV
Sarah sends a Twitter –  text to you
Six or seven times a day
It’s Republicans that love this land
In our per-ver-ted way!

Monday Night Music Byte

Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off is trying out a new look to the blog tonight. We have received some complaints that it was difficult to locate the “Comment” link on the blog. This new theme makes it stand out a bit more at the bottom of each post in blue lettering. Consequently, there are no more excuses for failing to leave a comment. Ladies and gentlemen, start commenting!!!

Oh, and lest we forget, congratulations to the Boston Bruins and their game 3 victory over the Buffalo Sabres this evening. The Bruins now have a 2 games to 1 advantage with the next game at the Garden.

Men at Work are an Australian rock band which achieved international success in the 1980s. They are the only Australian artists to have a #1 album and single simultaneously in the United States (with Business as Usual and “Down Under” respectively). At the same time, they also had a simultaneous #1 single and album in the United Kingdom. The group won the 1983 Grammy Award for Best New Artist and sold over 30 million albums worldwide. The band’s sound is distinguished by its use of woodwind and brass instruments.

Colin Hay emigrated to Australia in 1967 from Scotland with his family. In 1978, he formed a duo with Ron Strykert, which expanded with the addition of drummer Jerry Speiser and Australian progressive rock keyboard player Greg Sneddon. They formed an unnamed four-piece group that would later morph into Men at Work. The band’s first experience in the recording studio was recording the music to Riff Raff, a low-budget stage musical Sneddon had worked on. Sneddon soon left, to be replaced in late 1979 by saxophonist/flautist/keyboardist Greg Ham.

By late 1979, the group took up residence at the Cricketer’s Arms pub. Desperate for a name, they took the “Men at Work” moniker from a street sign denoting construction. Shortly thereafter, the band, who had been performing with Strykert on bass guitar, recruited bassist John Rees and the group was complete.

Please enjoy this video clip of Men At Work performing their hit single “Down Under” in 1983.


Patriots’ Day is a legal holiday observed in Massachusetts as a way to honor the NFL’s New England Patriots. What, that is not correct? What do you mean? That’s what Sarah Palin told me last week on the Boston Common. Oh, I see…

Actually, Patriots’ Day is a civic holiday commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. It is observed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and state of Maine (once part of Massachusetts), and is a public school observance day in Wisconsin. Observances and re-enactments of these first battles of the American Revolution occur annually at Lexington Green in Lexington, Massachusetts, (around 6am) and The Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts (around 9am). In the morning, a mounted reenactor with State Police escort retraces Paul Revere’s ride, calling out warnings the whole way.

Since 1969, the holiday has been observed on the third Monday in April, providing a three-day long weekend. Previously, it had been designated as April 19 in observance of the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. It is also a school holiday for the many local colleges and universities, both public and private.

The Boston Marathon is run on Patriots’ Day every year so many Bostonians know the holiday as “Marathon Monday”. Maine’s oldest road race, the Boys and Girls Clubs Patriots’ Day 5-Miler, is held in Portland.

The Boston Red Sox have traditionally been scheduled to play at home in Fenway Park on Patriots’ Day every year since 1959. They were postponed due to bad weather in 1959, 1961, 1965, 1967, and 1984 and did not play in 1995 during the players’ strike. Since 1968 the games have started early in the morning around 11:00 AM. The early start to these games usually resulted in the game ending just as the marathon is heading through Kenmore Square. However, since 2007 the marathon has started between 9:30 AM and 10:00 AM, resulting in the racers going through Kenmore towards the middle of the Red Sox game.

In honor of Patriots’ Day, Lynnrockets is taking a holiday today. In the meantime, please enjoy this Sarah Palin song parody.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the song parody.

I Left My Heart In San Francisco song link:


(sung to the Tony Bennett song “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”)

The loneliness of Juneau seems somehow sadly grey
The glory that was D.C. is of another day
I’m terribly alone and forgotten in Manhattan
I’m longing for my favorite city in A-K

I left my heart back in Wasilla
Convenience stores
and strip malls too
It’s where methamphetamines
are the drug of choice of the teens
You can hunt wolves from in the air,
I bagged a pair

My love waits there in old Wasilla
Todd the First Dude
and snow-machine
When I come home to you,
old Wasilla
Will you accept me
as your queen?


Kansas is an American rock band which became popular in the 1970s, with hit singles such as “Carry On Wayward Son” and “Dust in the Wind”. They have remained a classic rock radio staple and a popular touring act in North America and Europe.

The debut album, Kansas (#174), which was released in March 1974, showcased Kansas’ signature mix of guitars, keyboards, vocals, and Steinhardt’s violin style, which merged American-style boogie-rock with complex, symphonic arrangements and changing time signatures. Their sound bore the marks of late-1960s, early 1970s progressive rock, such as Genesis and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Promotion by Don Kirshner and touring behind the debut album and its two follow ups, Song for America (#57) and Masque (#70), increased awareness of Kansas.

On the strength of their 1977 hit single “Carry On Wayward Son” (#11) the band’s fourth album, Leftoverture (#5), released in October 1976, on which Steinhardt added viola and Walsh added vibraphone to their work, was a hit which garnered a lot of airplay on the burgeoning AOR radio format. “Carry On Wayward Son” was the closing song to the 1977 movie Heroes, featuring Henry Winkler and Sally Field. The follow up Point of Know Return (#4), released in October 1977, featured the title track (#28) and “Dust in the Wind” (#6), both hit singles.

Both albums had unique album covers, with Point of Know Return depicting a ship teetering over the edge of the world. Both albums have sold over 4 million copies in the U.S. alone. Both “Carry On Wayward Son” and “Dust In The Wind” were certified Gold singles, selling over one million units each.

During this period, Kansas became a major headlining act for several years, selling out the largest venues available to rock bands at the time (e.g., New York City’s Madison Square Garden). The band documented this era with its first live recording, 1978’s double live album Two For The Show, a snapshot of various performances from the 1977 and 1978 tours supporting Point Of Know Return. The band gained a solid reputation for faithful live reproduction of complex studio albums without the aid of additional musicians or MIDI sequencing computers.

Kansas self-produced their follow-up to Point Of Know Return. The 1979 album Monolith (#10) featured lyrics influenced by The Urantia Book and Native American themes. “Kansas” itself is a toponym derived from the Kansa tribe, whose name is widely believed to mean “People Of The South Wind.” The starkly expressive album cover depicts Plains Indians in traditional dress and space suit helmets living in a settlement under the ruins of highway overpasses. While the album produced a Top 40 single in “People of the South Wind” (#23), both the band and the label were disappointed in Monolith’s failure to produce sales or radio airplay close to its two predecessors. Nevertheless, the album went Platinum and the Platinum record hangs in the Kansas State Historical Society.

Kansas’ band members began to drift apart in the early 1980s. Kerry Livgren became a born-again Christian, and this was reflected in his lyrics on the next three albums, beginning with Audio-Visions (#26), and especially on the Top 40 single (“Hold On”) released from that album. Dave Hope soon converted to Christianity as well. Walsh left in October 1981 to form a new band, Streets. In early 1982 Walsh was replaced by vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist John Elefante, also a born-again Christian, who along with his brother Dino, later became known for producing albums for Christian rock bands including Sweet Comfort Band, Petra, Bride, Rick Cua, and Guardian.

Please enjoy this video clip of Kansas performing “Carry On Wayward Son” in 1976…

Sunday Morning Coffee (or Tea) – 33

Just a few noteworthy news satelites that have been careening around the blogosphere this week.

BREAKING NEWS:  This week’s episode of “Rush To Judgment” features conservative radio comedian Rush Limbaugh. He blamed the labor union for failing to fight for protections for the 29 miners that were killed when Massey Energy’s mine in Montcoal, WV exploded under unsafe conditions. That mine’s owners had been sited for some 50 safety violations during the month prior to the tragedy. Limbaugh said,

Was there no union responsibility for improving mine safety? Where was the union here? Where was the union? The union is generally holding these companies up demanding all kinds of safety. Why were these miners continuing to work in what apparently was an unsafe atmosphere?

Umm, Rush, this was a non-union mine. When the employees tried to unionize, they were threatened with losing their jobs! But don’t let the facts get in the way. Limbaugh also announced that more than 30,000 people attended the Tea-Party rally on Boston Common when no other estimates exceeded 5000.

THIS JUST IN:  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts announced this week that it will penalize large national banks that do not lower credit card interest rates for consumers. The Washington Post reports, “State Treasurer Timothy Cahill said the state has removed Bank of America, Citi and Wells Fargo from a list of institutions approved for new state investments. Massachusetts, which is the only state to make such a move, is also beginning to divest $243 million in funds held at those banks, though the process could take up to six months.” Massachusetts’ action, “has reignited advocacy groups that support creating a national usury law after a 1978 Supreme Court decision found that interest rate caps could apply only to state-chartered lenders. As a result, many banks moved their headquarters to states with looser usury laws, such as Delaware, allowing them to bypass limits set in other states.” Massachusetts law caps interest rates at 18 percent. “Last week, state officials met with officials from Bank of America, where Massachusetts has $231 million in investments, to request that it meet that cap for state residents. When the bank declined, Cahill said, his office decided it would shift the funds into other accounts. Massachusetts also has $9 million invested with Citi and $3 million with Wells Fargo.” Good for you, Massachusetts.

BREAKING NEWS:  This week’s edition of “They’re So Crazy They’re Dangerous” features the Oklahoma Tea Party leaders who are petitioning state legislators to create, “a new volunteer militia to help defend against what they believe are improper federal infringements on state sovereignty.” You read that correctly, the Tea-Baggers want to legally arm themselves to fight a war against the United States’ Military. I thought the Tea-Baggers honored the troops. Guess not. Who knew?

THIS JUST IN: reports, “A New York Times poll has revealed that a majority of ‘Tea Party supporters’ named Fox News as the television network they ‘watch most for information about politics and current events.’ It should come as little surprise then that the tea party supporters polled also held positions that reflect misinformation pushed by Fox News on a variety of topics including socialism and the federal budget deficit.”

BREAKING NEWS:  This week’s edition of “It Is Great To Be Patriotic” features Republican Senator, moonbat crazy Michele Bachmann (Turner Overdrive), who said on a radio talk show this week, “We’re, we’re, we’re hoping that President Obama’s policies don’t succeed.”

THIS JUST IN: This week’s edition of “He Must Have Forgotten To Take His Medication” features Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch who surprisingly demanded that television host Sean Hannity return immediately from a planned appearance on behalf of the Tea-Party because Fox News should not be supporting the movement. Murdoch said, “I don’t think we should be supporting the Tea Party or any other party.” Well then, what will they have left to talk about? Our guess is that Fox may finally have realized that the Tea-Party support may reflect badly on the network’s ratings.

BREAKING NEWS:  This week’s edition of “I Simply Cannot Stop Lying” features Fox News host Bill O”Reilly. He denied Republican Senator Tom Coburn’s charge that Fox News hosts have suggested that citizens could be thrown in jail if they do not buy health insurance after passage of the new health reform law. Let’s check the video…

Please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the song parody.

The Who’s Baba O’Reilly (Teenage Wasteland) song link:


(sung to The Who song “Baba O’Reilly [Teenage Wasteand])

Out here on the air
Unbalanced, not fair
I earn my pay with all my fibbing
My show really bites
Just watch tonight
I’ll be on your television

Don’t cry
Don’t hide your eyes
It’s only Bill-O’s Wasteland

Coulter, take my hand
We’re in Fox News Land
We all are liars
“Pinheads” on our shoulders
The Exorcist is here
He’ll drive out all the queers
Dressed all in leather
They could not get much bolder

Bill-O’s Wasteland
It’s only Bill-O’s Wasteland
Bill-O’s Wasteland
It’s only Bill-O’s Wasteland
They’re all wasted

(classic Who musical harmonica fade-out)


Jon Butcher is an American rock, blues song writer, guitarist & freelance multimedia producer. He attended Grahm Junior College in Boston, Massachusetts for Broadcast Journalism and it was there that his professional music career began in earnest.

Many people have made comparisons between Jon Butcher and Jimi Hendrix particularly in the early stages of Jon’s career; however those comparisons were ultimately short-lived. Some of Jon’s influences are Richie Havens, John Lennon, Phil Lynott, Bob Dylan and Taj Mahal. While Butcher maintains humility in regards to Jimi Hendrix comparisons, he emphasizes they may be superficial. “Being black and playing a Stratocaster created certain inevitable comparisons, particularly in the early days”, remembers Jon.

During the middle to late 1970s, Jon Butcher toured the Northeast U.S. with the Boston based band, Johanna Wild. The band generated a large following during its tenure. Their early success was due to promotional practices such as self promotion, self marketing and self management. The most successful Johanna Wild lineup was: Jeff Linscot [guitar], Derek Blevins [drums], Troy Douglas Sutler III [bass], and Jon Butcher [guitar and vocals]. Their most popular song, “Suzanne” attained regular airplay at local radio stations like WBCN. Johanna Wild’s chemistry influenced much of the Boston music scene of the 1970s.

Relentless touring and strong fan support for Johanna Wild afforded Jon Butcher quick media attention through the then blossoming cable TV networks MTV and radio medias, particularly the influential radio station WBCN in Boston, MA. With the radio promotion of supporters such as WBCN radio personalities Mark Parenteau, Oedipus and Carter Alan, Jon Butcher became a Boston music staple, and in the early 1980s he created Jon Butcher Axis with Chris Martin (bass) and former Johanna Wild drummer Derek Blevins. Jon Butcher Axis performed throughout New England including Uncle Sam’s, the infamous The Rathskeller, The Paradise Theater and many others. The timing and apparent surge in popularity afforded Jon Butcher Axis’ next opportunity through Peter Wolf, lead singer of The J. Geils Band.

Jon Butcher Axis was invited to tour with Boston’s already world famous J. Geils Band through Peter Wolf for their 1982 Freeze Frame American tour, culminating in 3 sold out night shows at The Boston Garden. It was the experience of performing in the Freeze Frame tour that led to Jon Butcher Axis first international record deal with Polygram Records. This began a recording and touring career which saw the release of Jon Butcher Axis “Stare At the Sun”. Both of the Polygram records were produced by Robert Plant producer Pat Moran.

Please enjoy this music video of Jon Butcher Axis playing their 1987 hit “Holy War.”