Sarah Palin’s Saturday Boob Tube Theme Song


Not much Palin news on this lazy Saturday morning. Only Friday’s television appearances for Sarah, Bristol and Levi. They were all just fluff pieces without much substance for comment. The usual stuff. Sarah got a new hairdo. Bristol will act like a virgin until marriage and Levi will continue to defend himself in Probate Court. So, in an effort to entertain, here is another  Anti-Palin television theme song parody from the vaults. Hope you enjoy…

The Monkees link:


(sung to the theme of “The Monkees”)

Here we come,
With mukluks on our feet.
We’re headin’ down to the Johnstons’
To buy some Oxy-C.

Hey, Hey, we’re the Palins
No terrorists pallin’ around.
You betcha that we can see Russia,
When Putin flies right over our town.

We’ve all had unwed pregnancies,
Bristol, Levi, Todd and me,
We don’t care too much for Schoolin’
We’re happy with our G.E.D.’s.

Hey, Hey, we’re the Palins
We’re grindin’ turkey heads by the pound.
Our clothes from Neiman Marcus
Are now sittin’ in the Lost and Found.

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  1. Hysterically funny and kinda’ catchy. I believe I shall memorize part of that and sing it aloud in public.

  2. Finally, some good news!

    Bristol Palin (yes, with her mother right next to her) on Oprah to announce her new goal of abstaining from sex before marriage: “I’m positively, absolutely not going to have sex, and I guarantee it”.

    How did the stock market react?

  3. Hey, hey, we’re the Palins … too funny.

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