Friday Night Music Byte

By 1983 the members of Boston’s J. Geils Band were arguing over which direction the band’s future music should take. They were still fantastically popular in the mainstream because of the tremendous success of their recently released Freeze Frame album which contained the hit, “Centerfold”. That album however was far more pop oriented and commercial than the band’s earlier work which was much more heavily blues influenced. In 1983 most of the band were happy with their new-found monetary success but they were disappointed in the musical product which they considered to be a sell-out. Peter Wolf,  the lead singer on the other hand wanted to continue in the new pop oriented format. No resolution to the dispute could be reached and consequently, Wolf left the band to pursue a solo career. His first solo album titled, Lights Out was released in 1984 and it carried on the pop sound of Freeze Frame.

This video clip is Peter Wolf performing the hit single “Lights Out” from the album of the same name. Please enjoy.

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  1. He is really something else to watch. I remember this song from college. Thanks.

  2. I much preferred the earlier r&b sound which was hardly unsuccessful, but probably not suitable for the MTV era. But I didn’t feel that “Freeze frame” and “Centerfold” were sell-outs either; they were a welcome respite from the other 80’s fare!

    I loved the band’s first “post Wolf” video, but it was just as commercial as the pop oriented songs that caused the rift . So, I don’t understand why they split!

  3. OK, I have no discipline when it comes to comedy. I admit it.

    I had seen the one that was edited with her words, but not the jumping on the couch one. That whole comedians compendium was something I’m going to save and hit replay, over and over and over again!

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