Scott Brown Bags The Tea Party And Sarah Palin

The newly elected nudist US Senator from Massachusetts has just placed himself clearly within the rifle sights of Sarah Palin and the Tea-Baggers. Scott Brown, the former poster child for the Tea Party movement has just cut all ties with the crazy wingnuts and their de-facto leader, Sarah Palin. While appearing on the “Today” show on NBC this morning, the clothing challenged Brown announced to the nation that he will not seek the Republican nomination for President in 2012 and that he will not endorse Sarah Palin or any other Tea Party candidate.

When asked by host Jamie Gangel if he would support former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin in a run for the White House, Brown politely responded “Well, I’m going to support Governor Romney”. Take that, Palin and the Tea-Partiers! Brown has just let you know in no uncertain terms that he no longer needs or wants your support.

Palin and the Tea-Baggers were largely responsible for Brown’s surprise election victory over Democrat Martha Coakley last January and there was lots of talk of a Palin/Brown ticket in 2012. But Brown then dissed the Tea-Baggers last week when he failed to attend their disaster of a rally on Boston Common. Now Brown has thrown salt in the wound by supporting the former Massachusetts Governor that signed into law the health care reform plan upon which our new national plan is modeled and which the Tea-Baggers and Palin despise. To add insult to injury moreover, Brown’s announcement comes just days after polling has revealed that New Hampshire Republicans favor Romney over Palin by 26 percentage points.

What sort of revenge will Palin and the Tea-Baggers seek? Will they label Brown a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only)? Will they field a Tea Party candidate to run against him in his 2012 re-election bid? Will they fill his Senate email box with racist, homophobic messages ala California state senator Leland Lee? Maybe they will just take their collective balls and go home.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

I’ve Just Seen A Face song link:


(sung to the Beatles song “I’ve Just Seen A Face”)

I’ve just seen her face,
I can’t forget the time or place
I’ll make a bet, she’s trolling for a fee
Palin wants all the world to see her jet
Na na na na na na

Unemployed and without pay
She lives her life the Palin way
With winking eyes and beehive hair
She’s an Alaskan “Mama Bear” alright !
Na na na na na na

Falling, yes Sarah’s falling
And she’s appalling to sober men

Sitting on her throne
With her intelligence on loan
The G.O.P. thinks she is out of sight
Their other girls were never quite like this
Na na na na na na

Crawling, an insect crawling
And she’s appalling to sober men

(musical interlude)

Falling, yes Sarah’s falling
And she’s appalling to sober men

I’ve just seen her face
To folks like me it’s a disgrace
And better yet, I want the world to see
There is no place for Sarah P., you bet
Na na na na na na

Crawling, an insect crawling
And she’s appalling to sober men

Falling, yes Sarah’s falling
And she’s appalling to sober men

Oh, falling, yes Sarah’s falling
And she’s appalling to sober men

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  1. I don’t think Palin and the Teabaggers were at all instrumental in the loss of Ted Kennedy’s seat. The Democratic nominee thought she could skate in there and win just on the D after her name. She pissed off a lot of people and was so ineffective at campaigning towards the end, it isn’t a wonder she lost.
    Brown got outside money, yes very true, and he used it to run a very effective campaign against a lazy person.

  2. When I saw this news, I was hoping you’d address this topic.

    “Sitting on her throne
    With her intelligence on loan”

    I know it’s part of making this song parody work, but really…what intelligence?

  3. TINO

    Poor Teabaggers! The GOP is eternally taking advantage of them. Some things never change! They’ll have no alternative but to vote for a guy who pocketed a lot more of the Bush tax cuts than any of them! Romney will let them keep their guns, though. And be very touched at their worrying about deficits. Really!

    Hey! They knew Brown was a politician. Things change!

  4. You can save that Poor TEA Bagger crap for liberals stupid enough to believe it. We are TEA party participants. TEA Bagging is what you do with your ex-cell-mate whenever you have a reunion.

    Palin is much smarter than Obama, Biden, and Pelosi put together:

    Just try defending these stupid remarks by your laughable leaders:

  5. A guy named “Mitt” will never become president and Scott Brown should go back to nude modeling.

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