Friday Night Christmas Music Byte

“Ding Dong Ding Dong” is a well-forgotten single by George Harrison from his Dark Horse album of 1974, it brings his characteristic solo sound to a New Year’s flavored tune. Lyrically it’s no great shakes, but it serves the purpose, and the combination of George’s trademark slide guitar with church bell chimes still sounds unique years later. The song was a modest hit when it was released (peaking at #36 in the US, #38 in the UK, and #31 in Germany), and continues to get airplay during the Christmas season. A video was made, in which – as the song’s lyrics suggest – George “rang out the old”: he laughs at his Beatle past, appearing in a grey collarless suit and playing his Rickenbacker 12-string guitar.

Please enjoy this video of George Harrison‘s, “Ding Dong Ding Dong.”


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  1. This was a fun one.

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