Sarah Palin: The Irrelevant Elephant

Palin shills for "Arctic Cat".

Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off‘s Twelve Days of Christmas Song Parodies kicks off today. Please enjoy.

In light of the media frenzy that has surrounded Sarah Palin since her selection in September 2008 as the Republican nominee for Vice President, it is easy to forget that she was second on the ticket. Although prior to her selection she was virtually unknown to most Americans, it would be difficult now to find someone that has not heard of her (then again, many do wish that was the case). The former ex-quitting governor of Alaska has sought and found the public spotlight on numerous occasions since losing the Presidential election. Whether it was her abrupt quitting as governor complete with an incomprehensible resignation speech, feuding with David Letterman, fuming about non-existent death panels, feuding with her once and future son-in-law Levi Johnston or conducting a book-hawking bus tour by means of luxury jet, Palin has been omnipresent. As Palin increasingly becomes the visage of the Republican Party the G.O.P.’s elephant mascot has become irrelevant.

The same may also be true of Palin herself, however. Her former running-mate sees little to no positive effect of the Palin-Factor. In fact, John McCain has deemed Sarah Palin to be irrelevant. While appearing as a guest on Meet The Press last Sunday, McCain said,

“I’m entertained every time I see people attack her and attack her and attack her — she’s irrelevant but they continue to attack her.”

Ouch, we bet Sarah could feel the sting of those words all the way out in Minnesota’s Mall of America. Not exactly the type of Christmas present she was expecting from her old pal, but perhaps she should have been a bit more diplomatic when discussing McCain’s campaign staff in her ghost-written work of fiction. Sarah Palin has now learned the hard way, that what goes around, comes around.

As an aside, today is a big election day in Massachusetts. The special primary election to fill Edward M. Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat dominates the day’s news. The Democratic Party primary consists of the following four candidates; Mike Capuano (current member U.S, House of Representatives), Martha Coakley (current Massachusetts Attorney General), Steve Pagliuca (co-owner of the NBA’s Boston Celtics) and Alan Khazei (founder of an AmeriCorps organization known as City year). Although all four candidates profess to having a progressive/liberal agenda, Lynnrocket’s Blast-Off endorses Mike Capuano because he has already put his money where his mouth is. While sitting as a U.S. Representative, he voted against both the Patriot Act and the Iraq War when few others had the courage to oppose the Bush regime.

State Senator Scott Brown will be the Republican candidate in the general election. This being Massachusetts however, he has absolutely no chance of winning the senate seat. The general election will take place on January 19, 2010. Stay tuned.

Finally, we would like to congratulate the Green Bay Packers for their victory over the Baltimore ravens last night. The Packers record has improved to 8 – 4, and they presently hold a wildcard playoff berth. is the Pack back? Let’s hope so.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune (if you live on Mars) and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Frosty The Snowman song link:


(sung to the Christmas song “Frosty the Snowman”)

Sarah the snowgal was a lipsticked hockey mom
With a beehive ‘do and a “wink, wink” too
A U. of Idaho alum

Sarah the snowgal was enticed by Johnny Mack
To be his V.P., she was “mavericky”
And was liked by “Joe Sixpack”

The first mistake she made was to agree to interviews
For when she tried to speak aloud
She was just so damn confused

Oh, Sarah the snowgal couldn’t be any dumber
She’s a babbling brook, couldn’t name a book
Like her pal “Joe the Plumber”

Yakity yak yak,
Yakity yak yak,
Look at her glazed stare
Yakity yak yak,
Yakity yak yak,
Her head’s full of air

Sarah the snowgal was almost a pageant queen
But her parenting skill was darn near nil
So, an unwed pregnant teen

Things spiraled downward right up to election day
“Politics of Hate” and then “Troopergate”
Not to mention Tina Fey

The election did not go well, it ended in defeat
Levi’s mom was busted too
She was dealing Oxy-C

Poor Sarah the snowgal now has no-one to wink at
She will run again, but until then
She is owned by Arctic Cat

Yakity yak yak,
Yakity yak yak.
All she does is gripe
Yakity yak yak,
Yakity yak yak,
It’s media hype


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  1. Hilarious!

    Look at her glazed stare
    Yakity yak yak,
    Yakity yak yak,
    Her head’s full of air

    That made more sense than her usual word salad. We’ll probably find out what drugs she’s on when Levi writes his book.

  2. Freudian slip

    We’re also “entertained” by the moronic grifter’s desperate quest for fame and fortune-it’s like watching a starving pitbull clamp down on a leg of ham in a crowded supermarket.

    Palin’s antics constantly remind us of McCain’s incompetence, lack of judgement, and dare we say, irrelevance. Why the hell is he making the rounds of the TV talk shows?

    • As usual, excellent choice of song. However, if you could get her horse to buck her off at the edge of the cliff, I’d be eternally grateful to you.

  3. I think that what John McC was trying to say that while people claim she is irrelevant they still go to great lengths to attack here. So, is she irrelevant (in which case, why attack her?), or is she not irrelevant?

    Poor choice of words on his part, could be construed either way, depending on one’s personal opinion of SP. John will be up for reelection soon, so there is no way that he will be bagging on SP — he needs her base’s support in the election. After that, who knows. If she has not already taken herself out of the running via running her mouth/scandal/legal issues/etc, he will likely continue to praise her name, however, if she’s out of the game he will likely double-down on some SP bashing in support of his staffers that are currently under the bus.

    I cannot wait until the book tour is over — she will have to find some way to stay in the spotlight, and it will likely be via her facebook postings, op-eds in papers who are total shite and therefore willing to risk their credibility & revenue stream, and other bizarre means. She seems to be impervious as long as all she has to do is sit and sign books, wave w/Trig on her hip, shake hands, but once she opens her mouth or takes pen to paper there’s the potential for big disaster… Crossing fingers.

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