His Irish Eyes Are Now Smiling

Ted Kennedy's dream has been realized with the passage of Health Care Reform

America wins! Last night’s historic passage of health care reform legislation was the largest social program to become law in the last forty years. Many of the health insurance industry’s greatest anti-consumer transgressions will now be curtailed. The pre-existing condition disqualification? Gone! The cap on benefits to premium paying consumers? Gone! The Medicare doughnut hole? Gone! Although the bill was not as comprehensive as most of us would have liked, it is nonetheless, a giant step toward  the ultimate goal of a single payer program. Furthermore, the Republicans have nothing to complain about. After all, wasn’t it their idea that health care reform legislation proceed incrementally? Well, we are now proceeding incrementally towards a public option and then single payer.

It is a bit sad that Ted Kennedy, the longtime champion of health care reform, did not live long enough to savor his victory. We can all be sure however, that wherever he may be, he is smiling and content. His dream has been realized. For those of us from Massachusetts, today is a day when we have exacted a little revenge against the Tea-Baggers and their centerfold child Scott Brown. When the Tea Party’s out of state money helped the nudist Republican capture Ted Kennedy’s vacant senate seat, he gloated that he would “not be the 60th vote for health care reform”, but “the 41st vote” against its passage. Unfortunately for Brown and the Tea-Baggers, his election galvanized the Democrats and he never even had an opportunity to cast a vote on the subject. In short, Brown had no effect and his election was a wake up call to the Democrats to fight even harder. As George W. Bush would say, “You’ve done a heck of a job, Brownie!”

The next interesting step will be the vote on the reconciliation package that will take place in the Senate this week. The reconciliation bill removes much of the pork that was included in the original Senate bill. Senate President Harry Reid has assured members of the House and the American people that he has the fifty votes (Vice President Joe Biden being the 51st) necessary to pass the reconciliation. Indeed, he can lose up to nine Democratic votes from the original bill and still succeed. The clothing challenged Scott Brown’s 41st vote will once again be of no consequence.

It should be particularly amusing to watch how the Republican senators vote on the reconciliation bill that will remove pork. If Republicans oppose reconciliation, the Democrats can campaign against them on the issue of their support for pork. If Republicans vote in favor of reconciliation so as to remove the pork, Democrats can campaign on the issue that Republicans ignored their base by means of voting in favor of health care reform. Oh, what a wicked web has been weaved! Can Tea-Baggers spell “dilemma”? Who cares? That is their problem.

Today, we can celebrate!

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Good Day Sunshine song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qelpxf2cGu8


(sung to the Beatles song “Good Day Sunshine”)

Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare

It’s fun to laugh when Republicans pout
We’ve got something we can laugh about
We feel good, in a special way
Health care’s here and now we’ve had our way

Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare

Go take a walk, you nudist Scottie Brown
Obstruction has been shot right down

Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare

Palin lied, and got caught didn’t she?
Death Panels were a fallacy
It feels good to watch Beck cry and whine
Let’s watch his ratings as they decline

Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare
Good day healthcare

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  1. Thank goodness the day has finally arrived for this. Senator Kennedy fought so long and so hard for this, that it is fitting that his successor’s election galvanized people to get this done. I’m glad Nancy Pelosi pushed to proceed instead of shrinking the bill down, as some people wanted this scaled back. Dems need to keep their newly found stiffened spines.

    You’ve outlined the Republican dilemma well. This next election will be fun to watch. It’s funny how the nomination of $P as VP galvanized the other side and the election of Scott Brown galvanized people to fight for this.

  2. The longest journey starts with the first step

    It will now be harder for Republicans to lie about the “prohibitively expensive communist extermination of babies and grannies”, but just to be on the safe side, the Obama administration has planned a public relations campaign to turn around the image of the health care bill: we shouldn’t underestimate the gullibility of the average voter!

    Hopefully, we’ll make it through reconciliation without too much grandstanding by the preening Lieberman and the self-aggrandizing Brown#41.

  3. Very soon HCR will become the law of the land. Millions will begin to receive health care. Will a Republican run on a platform to repeal HCR, in essence, saying “vote for me and I’ll take away your health care?” Now that’s a dilemma.

    Also, I do not believe Stupak was grandstanding for selfish reasons. I got the feeling a lot of that was staged, and I believed he was going to vote “yes” all along. It was brilliant politics. He turned the abortion issue inside-out, upside down, and all points in between, leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind where the HCR bill stood on the issue. He was a dramatic voice for a very emotional issue, a voice that needed to be heard.

    Well done!

  4. Reverend Beck favors us with his wisdom

    “Jesus Martinez” might favor health bill, “but not the Jesus from Nazareth that I know”.


  5. great photo and lyrics…he was surely missed throughout this process. Scott Brown’s election was a wake up call that re-energized the Democrats and President Obama to get out there and beat back the Republican lies and scare tactics. It is sad that Sen Kennedy wasn’t here to see this day, I hope we see Vicki at the signing ceremony.

  6. another song for you to work with perhaps?

    ABBA’s Waterloo…. in honor of Jim Demint who proclaimed that HCR would be Obama’s waterloo…

    yup, how’s that hopey-changey thing working out? Not bad, not bad at all….

  7. God Bless Ted and all the Kennedys. I hope one of the next generation of the Kennedy family will pick up the torch and take an active role in Massachusetts politics.

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