Rush Limbaugh’s Holiday Death Squads

The Twelve Days of Christmas Song Parodies continues…

Rush Limbaugh and right-wing hate radio are inciting a new wave of holiday season violence this year. Bloomberg reports that the Chief Diversity Officer of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (the FCC) has received death threats resulting from on-air and website criticism by Limbaugh. The FCC officer is Mark Lloyd and Limbaugh has said that he is planning to bring back the “fairness doctrine” to broadcast media through a “backdoor route”. The doctrine, which required broadcasters to air opposing political views was rescinded in 1987. Lloyd said, “The right-wing smear campaign has been, in a word, incredible, generating hate mail and death threats.” Lloyd also said he didn’t have a count of the death threats, which  came by e-mail, letter and telephone calls. The threats were referred to FCC security workers.

In a telephone interview with Glenn Beck on Fox News Channel, Limbaugh said, “The things he’s talking about doing to shut down radio are simply un-American. It’s not enough to say that it’s not constitutional.” Of the death threats to Lloyd, Limbaugh sympathetically said, “I know that guy doesn’t get near the amount of death threats that I do.”

Lloyd maintains that Limbaugh and other right-wing pundits distort the facts and misinform their audience. He says that his plans for the FCC are to develop a national plan to increase use of high-speed Internet, which is due to be addressed by Congress in February. He went on to say, “I am not at the FCC to restore the fairness doctrine through the front door or the back door, or to carry out a secret plot funded by George Soros to get rid of Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or any other conservative talk show host.”

If Limbaugh, Beck, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Bill OReilly and Boston’s Jay Severin and Michael Graham do not temper their on-air hate filled rhetoric, they will all have blood on their hands when someone is maimed or killed by an impressionable member of their audience. That then might become exactly the impetus to re-institute the “fairness doctrine”. If that happens, the right-wing Bloviators in Chief will have nobody to blame but themselves.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s holiday song parody.

Hark The Herald Angels Sing song link:


(sung to the Amy Grant version of “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”)

Hark, the ditto-heads do sing
“Glory to Limbaugh our King!”
On the left he is reviled
Cuz he behaves like a child
On those islands where he flies
With Viagra he does rise
His tired old act is just a game
Intended to bring him fame
Hark, the ditto-heads do sing
“Glory to Limbaugh our King!”

When Rush speaks he only lies
Unlike Beck he does not cry
Rush has an expansive girth
He is shaped like planet earth
Former wives have numbered three
He prefers his Oxy-C
Right-wing drivel he does sell
From his brainless empty shell
Hark, the ditto-heads do sing
“Glory to Limbaugh our King!”

(musical interlude)

He calls his show the E.I.B.
It’s all about me, me, me
Of his fame, he often sings
While taking credit for all things
Yet, by most he is ignored
Like a little mouse that roared
With nothing beneath his dome
He emits a rabid foam
Hark, the ditto-heads do sing
“Glory to Limbaugh our King!”


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  1. Fantastic work on this song.

    (What a sick SOB he is. No amount of drugs will fix that.)

  2. Happy days

    As it becomes clear that Reagan failed dismally to restore the post-war glory days, we can expect a growth industry in the comforting (and exploiting) of malcontents who will only be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.

    As even politicians jump on the teabagger bandwagon, Limbaugh, the self-described Thomas Edison of douchebaggery, will struggle to rise above the crush of competition, and might well become the biggest (and most anachronistic) malcontent of all.

  3. Lol.. very rarely do people who hate Rush challenge the facts that are reported on his show.. They’re like little 4th graders who can only think of fat and stupid head jokes.
    And just for the record, THERE IS NO COMPETITION THAT COULD POSSIBLY CRUSH RUSH LIMBAUGH, other than the government.

    • Despite his audience he has little to no impact on the political process in the end. He railed against McCain from day one and yet he still won the nomination. His Operation Chaos backfired and Obama was elected President. Finally, his own kind decided they wanted no part of him in the brotherhood of NFL team owners. He has a big audience but no real power, sort of like Howard Stern. Then again, Stern is probably smarter inasmuch as he went to and graduated college.

      • First off, good reply..
        My reply is, his audience is more motivated than ever before. I don’t get why a man with so little power was reported on almost every day this year. My guess is, he may have had little power in the past. But from what I can see, his audience has tripled this year. Again, his audience is more motivated than ever before. It’s not necessarily Rush himself who has power. Us listeners on the other hand may have more power in the future because millions of us have been mobilizing, and plan to continue being proactive in 2010.

  4. @ h1jen1

    It is nice to have discourse with someone that argues articulately. Nevertheless I believe that you are overestimating the influence/power of both Limbaugh and his audience. To suggest that he has power because he is reported on almost every day of the year is akin to suggesting that Jon and Kate Gosselin have power because they are reported on every day of the year. Popularity does not equate with political influence.

    I also do not quite follow the argument that his listeners are more motivated to do something. Every poll shows that the majority of Americans are in favor of health care reform and the Democrats are achieving that. The Republicans offered no alternative plan to achieve reform. They simply said ‘no” to the Democratic Party’s plan.

    The Tea-Baggers were running around all summer complaining about taxes when in reality, the Obama plan will cut taxes for 95% of them while raising taxes only on those reporting taxable income greater than $ 250,000.00 per year. What’s their gripe? They were also denouncing socialized medicine while fearing cutbacks to their socialized Medicare benefits. I do not think that most of them really understood what they were complaining about. Finally, the town hall protests had absolutely no effect. health care reform will pass.

    Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter, Malkin and Hannity only appeal to the uber-conservative minority portion of right wing Republicans. The rest of the party realizes that they must come more to the center if they hope to win any elections. There simply are not enough registered Republicans in the nation to survive the split between uber-conservatives and those that are more moderate. Additionally, the demographics of the nation are changing such that more Latin Americans are voting and as a result of the Sotomayor insults hurled by Republicans, they have little to no hope of capturing any of that vote in the near future.

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