Sarah Palin Is A “Quit-Wit”

Anyone know Sarah Palin’s favorite sporting event? Why, the Iquitarod, of course.

The “Queen of Quit” has done it again. First, Sarah Palin quit four different safety-school colleges before finally obtaining a less than stellar Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Idaho. Thereafter, she quit her position as Chairperson of the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. That of course, was followed by her quitting as Governor of Alaska last July after barely serving half of her first elected term. Now she has quit as a donor and speaker for the Republican National Committee (RNC).

After it was revealed last week that the RNC paid for some ribald revelry at a lesbian/bondage/strip-club, Palin reasoned that it would not be good for her fabricated brand as a “family values – hockey mom” to be associated any longer with that group of neanderthals. Consequently, she demanded that her name be removed from a list of invited speakers at an RNC event in New Orleans. She also publicly announced that she would no longer donate or help to raise funds for the group.

Palin’s disassociation with the RNC for those stated reasons is a bit puzzling, however. She continues to campaign on behalf of her former ticket-mate John McCain even though it has been widely published that he once refereed to his wife as the “C” word in public. She also campaigned for and continues to support Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown despite the fact that he posed nude for a centerfold spread after she criticized her once-and-future son-in-law, Levi Johnston for participating in “porn” when he did the same. Wasn’t she also in favor of young daughter Bristol’s association with the Candies company despite its lurid and sexually charged advertising campaigns? Finally, she continues to court and support the Tea-Baggers and their violent and racist behavior towards Democrats. Sarah palin sure has some mixed up values.

In honor of the troops, please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

You’re So Vain song link:


(sung to the Carly Simon song, “You’re So Vain”)

You’re in the G.O.P. party
You think of yourself as a big shot
Your rimless glasses in front of your two eyes
Your shoes are a polka dot
You’re a fashion disaster, like
A whore in the parking lot
And John McCain dreamed that he’d be your partner
He’d be your partner, but

You’re so lame
You probably thought you’d win the election
You’re to blame
For causing massive voter rejection
Yes you. Yes you.

You hurried back to Alaska
Where you were still known as the Guv
You showed your disdain for the Legislature
You thought you could push and shove
But they taught you a thing or two
When they shot down Wayne Ross
Now there’s your problem with mass ethics complaints
Mass ethics complaints, and

You’re so lame
You’ll never win another election
You’re to blame
For Bristol’s failure to use protection

Now there’s your problem with mass ethics complaints
Mass ethics complaints, and

You’re so lame
You’ll never win another election
You’re to blame
For Bristol’s failure to use protection
Yes you. Yes you.

Well, I hear you flew down to NYC
And took little Bristol along
You need to mend some fences with the G.O.P.
While Bristol sings her abstinence song
With the Fox News folks you’ll wine and dine
And take a photo or two
Then you’ll return to Alaska as a disaster
As a disaster, and

You’re so lame
You’ll never win another election
You’re to blame
For Bristol’s failure to use protection
Yes you. Yes you.


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  1. Girls gone wild

    The grifter owes the RNC, but is this really the time to remind everybody of her “Bonnie and Clyde” campaign shopping spree?

    What about the kinky, shiny black leather hooker boots she charged to the RNC “turn out the vote” expense account? Does Nordstroms really sell that kind of stuff? Did the RNC really want them back?

    Silk underpants for the hillbilly husband? That’s more disgusting than anything that went on at the lesbian-bondage night club!

  2. BigPete,
    You have a point about asking for the RNC clothes back. It would be funny if the RNC presented her with a very public bill for the clothes so they can reimburse their fund since she’s written the RNC off.

    It’s more likely she doesn’t want anything to do with Steele than any of her bogus “family values.”

    I’m waiting for her sex tape to surface, and that’s probably what a lot of other people are waiting for, also, too.

    • Real Americans want tax cuts for the rich!

      • Evidently, the Republicans like their dominatrix and bondage types. Plus some like diapers and hookers.

        If there were ever a reason not to repeal the estate tax, her drug-and-alcohol abusing-law-breaking-hillbilly grifting family would be it.

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