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Romney Debuts “The Mittwit Two-Step” On Dancing With The Stars

Two Mitt Romney supporters.

There is an old saying about the weather in New England; “If you don’t like it today, stick around because it will change tomorrow”. They same can be said about former Massachusetts Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. If you do not like his position on a particular issue today, stick around because he will change his position tomorrow. He is, without doubt, the biggest flip-flopper in politics.

While running for the US Senate against Ted Kennedy in 1994 (by the way, Romney got shellacked) and later while running for Governor of Massachusetts, the Mittwit was firmly pro-choice. While running for President in 2008 however, he claimed that he has always been pro-life. While Governor of Massachusetts, Romney signed strict gun control legislation into law. Later, while running for President, he actually became a member of the NRA and said he has always believed in the sanctity of the right to bear arms. Most recently, he has railed against the newly enacted health care reform law despite the fact that while Governor of Massachusetts, he signed into law the Commonwealth’s far more left leaning health reform law. Mittwit Romney is truly a Flipper.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more singing along with today’s topical, song parody. Please enjoy!

Flipper theme song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH48uuofr60


(sung to the TV theme of “Flipper)

They call him Flip-Mitt, Flip-Mitt, his change of mind, frightening,
That Mitt Romney;  No veracity,
And we know Flip-Mitt, just loves to steal his own thunder,
Mind gone asunder; flip-flop does he!

Everyone knows, dear ol’ Mitt Romney
Changes his mind oh, so frequently,
Changes his views to impress his peers,
Says anything to induce cheers

They call him Flip-Mitt, Flip-Mitt, in need of enlightening,
No one you see, is impressed with he,
And we know Flip-Mitt and his cronies must all wonder,
Just how he blunders effortlessly.