Sarah Palin’s Magical “Mavericky” Tour

Sarah Palien

Sarah Palien’s luxury Air-Bus Book Tour crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico on December 1st. For some reason, this particular locale and its inhabitants seem the perfect fit for the former ex-quitting governor of Alaska. Roswell of course, is the alleged site of an alien spacecraft crash in the 1940’s. It is rumored that an alien being was captured and brought to the mysterious Area-51 for observation and research purposes. Just wondering, but did the alien ever procreate? if so, is it her/his offspring that now populate the town and appear to be Sarah Palin supporters? Does it matter to Sarah Palin that they might be considered illegal aliens? Enquiring minds want to know.

We do know a few things however. First of all, the mainstream media has finally picked up the story of Palin’s deception regarding the use of a luxury jet rather than her ostentatiously illustrated motorcoach  for many legs of her book tour. CBS, ABC and MSNBC have all reported this week that Palin has used the $ 4,000.00 per hour jet more often than the three times originally admitted to by her publisher, Harper-Collins. They also implied that Palin  deceived her supporters by arriving at book signings in the bus so as to lead them to believe that she made the whole trip by bus. It was nice of the networks to admit that the blog known as Palingates originally unearthed the deception and reported thereon.

We also learned that media coverage of the bus/jet deception irritated Sarah Palin. She posted the following diatribe on her Facebook page:

So what is this news “story”? That I fly on an airplane to complete some of the stops on my book tour when it’s impractical or physically impossible to reach the next event on time by bus. Some news outlets are behaving as if my travel was a secret that they didn’t know about – despite the fact that I’ve tweeted about my flights and at least one local newspaper reported on the arrival of my flight into Rochester, NY. What’s even funnier is that these same media outlets think it’s shocking that we stay in hotels. I guess they expected us to pitch a tent alongside the road. We love the great outdoors, but such an arrangement is hardly practical for a book tour. Using common sense, it was determined that traveling by plane between some stops would save time and energy and allow me to go to more events. Economically speaking for HarperCollins, it’s more efficient to travel by charter, and I am very grateful to the publisher for providing my family and me with this incredible opportunity to shake hands with as many Americans as possible on this book tour.

Our favorite part of her post was, “Economically speaking for HarperCollins, it’s more efficient to travel by charter…” Really Sarah, is that true or just another one of your lies? Can it ever be economically efficient to travel at the cost of $ 4,000.00 per hour? Try selling that line of manure to the masses.

Finally, we also learned that local New Mexico candidates for office are in no hurry to be seen with Sarah Palin during her book signings in their state. The Santa Fe New Mexican reports:

A spokesman for GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Turner — a self-described moderate Republican — when asked Tuesday about whether Turner would attend the Roswell book signing said, “We’ve not been invited to participate in the Sarah Palin book tour, so Doug won’t be on hand. I haven’t looked at his schedule for early December, but he will probably be out shaking hands across the state on a tour of his own.” Asked if he’d be seeking Palin’s support in the primary, spokesman Zack Ireland said, “Probably not — with no disrespect to Sarah or her fans.

A campaign spokesman for Susana Martinez also said his candidate won’t be in Roswell on Dec. 1. “Susana is going to be working in Cruces that entire week.” As far as seeking Palin’s support in the governor’s race, Jamie Estrada said Tuesday, “Susana is focused on earning the support of New Mexicans as demonstrated by the endorsements she has recently received from people like (Bernalillo Country Sheriff) Darren White and other elected officials.

It appears that the Palin brand has become toxic.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Magical Mystery Tour song link:


(sung to The Beatles song “Magical Mystery Tour”)

Roll up, roll up for the magical mavericky tour. Step right this way.

Roll up, roll up for the mavericky tour
Roll up, roll up for the mavericky tour
Roll up (AND THAT’S AN INVITATION), roll up for the mavericky tour
Roll up, (A BOOK STORE DESTINATION), roll up for the mavericky tour
The magical mavericky tour is coming to your town today
Let’s hope that Palin won’t stay

Roll up, roll up for the mavericky tour
Roll up, roll up for the mavericky tour
Roll up, (SHE DON’T CARE IF YOU CAN’T READ), roll up for the mavericky tour
Roll up, (JUST SATISFY HER GREED), roll up for the mavericky tour
The magical mavericky tour is Sarah Palin’s big pay-day
Raking in cash every day

(The mavericky trip is waiting)

Roll up, roll up for the mavericky tour
Roll up, roll up for the mavericky tour
Roll up, (TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATION), roll up for the mavericky tour
Roll up, (TO HAVE A CONVERSATION), roll up for the mavericky tour
The magical mavericky tour will be at Borders Books today
Get there without much delay
The magical mavericky tour is hoping that you brought your pay
Palin has costs to defray, fund her today


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  1. That was great, especially the last two lines of the song.

  2. Jesus take the wheel

    Unless Palin has ever shown up at a book signing in a Hotel Courtesy Limo (or a cab) we can assume the “prop tour bus” has somehow managed to keep up with her scheduled stops.

    Has the luxury jet travel “saved timed and energy” for all of Palin’s staffers, or is Murdoch just footing the first-class bills for the populist diva?

    In any case, Palin is impervious to any embarrassment-grifters don’t give up just like that!

  3. LOL

    Oh man, thanks for the morning chuckle…

    Palien, landed in Roswell… sweet geesus, we are rollin around the kitchen table here. way funny…

    I had to make the drive to Wasilla yesterday. Even though we buy bulk food stuffs, it is a treat to hop into a grocery store and pick up some fresh veggies and fruit, whenever we can… So there I was, in Wasilla Carrs staring at the dozen or so Going Away science fiction novels, tucked on the bottom shelf, way in the back. Selling at 25% off. I asked the store manager how many had sold. He said 3, “so they marked it down quite a bit…”.

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