Sarah Palin Proves Beyond Reasonable Doubt That She Has No Brain

Sarah Palin was a featured propagandist at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) in New Orleans yesterday. Her speech, as usual, contained no real policy content or reasoned thinking. Rather, she just blathered on with her standard assortment of tired clichés and faux “folksy” slogans. Highlights of her speech were when she said, “hopey changey”, “repeal and replace” and “don’t retreat; reload”. Most interesting however, was when Palin showed the rag-tag assortment of Tea-Baggers and Republican politicians that she has no short term memory or grasp of history. reports, “Referring to Obama’s recent energy speech, Palin quipped, ‘Anything sounds good when you say it in front of a fighter jet!’ She added that the next step for the administration is to get ‘Joe Biden in a flight suit.'”

Does Palin have no recollection of George W. Bush, his flight suit and “Mission Accomplished”? Does she realize how foolish she sounds to the average person when she so casually avoids recent history? Of course not. Sarah Palin is simply a poorly educated, politically ineffective reality television host. She is no different than Jesse James, Dog The Bounty Hunter or Jon and Kate. Isn’t that 15 minutes over yet?

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Go Away Little Girl song link:


(sung to the Steve Lawrence song “Go Away Little Girl)

Go away, Sarah girl
Go away, Sarah girl
We’ve had enough of you and the First Dude
You quit because of the heat
On Twitter now you can tweet
We’ve moved on to someone else
We’re all done with you

Oh, go away, Palin girl
Go away, Palin girl
Don’t think for even one minute that you can stay
Please fulfill our biggest wish
“Go with the flow like dead fish”
So, go away, Palin girl, and leave as soon as today

Go away

Make our day

That smile now is a pout

There’ll be no more hissy fits
Let’s have one last goodbye kiss
So, go away, Sarah girl
Call it a day, Sarah girl
Oh, please, go away, Sarah girl
And make it a happy day

Go away


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  1. Nice work on the song. You have much more patience than I do–I wanted her to go away months ago.

  2. Great song Lynn! So glad I stopped by.
    Hope your well….

  3. Playing to your audience

    As a “performer”, Palin is embarrassingly amateurish: she would never cut it on Comedy Central (Pox’s main competitor on cable). What excites the rabble is the outlandish sight of an adult-a grandmother-daring to go through with the snarky, high school “mean girl” routine.

    We could forgive the pea-brained hillbilly for not recalling the sordid spectacle of “The Decider” prancing around like a ten year old GI Joe on Halloween-she obviously didn’t follow current events at the time!

  4. Hers has been the most painful 15 minutes ever, hasn’t it? I try to remember to laugh, but I am blown away by the people who follow her blindly. I caught clips of her screech in New Orleans, of course not using an evil teleprompter she constantly had to look down at her notes and had that same awkward cadence and out-of-breath speech pattern as when she gave her I quit speech in AK. Set the DVRs for SNL tonight – Tina Fey is hosting!

  5. “They had to go all the way to Alaska . . .
    to find the one fucking idiot who could make George W. Bush sound like William F. Buckley.”


    Comment on another blog that I thought you all might appreciate given today’s topic.

  6. If the GOP and the pundits at Fixed News are so worried about the fallacies of the Obama administration, why didn’t they, or still report on the fallacies of the Bush administration? Much of which caused the world in which we are in today.

    Did they ever put George W. Bush to the coals when he lied about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? No. Did they ever criticise him over the long neglected conflict in Afghanistan? No. Did they ever report on Project for a New American Century, a neoconservative think tank comprised mostly of Bush administation insiders, PNAC called for the westernization and militarization of the Middle East. No.

    Did they ever hit hard that the Bush administation had come up with military excercises describing the very events of 9/11? Or that Bush didn’t want the 9/11 commission, and when we finally got it, it recieved poor funding, and was led by Bush insiders? No. You cannot rely on corporate media to be impartial.

    Bush’s Mission Accomplished was pretty much saying, “ha, ha. We fooled you, and you can’t touch us.”

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