Sunday Morning Coffee (or Tea) – 23

Just of few noteworthy news bits and comments thereon from this past week.

BREAKING NEWS: Those sneaky Republican candidates are playing dirty tricks on their brain-dead supporters once again. This time it is Carly Fiorina the senatorial candidate from California that is being less than honest. You remember Fiorina don’t you? She was the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard that was fired as the result of nearly running the company into the ground. Having had enough with the ups and downs of the private sector, this failed corporate exec has decided to run for public office and live off of her state taxpayers’ dime. CNN reports that last week she sent a mass email which falsely indicated thereon that it was personally written and sent from Fiorina’s personal Blackberry. The smoking gun was that the e-mail also had embedded links and a campaign FEC disclaimer inside a box; both functions are not available on a BlackBerry. Does Fiorina really believe that her supporters are stupid enough to believe that she personally sends all of them emails from her personal Blackberry? Then again, if they support Fiorina they must be stupid.

THIS JUST IN: Speaking of liars, Ann Coulter was up to his old tricks again this week on the Fox network. While guesting on The Glenn Beck Show, he repeated the oft refuted lie that President Barack Obama attended madrassas as a child. This Coulter guy has got to come up with some new material if he wants to remain in the spotlight.

BREAKING NEWS: This week’s edition of “This Is News But It Is No Surprise” features the “Turd Blossom” himself, Karl Rove. It was announced on December 29th that Rove is now divorced. Really, did anybody truly believe that this triple-chinned nerd was man enough to be anyone’s husband for long?

THIS JUST IN: Nutjob right-wing radio comedian Rush Limbaugh was “rushed” to Queen’s Medical Center in Hawaii last Wednesday after having suffered from severe chest pains. Fill in host Walter Williams said, “the chest pains Limbaugh experienced can be an indicator of a cardiac event, but the cause of his discomfort cannot be confirmed at this time.” A cardiac event? How can an uneducated, adulterous, drug addicted, racist, Viagra chewing windbag have a cardiac event? He has no heart.

BREAKING NEWS: The Political Carnival has posted this delicious email message sent by Team Sarah to its members regarding Rush Limbaugh‘s hospitalization. Please pay close attention to the spelling and grammar. You would think that Sarah Palin penned this message herself.

A message to all members of Team Sarah


I come to you this evening with serious news about a great American who needs our prayers.

Rush Limbaigh, champion of values such as life, liberty, and the free market, was rushed to the hospital in Hawaii this evening and, according to reports, may be in “serious” condition.

Appranetly, pramedics were called when Rush complained of chest pains and he has been taken to an area hospital.

Members of Team Sarah in the Rush Limbaugh Fans for Sarah Group are following this and you can visit their group to learn more or to offer your own thoughts.

May God be with Ruish Limbaugh and his friends and family, and at this critical hour when voices such as his are refreshing and badly needed, may God be with his fans and the nation.

May Rush recover quickly,

Bill Collier
Team sarah Governace

PS we will be monitering this story and will, hopefully, be sending you and update when we learn that Rush is recovering.

Oh, Bill please, please, please send us those updates. What better way to start the new year than with a few laughs?

THIS JUST IN: CNN has published the New Year’s resolutions of many Washington insiders but former Massachusetts governor, Mitt “Mittwit” Romney’s is the best:

I need to relax more. I’m going to start by loosening my tie before I got to bed.

BREAKING NEWS:  Rush Limbaugh has been discharged from the hospital and declares that the American health care system is terrific:

Again, the treatment I received here was the best that the world has to offer. And I — I — based on what happened to me, I don’t think there’s one thing wrong with the American health care system. It’s working just fine, just dandy.

And I got nothing special. I got no treatment other than what anybody else that would have called 911 and been brought in with the same kinds of symptoms. The care was extensive, it was personal, and it was complete, and it was very confidence-inspiring. And I never once I — once I got here had any fears, because of the manner in which I was treated.

Once again however, the uneducated, adulterous, drug addicted racist has missed the point entirely. The efforts at health care reform are not directed primarily at the quality of medical services, but rather at the private insurance industry’s system of limiting coverage and delivery of those services to millions of citizens. By the way, he was silent as to what his diagnosis was or what may have prompted those chest pains. Mysteriously, a Hawaiian television station’s website has been scrubbed of the initial statement that he was taking medication for his back. What type of medication? More on this story can be found at The Political Carnival here. Enquiring minds want to know.

Mockingbird song link:


(sung to the Carly Simon/James Taylor song “Mockingbird”)

Talk (yeah) ing (yeah) turd (yeah)
Yeah (yeah)
Talking Turd

Now, everybody sure has heard
Rush Limbaugh the big fat talking turd
That loudmouth talking turd is king
Of all those racists in the right-wing
But those in the right-wing front line
Are busy planning for their next hate crime
And that’s why I keep on tellin’ everybody
Say yeah, yeah whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, oh

Hear me now and understand
Rush lives only to hate and malign
And if ratings decline someday
Limbaugh will spread hate in another way
And if that other way makes dough
He’ll ride with the tide and go with the flow
And that’s why I keep on shoutin’ in your ear
Say yeah, yeah whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, oh

(musical interlude)

Now, everyone should doubt his word
Rush Limbaugh is just a talking turd
And when that talking turd does sing
We can tell he’s just a ding-a-ling
And when that ding-a-ling just whines
Yes, Republicans will still think he shines
And there’s a reason why I keep on tellin’ everybody
Say yeah, yeah no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

Listen now and understand
Rush Limbaugh surely has lost his mind
And though he drugged his mind away
The right-wing nuts still listen everyday
Like Sarah Palin and that Plumber, Joe
He’s a dead fish that just “goes with the flow”
And that’s the reason why he keeps on spreadin’ all that fear
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, now, now, baby


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  1. I wondered how Rush could have been having a heart attack without an actual heart. Rove getting a divorce surprised me that 2 women were so desperate that they said yes to a marriage proposal from him. $P seems to have a reputation now of narrating her own acid trip. What a week!

  2. Mitt Romney must have been born wearing a tie.

    I suppose someone using a lof of pain-killers could mistake gastrointestinal problems for “cardiac” problems.

  3. If he was taking prednisone, he should have gained weight not lost it. That stuff causes water retention like almost nothing else. Everyone I have known who has taken it for pain relief or as part of their chemotherapy, has gained a lot of weight. They even cut back on calories to try and lose it to no avail. The water gain is a reaction of the body to dilute the “poison” that prednisone is to the body. Even dogs and cats gain weight from taking it.
    How he lost so much weight while taking that particular drug is beyond unreal.

  4. Raging bull

    Rich, heartless Republicans like Limbaugh and Cheney-who spend an inordinate amount of their time with doctors-just don’t get it. Our hospitals are undeniably “just dandy”; it’s just not that “patriotic” for so many Americans to die needlessly for lack of healthcare.

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