Sarah Palin: A Pox On Fox

Palin will host new Fox News game shows like "Wheel of Stupid"

Once again we must remind you that sometimes this stuff just writes itself. Only one day after she was exposed as a bewildered, ignorant liar on television’s 60 Minutes, Sarah Palin has announced that she has accepted employment with Fox News. You would have thought that this marriage would have been consummated immediately after Palin quit her last job as governor of Alaska back in July, but Fox News executives have informed us that there is a pre-condition to employment with the network. All employees must first have been exposed as complete frauds, liars or deemed stupid by at least fifty credible sources before they are qualified to work on Fox. Fortunately for Palin, the 60 Minutes segment covered all three categories and was the fiftieth qualified news source to do so. So, without further adieu, let’s give a rousing welcome to Sarah Palin.

Palin will join other celebrated Fox News liars, cowards, college drop outs and racists such as Glenn Beck (liar, college drop out and racist), Bill O’Reilly (liar, racist and sex offender) and Sean Hannity (liar, college drop out, racist and coward). The Wall Street Journal’s (which like Fox News, is owned by Australian Rupert Murdoch) reports that,

Palin, for her part, now has an opportunity to appear as an expert commentator on political and family issues. This enables her to stay in the public eye prior to the 2012 presidential election.

Yes, you read that correctly, Fox News considers the educationally and phonetically challenged half term governor with a formerly unwed pregnant teen daughter and other children that seldom attend school to be an “expert commentator on political and family issues”. They should have more accurately said an “expert commentator on grade school level political and dysfunctional family issues”. But as Fox always says, why quibble over facts?

Apparently, Palin will not be getting her own show, but in addition to appearing as a frequent guest host or contributor, reports that she could also wind up hosting an occasional series. Perhaps that will include hosting a new lineup of Fox News game shows such as Wheel of Stupid, Palin Family Feud, Career in Jeopardy, Neither Truth Nor Consequences or Lack Of Concentration. No matter what her role may evolve to be however, it is only a matter of time (and probably a very short period of time) before Sarah Palin labels Fox News as part of the elitist liberal media and then quits her newest job. Stay tuned.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Fox On The Run song link:


(sung to the Sweet song “Fox On The Run”)

Why is that network insane
No one there has a brain
So easy to abhor
Each day they add a new pretty face
But they’re losing in the gene pool race
They speak like sidewalk whores

Fox on the run
They scream and everybody starts a-running
Beck, Britt Hume and big Bill O’Reilly
Fox is on the run
F-foxy, Fox is on the run. They’ll fade away.

Koo-Koo, that is the Fox network brand
As “fair and balanced” as DisneyLand
So easy to ignore
News, that is so God damned lame
Should hide their heads in shame
And show their hosts the door

Fox on the run
They scream and everybody starts a-running
Beck, Britt Hume and big Bill O’Reilly
Fox is on the run
F-foxy, Fox is on the run. They’ll fade away.

(musical interlude)

F-foxy, Fox is on the run
They scream and think that we’re having fun
Take a run and hide yourself away
Fox is on the run
F-foxy, Fox is on the run. They’ll fade away.


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  1. Fox is a pox on media. Media Matters won’t have a chance to breathe, they’ll be so busy.

  2. She’s certain to quit. For one thing, she’s outclassed by all the Faux Babes. That alone will drive her into on-the-job poutrage.

  3. Joanie loves Chachi

    The Establishment GOP kicked the “glassy eyed” grifter to the curb in the most public way possible, so staying in the public eye chez Murdoch won’t be of much help.

    There’s plenty of chickenhawk neo-cons in the Pox galaxy of stars, but none of them are viable candidates in the real world. And God definitely doesn’t want Lieberman in the White House either!

  4. Oh, joyous day for comedians the world over! Job security has come in the form of Sarah Palin on Faux Noise, the #1 cable noise station!

  5. Website with a liberal slant? How about a psycho slant. Lynnrockets you have serious issues.

  6. Perfect! You’re now one of our Watering Holes!

  7. I love it when people call me psycho! It means I’m getting to them!

  8. Lynn

    Your followers may like these predictions and comments

    “The Transparency of Sarah Palin” .. 20th Nov 2009

    “A Cunning Fox Snares Palin The Job Hunter” .. 12 Jan 2010

    You have fine site and a devilish sense of humour. Good on You!

    John @ Telling Thoughts

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