2009: For Sarah Palin, It Was A Very Bad Year

For the former ex-quitting governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, it was a very bad year. Let’s take a look at some of Caribou Barbie’s lowlights from the last twelve months:

1.)  In January and February of 2009 Sarah Palin began vocally blaming John McCain’s staff for her poor showing in televised interviews during the duo’s embarrassingly failed presidential campaign. As if the staff could have predicted that Palin would be unable to name a single book or periodical that she regularly reads;

2.)  She got into a tit-for-tat tabloid worthy feud with her grandson’s teenaged father almost immediately after Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin ended their relationship;

3.)  She got into a tit-for-tat tabloid worthy feud with television comedian David Letterman over jokes that he made about Palin and her family;

4.)  On July 3rd she abruptly and unexpectedly quit her job as governor of Alaska and in her incoherent and rambling resignation speech, she managed to disparage quitters. Remember when she said, “It would be apathetic to just sort of hunker down and go with the flow. We’re fishermen and we know that only dead fish go with the flow. And though it may be tempting and more comfortable to just kind of keep your head down and plod along and appease those that are just sort of demanding, hey just “sit down and shut up” that’s a worthless easy task out. That’s a quitter’s way out.”?  So let’s get this straight, if someone tells you to “sit down and shut up” and then you quit your job, that is “a quitter’s way out”, but if you simply unexpectedly quit the job of governor without warning or explanation, that is not “a quitters way out”? Ok then;

5.)  Later in the summer, Palin announced that she would write a memoir but that she would not be the author. It would be ghostwritten. What a means of demonstrating that linguistic acumen that she cultivated over 6 years at 5 different less than Ivy League colleges;

6.)  Did we mention “death panels” yet?

7.)  Palin’s much publicized cross-country, blue-collar bus tour of village-like hamlets to promote her book was exposed as a fraud when it was discovered that she was actually traveling on a private luxury jet at the cost of $ 4,000.00 per hour;

8.)  Her book, Going Rogue was critically panned as the result of a slew of factual inaccuracies. Members of the McCain staff called it, “a pack of lies” and “a work of fiction”. Consequently, the book’s publisher felt compelled to admit that it did not subject the tome to any fact checking. Strangest of all however, was Palin’s description therein of two threatened gang rapes of her daughters which compelled “Mama Bear” to take her children out of school, but which she never reported to school or law enforcement authorities;

9.)  She broke from the Republican Party and endorsed a third party candidate in the election for New York’s 23rd Congressional District seat. The Republican vote was thereby divided and a Democratic Party candidate won the seat for the first time since the Civil War;

10.) And finally, her “death panels” remark was deemed the “Biggest Lie of 2009” by PolitiFact.com.

Wow, will Sarah Palin ever be able to top herself in 2010?


Before we send you along to today’s song parody, Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off would like to thank all of you Rocketeers for stopping by the blog this year. Your comments and suggestions have not only been helpful in supplying subject matter for the songs, but they have also provided the incentive to carry on with this time consuming blogging experiment which started on May 13, 2009. We owe a special debt of gratitude to the folks over at The Mudflats (themudflats.net) because they not only initially suggested that we start this blog, but they also helped this technology challenged novice to get it up and running. Once again, thanks to all of you and we hope that you and your families and friends have a happy and healthy new year.

Now let’s get back to the fun!!!

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

It Was A Very Good Year song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYIvwnbbZXU


(sung to the Chad and Jeremy version of the song “It Was A Very Good Year”)

When she was seventeen
It was a very good year
It was a very good year for this small town girl
That was not too bright
With pageant queen height
A sight to be seen
When she was seventeen

When she was twenty-four
It was a not so good year
It was a not so good year for this pretty girl
She was now a pair
In maternity wear
No wedding décor
When she was twenty-four

When she was forty-five
It was a hell of a year
It was a hell of a year for this rejected girl
Who made so many scenes
And had a pregnant teen
Her future hope died
When she was forty-five

But now her days are short
Cuz it has been a very bad year
And now Sarah Palin’s life is one big whine
She’s hit the dregs
Been knocked down a few pegs
She’s the target of jeer
She’s had a very bad year.


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  1. Nice work on the song and documentation of the quitter failure governor. Too bad you didn’t use the photo of her coming off the plane to get into her bus for the campaign, I mean book tour, on Harper Collins’ $4000/ hour plane ride dime.

  2. Running on empty

    Yes, but does brainless twit realize she’s had a bad year? After the obvious “passing a kidney stone” discomfort of the quitting speech, things have gone swimmingly, even if in a dead fish kind of way.

    Palin fully understands her symbiotic relationship with the media, and as long as no one points out that she’s too lazy to embark on any election campaign, she’s “good to go”-all the way to the bank!

    • Maybe she has Mad Hatters Disease, and the mercury poisoning will be exposed in the new year by the liberal media which didn’t do a very good job debunking her death panel BS….

  3. Sarah’s bad year: a good year for the rest of us.

  4. Wow you guys really hate Palin. Any specific reasons why, or would you rather spout childish insults all day?

    Lrock, looks like you watched Olby from last night. Not sure why you believe its important to spend so much time bashing someone you feel is so not worthy or important. Can you please explain?
    Like i said before, im no big Palin supporter, but the vile nature of over the top attacks against her do nothing to advance your argument, whatever that may be.
    You do realize that a rational person can take each one of the things on your list and completely turn them around right? For ex, although it was a stupid decision, there were valid reasons she quit as gov, or the fact that others employ “ghost-writers”, or the fact that “death panels” was hyperbole that succeeded in accomplishing the right wing’s goal as those mandates were removed. not to mention they were done from Facebook which shows the power she possesses..

    My point is you seem creative and smart enough to see things more clearly, and i just dont get much of the hatred Palin gets. Trust me i wish she would go away for a while too, i just wont spend all my time nit picking everything about her.

    • Haven’t I provided you with enough specific reasons why Sarah Palin is an anathema to democracy? If not, please review the multitude of fact laden blog posts that I have authored since last May.

      My song parodies are of course “over the top” because that is the nature of parody. Do yourself a favor and look up the definition.

      As for the posts themselves, they are satirical yet they are fact based. You have admitted yourself that Palin’s quitting as governor was “a stupid decision” so, say no more about that. i also admit that others use ghostwriters but it is folly to do so without fact-checking by the publisher. Inasmuch as Palin’s tome was not fact checked, it has been reduced to the stature of fiction as the result of its numerous inaccuracies and outright falsehoods. What in God’s name was she trying to accomplish with the double-daughter gang rape description that she never bothered to report to authorities?

      The “death panels” was not hyperbole and it has been deemed by a non-partisan political fact-checker to be the “biggest lie of 2009”.

      Hence, you can now see that all of those examples are fact based and not over the top.

      As I’ve said so many times in the past on this blog, Sarah Palin is an undereducated, intellectually non-inquisitive, hate-spreading, anti-gay racist. She is a poison to reasoned political discourse and she appeals to an unfortunately large segment of society that shares her misguided values. I believe that it is every sane person’s duty to expose Sarah Palin and her followers for what they are in an effort to ensure that the policies she espouses never gain any traction in this nation. Is that clear enough for you?

  5. Hey! Happy New Year! (Almost forgot)
    And thanks for all the good work! And laughs!
    And good riddance to the Bush/Cheney decade!

  6. Happy New Year, Lynnrockets. I don’t comment here often (at all?) but I do stop in and read.

    And yes, thank you Mudflatters, for making this blog possible! I recall the initial postings in the ‘flats. Impressive, for sure. You continue to mystify and amaze.

    • Thanks Ripley. I would also like you to know that the song that you contributed to this blog some time ago still gets hits nearly every day. I can see all the stats in what I refer to as “the backroom” and your song pops up regularly. Thanks for your patronage and please do not by shy about leaving a comment every now and again. We really would like to hear from you on occasion. Happy New Year!

  7. Love the song parody! I remember the original, but wasn’t it Frank Sinatra rather than Chad and Jeremy? Well, no matter, it’s still great. I can’t argue with your posting at all, except for one thing, which has bothered me for well over a year now (since Sarah-baby exploded on stage), which is the denigration across the country of state colleges and universities, e.g., “6 years at 5 different less than Ivy League colleges.” You know, millions of us graduated from state or small private institutions, and we’ve put up as good a showing in this country as anyone from any Ivy League outfit. And then came Sarah Palin.

    Poor Idaho! They probably have as good a journalism program as any school in the country, but they have to suffer the slings and arrows of being associated with “she with no brains who nonetheless must be kow-towed to.” Bummer. Please don’t continue to pile on. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks so much for the comment. I really do not intend to insult any true and serious graduates of state colleges and universities. Indeed, a close family member has been employed by one for over twenty wonderful years.

      I do not however consider Sarah Palin to be a true and serious graduate. From all that I can discern, she never took her studies seriously enough to stay at any one school longer than for a cup of tea. Her lack of scholarly commitment seems to have persisted into adulthood what with her continued quitting.

      Additionally, I take personal offense at her continued assault upon what she calls an “elitist Ivy League” education. The Ivy League may have some faults, but the high caliber of its quality of education cannot be denied. Those schools do not produce such a great number of our nation’s leaders for no reason. There are many state run colleges and universities that offer exceptional educational opportunities but there are just as many that do not. There are no Ivy League institutions that offer anything but the best education money can buy.

      Consequently, Palin’s continued belittling of such a desirable education reveals her to be ignorant of the type of education she was either denied or incapable of achieving. It is her undereducated status of which I hope to draw attention. Conversely, I admire all of those serious graduates of the state system who prospered as a result of their scholarly achievements without denigrating the wonderful Ivy League of colleges. The Ivy League is to be admired and aspired to, not something to be shunned. Any parent that would dissuade their child from attaining an Ivy League education would be doing a disservice to said child.

      As for the University of Idaho in particular, I have no real personal knowledge as to the quality of the school itself or of its journalism program. However, I am aware of the fact that the school has recently prominently publicized Palin’s status as a graduate thereof. Such an act causes me to doubt the school’s academic credentials. I cannot understand why the school feels that it is necessary to associate itself with such an academic underachiever that only went there on a part time basis. Are there no other more committed or praiseworthy alums? Yale and Columbia do not advertise the fact that Scooter Libby is an alum.

      I hope that this clears things up without further offending you. Also, you are correct that it was Sinatra that originally sang the song. I used the Chad and Jeremy version only because it had a quicker tempo.

  8. Great job summing up Palin’s year but unfortunately, she’s probably too stupid to realize just how bad it was for her. To this day, she doesn’t think of herself as “quitting” the elected post she ran for and some idiots on the Right actually say that there’s nothing in the oath of any elected office that says you have to serve a full term. What wonderfully idiotic vindication for Sarah and she’ll probably be stupid enough to use it at some point in the future.

    Thank you for a very entertaining and informative blog. I truly appreciate the time and effort you and other bloggers put into finding the truth and revealing it to the public. May 2010 be a happy and healthy year for you!

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