Sarah “Failin'” Palin Loses to Mitt”Wit” Romney

Sarah Palin and her Tea-Bagger supporters just received a stern spanking from the citizens of New Hampshire. The good people of the Granite State have not allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the brain-dead Palin and Co. A firm known as Public Policy Polling recently polled New Hampshire residents on the question of who they would vote for as the 2012 Republican candidate for president. Palin was not pleased with the results.

New Hampshire residents chose Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts with 39% of those polled. Sarah Palin finished second but trailed Romney by a whopping 26 points. To put it bluntly, Palin was not even in the race. Trailing even Palin were Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

Rumor has it the New Hampshire residents turned against Palin when Romney released this video:

Palin was publicly dissed by the New Hampshirites. Now we must wait for the expected return volley from the upset Tea-Baggers. Will they send racist emails and voicemails to the state capital ala California state senator Leland Lee? Will they declare war on New Hampshire or demand that it secede from the union? Will they somehow blame Romney for his own popularity? Stay tuned.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

People Are Strange song link:


(sung to the Doors song “People Are Strange”)

Palin is strange, no one is stranger
Race baiting ugly, if it be known
Woman that’s wicked, children unwanted
Soon she’ll be leavin’ Wasilla town

Palin’s strange
Stranger than ol’ John McCain
Yes, she’s strange
She can’t remember her name
Palin’s strange
She’s deranged
Palin’s strange

Bear’s in her range, so it’s in danger
She’s lookin’ hungry, it’s all alone
Woman that’s wicked, mind that is haunted
She’ll shoot it even when it’s down

Palin’s strange
Too dumb to come out of the rain
Yes, she’s strange
Just go and ask John McCain
Palin’s strange
She’s deranged
Palin’s strange

Uptight, yeah!

Palin’s strange
Cheating supporters for gain
She’ll not change
They go on chanting her name
They’re deranged
Palin’s strange
Palin’s strange


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  1. Mittwit Romney and his magic underwear beat Little Shop of Horrors failed, half-term governor of a state with roughly the population of Boston? What is this world coming to?

    Oh, to its senses.

    Even if he wins in NH, I feel much better now.

    Clip of her biggest “hits” was great, as was the song.

  2. Yeah…isn’t it great to have her a part of our HISTORY.

  3. Do you see her there, supporting the bailout, glancing down at her cheat sheet?

  4. Who moved the cheese?

    Country Club Republicans never intended for a repeat of the McCain debacle. Of course, the grifter could make a quick buck as the standard bearer for gun toting teabaggers and gay hating church goers. If she talked up tax cuts for the rich, and threw the neocons a bone with the odd mention of war with Iran, all the better!

    Nobody imagined that the craven, money hungry hillbilly might set off a wingnut rebellion!

  5. The more I listen to Sarah Palin the more I become confused and the more I am convinced that she has absolutely no idea of what she is talking about.

    Check out my blog and how one conservative criticized her and the Tea Baggers turned on him. They like her just for her looks.

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