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Welcome To Planet Palin

The Twelve Days of Christmas Song Parodies continues…

Today’s post consists of a few noteworthy events and observances from the wild, wild world of Sarah Palin.

First of all the book tour has finally concluded. Sarah Palin may have decorated a bus for her travel but she sure piled up a bunch of frequent flier miles on that $ 4,000.00 per hour luxury jet. The last leg of the tour was particularly eventful. At the Mall of America in Minnesota, a spectator hurled a tomato or two at the former ex-quitting governor of Alaska. The occurrance was oddly reminiscent of the George W. Bush shoe throwing incident.  Thereafter, at her appearance at a Costco in Salt Lake City, Utah, all of the tomatoes were removed from the store’s shelves during the time that Palin was in the building. Apparently the Costco brass felt that the tomato throwing might become a popular fad.

Next, we had Palin’s return to her home state of Alaska after more than a month. Her Twitter tweets would give you the impression that she looked forward to getting home and spending the holidays there with her family. Here they are:

  1. …this yr;wanting kids (especially!) 2remember true Reason 4 the Season.This is most beautiful time of yr n Alaska&reminds how blessed we r 11:48 AM Dec 13th from TwitterBerry
  2. Waiting to get on military base…thinking of obligatory Christmas prep still undone,desiring less materialistic/more meaningful season(more 11:44 AM Dec 13th from TwitterBerry

So what did Little Miss Lies Alot do when she got back to Alaska? She held two book signings then promptly flew off in a non-materialistic way to Hawaii for a vacation. It looks like she will be missing some of that “most beautiful time of yr n Alaska”.

While frolicking in the Hawaiian surf with husband Todd, daughter Piper and son (?) Trig, Palin was photographed sporting a nice blue visor. Upon closer inspection however, it was revealed that the visor had once been emblazoned with the name of her former running mate, John McCain, but the name had been redacted with a black marker. Was Palin sending a message to McCain? If not, then why didn’t she simply buy a new visor with her recently acquired $ millions? How about her classy “If You Don’t like America Then Get The Hell Out” tee-shirt. Also, just wondering, but does Piper ever attend school?

How about the dust up between the Governator and the Former-Ex-Quitting-Non-Governator! Arnold Schwarzenegger said that everything that Sarah Palin says about global warming must be taken with a grain of salt and Palin called Schwarzenegger “greener than thou”. Sticks and stones may break their bones but…

Boy, we cannot wait for next week’s assorted Palin hijinks.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s holiday song parody.

Joy To The World song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91brmsKeqcQ&feature=related


(sung to the Anne Murray version of “Joy To The World”)

Joy to the world, the book tour’s done!
Palin has earned her bling;
Now she can fly off
On her new broom
And resume her nature thing,
And resume her nature thing,
And search Lake Lucille for her wedding ring

Joy to the world, no more jet planes
The snow-machine’s her toy
“Arctic Cat” duds,
And reindeer games
Palin is unemployed
Palin is unemployed
Sarah Palin is unemployed

Sarah’s a girl who is two-faced
She is our nation’s fool
No brains above
For her highness
Preaching hate, not love
Preaching hate, not love
She best beware the Lord above