Move Over Beck, There’s A New Nut-Case In Town And It Is Michele Bachmann


Minnesota’s Michele “Bat-Shit Crazy” Bachmann has dethroned Fox’s Glenn “It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To” Beck as the official icon of the Tea-Bagging Movement. The big switcheroo took place last week in Washington DC at the Tea Party event staged prior to the House of Representatives’ passage of their version of a health care reform bill. The demonstration was an embarrassing failure, but Bachmann relished her role as the newly coronated Queen of Fools.

It was Bachmann herself who called upon Tea-Baggers to assemble in protest in the nation’s Capitol last week. When the predicted estimated attendance was surprisingly small however, Bachmann began to backtrack a bit. She stopped referring to the event as a “protest”. Instead, she began calling it a “press conference”. Problem is, the few thousand attendees were not members of the press, nor was their any press related question and answer session. Also, members of the press are seldom bussed into a press conference while carrying their signs displaying swastikas, Holocaust victims and Hitler caricatures. But let’s not nit-pick.

CNN reports that shortly after the protest began, “The chant started from the back of the crowd, and rolled forward like a wave: “We want Michele! We want Michele!”” When Bachmann took the podium, she incited the assembled crazies when she said, “When we came down to this final hour, as the clock is ticking 11:59 on this health care reform, Speaker Pelosi is posed with her health care bill to take over 18 percent of the American economy.” The crowd made an angry grumble and then Bachmann instructed them to march to the Capitol building and begin knocking on doors to voice protest. Again, this is not the usual instruction given to members of the media at a press conference. The tactic was also unsuccessful in that the legislation passed anyway. But keep it up Michele, because you provide comic relief to the rest of us every time you open your mouth.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the parody.

The Flintstones television theme song link:


(sung to the theme song for television’s “The Flintstones“)

Bachmann. Michele Bachman
A Congresswoman that is bat crazy
She and Sarah Palin
Driving voters from the G.O.P.

She can’t form a sentence that’s complete
Now she’s targeted for big defeat

When you’re Michele Bachmann
You’re just living off the state dime
Endorsing hate crimes
Exposed during prime time

Bachmann. Michele Bachman
Hates Blacks, children and those that are gay
She is clearly brain dead
Can’t seem to get out of her own way

She talks right through the rain, snow and sleet
Every single thought is incomplete

When you’re Michele Bachmann
You’re just living off the state dime
Endorsing hate crimes
Exposed during prime time

Exposed during prime time

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  1. People I’ve met from MN seem so down to earth, it’s hard to believe anyone voted for her to represent the for anything, but may her constituents realize she’s not really representing them and vote her out in favor of someone who isn’t such a liar. Press conference, my foot.

  2. Running scared

    Michelle darling, the folks at Pox have their hearts set on Palin (Minnesota just ain’t where it’s at) so you can forget about Rupert giving you a big fat book contract.

    Not to worry (you done good) there are no plans to Scozzafava you!

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