Mittwit Romney Has No “Big Love” For Health Care Law

Former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been absent from the news cycle for quite awhile. The ex-Massachusetts governor has been losing airtime to other G.O.P.ers such as Sarah Palin, John Cornyn, Newt Gingrich and even the newly elected nudist, Scott Brown. This does not sit well with the “Mittwit” however, because he continues to harbor hopes of capturing the 2012 Republican nomination. Consequently, Romney propelled himself back into the public eye this Monday when he brashly announced that he supports the repeal of the newly enacted health care reform law. He called the law, “An unconscionable abuse of power,” and also said that President Obama, “has betrayed his oath to the nation.”

Them sure sounds like fightin’ words, but might Romney have picked the wrong issue upon which to wage war with the Democrats? Inasmuch as Romney has had problems in the past defending himself against allegations that he flip-flops on the issues, it would appear that the subject of health care reform is something that he would shy away from. His history of changing positions on the subject is not something he should boast about.

Progressive Democrats of America summed things up nicely when they said:

When it comes to healthcare, his hypocrisy is particularly galling. Romney is actually the only governor in American history ever to impose an individual health insurance mandate on his citizens. And an individual mandate, of course, is at the heart of Obama’s reform package. Nor is the mandate the only common ground between RomneyCare and ObamaCare; the Massachusetts plan that Romney signed into law in 2006 is essentially the blueprint for Obama’s plan. Both rely on the same basic formula: a requirement that everyone purchase insurance and government assistance for those who can’t afford it.

So, as the saying goes, Romney actually had “Big Love” for Obamacare before he was against it. It is also interesting to note that way back four years ago when Romney signed  Massachusetts health care reform into law, the Republican Party as a whole was congratulating itself on the accomplishment. They prided themselves on the fact that they “stole the thunder” from the Democrats. Oh what a difference a few short years can make.

What do you say if we take a look at some of Mittwit Romney’s other famous flip-flops which were captured on video?

That was amusing, but wouldn’t it be even more fun hearing some of this stuff right from the horse’s mouth? Well, simply ask and you shall receive…

Now let’s watch Mittwit unsuccessfully try to defend his flip-flops while being interviewed on 60 Minutes.

Honestly, who in their right mind would give any credence to anything Mitt Romney says, let alone vote for him in a Presidential election? In many regards, Romney is simply a better educated, more sophisticated and better cultured Sarah Palin. In other words, Romney, like Palin, is simply unqualified and not firm in his convictions enough to be President.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody. Please enjoy!

The Great Pretender song link:


(sung to The Platters song “The Great Pretender”)

Oh yes, Mitt’s the great pretender
Pretending that he is so swell
His needs are such; he pretends too much
The truth he simply cannot tell

Oh yes, Mitt’s the great pretender
Romney’s true beliefs are unknown
Mitt plays the game; flip-flops without shame
With no firm beliefs of his own

He was pro-choice he had us all believe
But when he faced strife, he switched up to pro-life

Oh yes, Mitt’s the great pretender
His opinion changes by town
Mitt claims to be what he’s not; you see
He wears his deceit like a crown
Romney is a flip-flopping clown

In Mass., health reform was what he achieved
He now says he feels health reform needs repeal

Yes, Mitt’s the great pretender
Just switching positions around
Ol’ Mitt Romney is not what you see
He wears his deceit like a crown
Romney is a flip-flopping clown


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  1. Good work on the song.

    Everything I needed to know about Mitt Romney, I learned from his torturing of the family dog. How people treat animals says a lot about their character. Or in this case, the lack of it.

  2. Lonesome loser

    The President was very generous, thoughtful, and inclusive to credit the insincere game show host as the “inspiration” for HCR. Hey, we’re all in this together!

  3. It’s a wonder he isn’t in a neck brace from whiplash. Have any of these guys figured out that what they say and do are RECORDED these days and how easy it is to find speeches, commentary and such on the internets using the google?

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