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Sarah Palin Is Bus-ted !!!

Sarah Palin exits jet (oops, we mean bus) with G.I. Joe while Michael Steele holds back the crowd.

The “Sarah Palin Blue-Collar Book-Bombing Bus Tour” has been busted. The former ex-quitting governor of Alaska likes to promote the public image that she is a “Joan Sixpack”. She would have the American public believe that she buys her clothes at consignment shops, purchases used cars and clips coupons. All of this is done in a purposely choreographed manner in an attempt to create an “us” versus “them” political atmosphere wherein Palin is one of  “us” (or is it “them”? Now I’m confused.). Anyway, as we all know, you can’t judge a book by its cover. You must examine the prose beneath in order to determine whether you are reading fiction or non-fiction. In the case of Sarah Palin, the truth is that her public persona is pure unadulterated fiction.

Palin has little to nothing in common with her targeted band of supporters other than a lack of education. She lives in a Kennedy-like Hyannisport waterfront compound of separate custom built structures, one of which doubles as an aircraft hangar. She raised her children with the help of a hired nanny. She and her husband, the once and future “First Dude” are unemployed as a matter of choice, not circumstance. She also spends more time traveling the country than she does at her home. This is not the life of the average American that she claims to identify with so well.

And now we learn that Sarah Palin’s cross-country bus tour is also a carefully manufactured facade. Palin announced that she would travel the country by means of motorcoach as a symbolic way to meet and greet her working class supporters in the manner by which many of them travel (i.e. public transportation). Problem is, she seldom rides the bus. In fact, Palin travels from city to city in the lap of luxury by means of a donated private corporate jet. After landing at each destination on her tour, she discreetly boards the bus that is waiting for her at either the airport or her hotel and travels in workmanlike fashion to each booksigning where her supporters are led to believe that the bus was her only means of travel. How cunningly deceptive. Nonetheless, could we expect anything other than trickery from the would be Liar in Chief? Probably not.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Bennie And The Jets song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0WCQadt864


(sung to the Elton John song “Bennie and the Jets”)

Hey kids, let’s sing this together
Sarah Palin’s brain-dead fans
Are as tasteful as shoe leather
They’re a filthy bunch of pigs that
Should be hosed-down
You’re never gonna wanna be ‘round a
Bigger bunch of clowns

And Sarah flies to them on a private jet -  (ooh)
But they’re so spaced out, (sa sa sa sa sa) Sarah and her jet
Oh, if those fans only had a clue
She signs books to take their green
She thinks it’s a hoot to rake in their loot
And she still cannot name a magazine (no)
(sa, sa, sa) Sarah and her jet

Her fans left waiting in bad weather
Treated just like pawns
Yet still sticking together
She’s in the sky, stringing all of them along
She leaves them cold and wet out in the streets
That’s where she thinks they belong

She gave up the tour-bus for a private jet -  (ooh)
That bus had no clout, (sa sa sa sa sa) Sarah and her jet
Oh, the big Leer-Jet’s so wonderful
Fitting for Alaska’s queen
She’s got her mukluk boots, Arctic Cat suit
I saw it pictured in a magazine (ohh ho)
(sa sa sa)Sarah and her jet

(Musical Interlude)

She’s living the high life, on that you can bet -  (ooh)
But she’s so spaced out, (sa sa sa sa sa) Sarah and her jet
Oh, but palin is so full of bull
Slippery as Vaseline
She thinks that it’s a hoot to aim and shoot
And take her daily dose of Thorazine (ohh ho)
(sa sa sa)Sarah and her jet

Sarah, Sarah and her jet
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah and her jet
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah and her jet
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah and her jet
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah and her jet (jet) (jet) (jet)
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah and her jet.


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